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  • Shouldn't there have been 52 giant Mister Mind-things in the last issue? If all 52 universes were the same, they should all have had Mr Mind go through the exact same plan and all turn into that interdimensional moth-thing.
    • I rationalized it with two possible solutions. First, there were 52 Mister Mind-things that emerged. All fifty-two sized up their competition and decided it just would not do to have that many mouths to feed. Epic battle royal off screen with us just seeing the winner. Two, there were minor, minor differences. The Mister Mind-thing we saw hatched just early enough that his first action was to eliminate the other 51 before they could become a threat.
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    • My memory might be a bit off, but didn't Mr. Mind change the histories of the alternate Earths in the space of seconds after they were formed in the aftermath of Infinite Crisis? So by there might not have been enough "time" for any Mind Moths to develop before being changed.
  • When Power Girl and Black Adam meet early on in the series, Power Girl mentions the Green Lantern helped stabilize a plane. It appears to be a JSA operation, but the JSA Green Lantern is still MIA after Infinite Crisis, and isn't recovered for another issue or so. Is it an oversight or did Gardner/Stewart/Jordan/Rayner tag along with the Justice Society?
    • Given one of the background points of the series being that everyone is trying to help everyone else if the can (like the Teen Titans with Steel), it might have just been a space G.L. who helped out because he was nearby.
  • Osiris dies on day five of week 43. Why does it take until day one of week 44 for his powers to return to Black Adam?
  • OK, so Booster trashes his own reputation and then fakes his death to fool Skeets. That's fair. But he only got the idea to do so after he met with Rip in the bunker. However, his paying someone to pretend to be a villain came before that. Bouncing the check came later, yes, but if he is the person he revealed himself to be, why would he pay a villain BEFORE he is trashing his own reputation?
    • I think this one is just a flat-out plothole because the writers forgot to make it make sense. The trades come with commentary from the writers and for this issue they specifically said this will get a later explanation, but they never do.
  • Why did Luthor pretend to be unable to get superpowers for Natasha? Could he never get superpowers? Then why did he crumple up that rejection paper when he was by himself?

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