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04:10:19 PM May 28th 2014
What happened to the YMMV page? I get he's a massive base breaker, but last I checked, it wasn't that bad.
05:38:29 AM May 29th 2014
If it got cut, presumably it was because people don't get YMMV pages. That said, he can have one if it's actually about his music and not just talking about his personal life.
08:27:08 PM May 29th 2014
Excluding a few wrestling pages, there's more than a few real life examples on TV Tropes with YMMV pages that don't focus on their work. That's really the only reason I find it strange.
12:56:03 AM May 30th 2014
Yeah, because these pages haven't been cut yet.
08:46:32 AM May 23rd 2014
A Man Is Not a Virgin is not supposed to have real life examples. I realize that it's a lot to get rid of, but shouldn't that whole chunk of info go? In fact, it seems much of the page has been derailed by justifying edits and info with a similar pro-Jackson slant (i.e., the discussion of the child molestation allegations in the main description). Perhaps it's time to bring in the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment and acknowledge that there are aspects of his life that aren't exactly cut and dried?
09:04:33 AM May 23rd 2014
Honestly, the vast majority of this page needs to be pruned. It's troping a real life person. We're supposed to be troping his works, not him.

I'm going to go through here with a chainsaw.
08:27:55 AM May 27th 2014
Well, I've been pruning out the No Real Life Examples tropes. As well, can the Bunny-Ears Lawyer and Friendly Rivalry stuff be pruned too? (It doesn't help their cases that much of it isn't sourced, i.e. the claims about his I.Q. and all.)
08:40:07 AM May 27th 2014
Pulled a few more.

Pretty sure Bunny-Ears Lawyer can go, but I'm not sure about the Friendly Rivalry, though.
09:30:15 AM May 27th 2014
Friendly Rivalry can stay — I just don't think it needs so many bullet points/examples. Same with Bunny-Ears Lawyer, especially since so much of it is unsourced.
11:37:41 AM May 27th 2014
Also, shouldn't the main description be severely pruned? The slanted, pro-Jackson bias isn't appropriate and it's so long — perhaps it would be better to trim his biography to a summary with a warning about the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment and Internet Backdraft?
01:23:43 PM Jun 5th 2014
I cut most of Bunny-Ears Lawyer a few days ago, but I see it's been reinstated. I don't want an Edit War, so what's the best course of action?
10:13:46 PM Jun 5th 2014
Is it the same editor who added the example in the first place?
09:43:29 AM Jun 6th 2014
Looks to be the case, an editor named "aprillis". Correct me if I'm wrong!
11:19:13 AM Jan 29th 2013

Bunny Tropes is an index, not a trope. This use also does not appear to clearly match any one of the currently Bunny Tropes. Moving to the discussion.
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