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A lot of Music deals with heavy themes, and delusions of godhood are no exception.

  • Queen
    • In the song "The Seven Seas of Rhye", the lyrics are essentially Freddie Mercury stating this.
    • "Princes of the Universe" too:
      "I am immortal,
      I have inside me blood of kings!
      I have no rival
      No man can be my equal!"
      • "Princes of the Universe" was written specifically for the Highlander movie, so it's fitting.
  • Macabre's "Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children your Favorite Dish?)" has the titular killer declaring himself "Christ" to his victims before killing them.
  • Jay-Z's nickname Hova/Hov comes from Jehovah, a name for God in the Hebrew Scriptures.
    • Rakim was calling himself (and being called by others) God long before him. Canibus also claimed that the fact that he wasn't worshiped seemed absurd to him.
  • Regal Pinion's song, "Clockwork Seraph" has shades of this. His song "Kafkaesque" the narrator says this verbatim, then again seeing as the song is from the perspective of the Big Bad in Final Fantasy VI, this can be expected.
  • In The Who's Tommy, the title character doesn't so much believe he's God as believe that he's the Messiah, and the trope is subverted in that his followers ultimately reject him, but "Sensation" contains the following lyrics:
    "I leave a trail of rooted people
    Mesmerized by just the sight,
    The few I touched now are disciples
    Love as One
    I am the Light ?"
  • Gita by Brazilian rock star Raul Seixas:
    "I am the bitter taste on the tongue
    The mother, the father and the grandfather
    The son who's yet to come
    The beginning, the end and the middle
    I am the beginning, the end and the middle"
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  • "Experiments in Mass Appeal" by Frost:
    Forever, immortally
    Endeavor, a god I'll be
    Remember reality
    Forever, immortally
  • Handlebars, by Flobots, has this in the latter end of its slow spiral into darkness:
    'Cause I can guide a missile by satellite! By satellite! By satellite!
    And I can hit a target through a telescope! Through a telescope! Through a telescope!
    And I can end the planet in a holocaust! In a holocaust! In a holocaust!
    In a holocaust! In a holocaust! In a HOLOCAAAAAUUUUUST!
    I can ride my bike with no handlebars. No handlebars. No handlebars.
    I can ride my bike with no handlebars. No handlebars. No handlebars.
  • Glinda and Elphaba call each other out in this in "Defying Gravity":
    Elphaba: I hope you're proud how you would / Grovel in submission / To feed your own ambition
    Glinda: Can't I make you understand? / You're having delusions of grandeur
  • A couple of songs by Innerpartysysten invoke this trope;
    • Don't Stop:
      The road I walk is paved in gold
      To glorify my platinum soul
      I am the closest thing to God
      So worship me and never stop
    • American Trash:
      I've got this planet in my hands
      You know I'll waste it if I can
  • Deify by Disturbed: Or rather "A god you are not!"
    It seems so clear now what I must do, You're no immortal
    I won't let them deify you
    They view you as the new messiah
    Deify you. Renew belief in some demented man
  • The pharaoh in The Dark Eternal Night by Dream Theater declares that he is a god.
    I am the last
    Born of the blood of the pharaohs
    The ultimate god of a rotting creation
    Sent to unleash this curse
  • Between the Buried and Me, a Progressive Death Metal band from North Carolina, wrote an entire Concept Album based around two characters— one of which believes himself to be a god. This is especially made obvious in "Augment of Rebirth"
    To create. To recreate.
    Have I become a god?
    I have been called much worse.
    Secretly that title makes me feel comfortable.
    In my place, it's been a while.
    This god-like complex does bring me a smile.
    To create. To recreate.
  • Where to begin with Kanye West? The fact that some fans refer to him as Yeezus (a portmanteau of Yeezy and Jesus), the fact that one of his albums is named Yeezus, or the fact that on Yeezus he has the song "I Am A God"?
    I just talked to Jesus
    He said 'what up Yeezus'
    I said 'shit, I'm chilling'
    Tryna stack these millions
    I know he the most high
    But I am a close high
    That's that cosa nostra
    I Am A God
  • Twisted Eyes by Persuader:
    "You ask me if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something: I am God."
  • "The Reflecting God" from the Marilyn Manson concept album Antichrist Superstar:
    I went to god just to see, and I was looking at me
    Saw heaven and hell were lies
  • In Dan Bern's song "Jerusalem," the protagonist reveals himself to be the Messiah. This trope is also played with by the protagonist of another song from the same album, "King of the World":
    I don't need you to bow down
    I'm not God, I'm just the King, I realize.
    Well, it might be nice though if you'd kiss my feet
    And call me "All knowing leader of men"
    If you were king of the world I'm sure you'd want the same for yourself.
  • Swedish singer/songwriter Eva Dahlgren's Jag är gud ("I am god"). More like Pieces of God, however.
  • In Eminem's "Rap God" not only does he call himself this but also a superhuman and that he has the key to immortality.
  • Sabaton's "Carolus Rex" portrays King Charles XII of Sweden as the next best thing, due to his fervent belief in the divine right of kings. Various lines include:
    No allegiance, I will swear no oath
    Crowned by God, not by the church, as my power is divine

    (chorus) I was chosen by heaven
    Say my name when you pray
    To the skies, see Carolus rise
    With the Lord my protector
    Make them bow to my will
    To the skies, see Carolus rise
  • Mother Mother's "Oh Ana" begins with "I'll be God today", which shifts into "I'll play God today" and finally "I'll fake God today".
  • Australian band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have the song "Loyalty", wherein the speaker attempts to convince his people of his godly status.
    I will put them all on Judas cradle / just to show a god incarnate.
  • Gloryhammer's "The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots We Trust)" has the evil sorcerer Zargothrax declare this after No Selling the Gloryhammer:
    Zargothrax: Pathetic mortal scum! In this dimension your hammer has no power over me! Now, kneel before your emperor! Kneel before YOUR GOD!
  • Steppenwolf's "Fire" starts off with the singer announcing himself as the God of Hell fire.


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