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  • Chris completely losing it in front of his parents over a night of hell in which the babysitter took off on him, a baby got dropped off, and the babysitter's mother showed up looking for her. Normally this could be considered a Heroic BSoD, but considering Chris doesn't get punished for his outburst or for the events of the night, it is quite awesome.
    Rochelle: (To the babysitter) I’mma kick her ass...
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  • There was also the time Chris decided to take revenge against Caruso on the last day of Junior High School: he made the whole school smell like cat food, framed Caruso for it, and got the bully sent to summer school. Too bad Chris had to go to summer school with him, due to apparently failing Science.
  • Then there's Chris tricking Caruso and the other bullies into throwing batteries at him — right in front of Dr. Raymond, resulting in the bullies getting detention.
  • Julius calmly making local hood Malvo doesn't bother his son ever again.
    Malvo: "So I'm supposed to be afraid cause you brought your daddy out here?"
    Julius: "No, you supposed to be scared cause if you ever put your hands on my son again, you ain't going to jail (raises baseball bat), I'M going to jail."
    Chris Rock: (narrating): "Better him than me. It feels good to be right for a change".
  • After everything that Chris went through in "Everybody Hates Bomb Threats" involving a speech he had to memorize, what does he do when his teacher tells him he had to memorize it, not recite it? He recites it... all of it... to his teacher, despite his protests, to the tune of "We're Not Gonna Take It". That may not sound awesome, but what really sells it is Chris' determination.
  • Rochelle breaking out of her Stepford Smiler phase and standing up to her family, notably her mother, for walking over and criticizing her in "Everyone Hates Funerals", all completed with giving every single relative a "Reason You Suck" Speech, the trigger being Rochelle's mother eating Rochelle's chocolate turtles. Below is the aforementioned speech...
    Rochelle: "If you didn't like them, why did you eat them? Mama, I am sick of you. Ever since you got here, you have not stopped complaining. Just because Daddy is dead does not mean that you can come into my house and tell everybody what to do. (To Michael) And Michael, get your feet off of my damn couch before I slap the jam out of your toes. (To Charlotte, alias Aunt Grievey) Aunt Grievey, stop all that crying. You cried on Easter. You cried on Halloween. You cried on Flag Day. Get some Kleenex, wipe your nose, 'cause it ain't that damn sad. And hang up my phone! (To Aunt Mousey) And Aunt Mousey, take off your coat and speak up. You're over there peeping and squeaking. You sound like a damn rat. Use your words! You're damn near 60 years old! (Addressing her mother one last time) And, Mama, the next time you want to eat my Turtles, the least you could do is like them."
    • Plus, Chris defending Rochelle earlier when she gets criticized rather unfairly over iced tea, despite risking his grandmother's anger and disregarding the fact that he'd put himself in a lose-lose situation.
    Maxine: Rochelle, can't you make a decent glass of iced tea?
    Chris: Well, can't you leave her alone?! It's iced tea! (Everyone at the table is looking at Chris at this point.) If you're thirsty, you drink it! If you're not, don't! (Maxine is looking utterly dumbfounded.)
    Narrator: I might be joining my grandfather sooner than I thought.
  • In Everybody Hates Being Cool, Chris could have gotten himself into a lot of trouble being an accomplice in a crime with the "cool kids", all of that for the sake of being accepted by his peers, but just as Chris was about to blow the whistle to warn the "cool kids" about the cops showing up... Greg manages to talk him out of it before Chris does it and after Chris considered the consequences and right after the cops passed by, Chris and Greg bailed before they could be named accessories to the crime the "cool kids" were about to do.
    • It might not seem like much, but this can be a moment of awesome for Greg.
  • Another one for Julius in Everybody Hates New Year's, Julius gets frustrated because a man is sitting on the bridge and blocking traffic when he is trying to get home to his family in time for New Year's, so Julius goes to resolve this himself. Below is the exchange that made the man change his mind about jumping off a bridge, inducing a Long Speech Tea Time from Julius about why the man shouldn't kill himself.
    Julius (Annoyed): What are you doing up here, man?! Do you know you got traffic backed up all the way to exit the Lincoln Tunnel? It's New Year's Eve! People are trying to get home.
    Man (Glumly): I can't do anything right...
    Julius: So you think you can fix that by jumping off a bridge?
    Narrator: He shouldn't have said that.
    • What makes this more awesome is the fact that Julius was recognized and rewarded for his heroics by the local news, even if he wasn't humble about it in the slightest. It could also be considered heartwarming in that he did it simply to be home with the ones he loved for New Year's.
  • When Julius reveals to Rochelle the reason for having a credit card... and the reason (buying Rochelle's ring) promptly does something that Julius has never been able to do during their time together: Shut her up.
  • In "Everybody Hates Elections" when running for class president, Chris is having no luck coming up with a speech, so he ends up improvising one completely on the spot and manages to win the election .

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