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For examples pertaining to the 1987 series, go here. For the 2017 series, go here.

The Video Game

  • The Moon level in the video game is pure Crazy Awesome. Here's why, courtesy of Brentalfloss:
    Wait Uncle Scrooge, you need a suit out there
    That's gotta be one expensive cane...
    • Not to mention barely five minutes after he steps foot on the moon, he starts picking fights with a technologically advanced batch of aliens...and winning single-handedly.
  • For the remastered version, they got pretty much the entire original cast, including TV legend Alan Young (who at the time was 94) to reprise their roles for the game. And all the returning actors sound nearly indistinguishable from twenty years before.
    • Alan Young alone gets one for reprising his role as Scrooge and giving it his all despite his very old age.
    • Ditto for June Foray (Magica DeSpell), who was 95 at the time.
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    • While Joan Gerber, Hal Smith, and Hamilton Camp could not reprise their roles as Mrs. Beakley, Gyro Gearloose, Flintheart Glomgold, and Fenton Crackshell/Gizmoduck because they all died before the game was made, their replacement actors Wendee Lee (Mrs. Beakley), Chris Edgerly (Gyro), Brian George (Glomgold), and Eric Bauza (Fenton/Gizmoduck) deserve some points for being able to do the voices well enough that one can hardly tell the difference!
  • Meta example, during Gamespot's All Time Greatest Game Sidekick Competition, Launchpad McQuack, due to his role in the DuckTales game, was added as an a opponent to Captain Price, with the obvious intention of Price winning. Launchpad ended up winning the entire competition.

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