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Shout Out / DuckTales

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The cartoon

The Comics

  • In "Double Indemnity", after he and Launchpad destroy a clone, Dewey says, "He's melting! What a world!"
  • In "Down But Not Out in Duckburg", Scrooge tries to go into a place called "Alice's Restaurant", which shares its name with a protest song by Arlo Guthrie.
  • In "Terror at the Top of the World", Launchpad calls, " All aboard for the polar pooch express!"
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  • In the Flabbergé story, it comes up as a brief gag that the Hill Valley clock tower is mentioned in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook.
  • Also from the Flabberge story, Scrooge, upset over a burglar escaping with a clue, says, "The Lady Vanishes, with our only egg clue."
  • In "Belt of Time", when they see Flintheart at the mercy of a Giant Spider, one of the heroes exclaims, "Shades of Shelob!"
  • In one comic where Scrooge's moon rock cufflinks lead to the group stranded on the moon and out of fuel for the rocket (long story), Launchpad mentions that the cufflinks, actually a cheaply synthesized artificial gem, can be picked up for a nickel in St. Canard. He then adds that he knows this "screwy duck and his daughter" over there.
  • In general, Launchpad makes a lot of references to his adventures in St. Canard.
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  • In one comic, Donald says, "With all the ships at sea, he had to be on the one caught speeding by mine."

Duck Tales Remastered

  • One of the things Uncle Scrooge says when he's hit is "OwowOW!"
  • Upon encountering the boss on the Moon:
    Scrooge: Great Scott! I thought that stuff was supposed to be an anti-aging culture, not an instant growth fungus!
  • If you manage to beat the game on Extreme, you're reward is just text after the credits saying "Dream and Friends". In case you're wondering, it's a Shout-Out to the ending of the original game, where due to poor translation, Scrooge says "Dream and Friends".