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YMMV: Hulk Hogan
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Hulk Hogan was never able to really appeal to the core audience of WCW. They brought him in doing the exact same face routine that he did in WWF, and the reaction went from mildly positive to flat out booing him. This is partly because Sting, in WCW, was the guy that the fans refused to boo and expected to be the invincible hero, partly because they preferred the southern "wrasslin'" style to the northern "sports entertainment" style, and partly because he didn't treat the long term WCW guys with respect.
  • Awesome Music: Nothing screams "American Badass" like ''Hulk Hogan's Theme."
  • Broken Base / Love It or Hate It: Casual fans like him, but Smarks tend to hate him.
  • Creator's Pet: From hanging out with WrestleCrap inductee wrestlers, to celebrity guests like Dennis Rodman or Donald Trump. Pretty much everyone the writers have desperately wanted to put attention on has been Hogan's good friend.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "If you think for one second, McMahon, that I was just the right gay—guy, at the right place, at the wro—at the right time..."
  • Irony: In his AWA days Hogan was a hot young up-and-comer who was massively over with fans. Unfortunately Verne Gagne, the promoter, was a traditionalist who didn't trust Hogan and didn't want to give him the championship. Eventually Hogan got a title match, pinned the champ and was screwed out of the belt. Tired of AWA refusing to give young stars the breaks he jumped to the WWF, where he eventually became an Invincible Hero who stood on the backs of young stars to stay in the spotlight.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome:
    • Hogan bodyslamming André the Giant at WrestleMania 3.
    • Hogan's now-legendary Face-Heel Turn at WCW's Bash at the Beach 1996, which led to the rise of the nWo.
    • The completely unexpected fan response at the nWo's first WWE appearance led Hogan into a match with The Rock at WrestleMania X8 - a match which not only stole the entire show, but once more put Hogan at the forefront of the wrestling business (and it was a damn good match, to boot).
    • Hogan vs. Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XIX in a street fight.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: During his last run as the WWE Champion, Hogan was dragged through an arena by The Undertaker while chained to his motorcycle. On the next Smackdown!, Hogan was going to make bruised but not beaten speech to the crowd. But from the very moment his music kicked up, they would. Not. Stop. Cheering. He motioned several times that he had the mic and needed to talk, but they kept cheering. The show went to commercial, came back a few minutes later, and they were still cheering. Hogan dropped the mic, and went to the turnbuckle to gather himself because he was so touched by this response, that he started crying. And where did this enthusiastic response come from for the All-American face? Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome/Leitmotif: Rick Derringer's "Real American" and Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)".
  • Drinking Game: Watch some of his promos, especially his mid-90s WCW promos. Take a shot every time he says "brother", "dude", or "jack".
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Is INCREDIBLY popular over in Japan, or at least used to be.
    • He's also inexplicably popular in Canada, despite their general disposition towards technical mat wrestlers and the Hart Foundation 97 angle making the All American Face a bad guy in Commonwealth nations. Hogan's two battles with Rock in Canada probably began the process of rebuilding bridges burnt by the Montreal Screwjob. This was especially apparent at WrestleMania X8 in Toronto, Canada.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Hogan and Randy Savage, The MegaPowers, feuded heavily with the heels Akeem and the Big Bossman. What was the heel team name? The Twin Towers. This may have been the origin of the "HULK HOGAN DID WTC" meme described below.
  • Ho Yay: "Ya know what really turned me on Mean Gene? The whole time I've been training with a dude..."
    • "We've been hangin' and bangin'!"
  • Memetic Mutation: Brother...
    • Dude.
    • Jack.
    • WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN (fill in the blank)-MANIA, RUNS WILD ON YOU?
    • The Apple Pie Indian Strap Match, thanks to an infamous bit where Hogan mispronunced "Yapapi Indian".
    • "HULK HOGAN DID WTC" There were several pictures of Hulk Hogan photoshopped during the September 11 attacks, including one of him doing the Atomic Leg Drop to one of the towers as it collapsed. This may stem from the MegaPowers vs. Twin Towers feud in the 80's.
  • Narm: Some of his promos. The end of his four year title reign to Andre (with help from debuting Evil Twin referee Earl Hebner) is a pretty good example. Hogan has tears running down his face as he babbles incoherence like "HOW MUCH FOR THE PLASTIC SURGERY, MEAN GENE" and "WHEN I TURNED AROUND THEY WERE IDENTICAL!"
    • Also, a surreal WrestleMania IV promo (Which probably crosses over into Narm Charm for sheer entertainment value) where Hogan promised to sink the east coast into the ocean when he body slams Andre all the way down into the fault lines. But it's okay, because everyone who can't swim can hold onto him while he heads for the new shore - Specifically, they can hold onto 'The largest back in the world', while he backstrokes and doggy-paddles them to safety. In which case they would probably drown. And we haven't touched the part where Donald Trump gives up all material possessions.
    • The night after Bound for Glory and Hogan's heel turn, Bischoff and Hogan come down to the ring with Hogan reusing his "Hollywood" gimmick complete with smug air-guitar. The big difference now, however, is instead of playing on the World Title like he would back in WCW, he's now playing on crutches and is mugging the camera with it at every chance he can. If ever the smarks needed an image that encapsulated their feelings on Hogan in TNA, there you go. Made worse in hindsight considering he could've used the Immortal world title he was to present Jeff Hardy with in that very same segment.
    • From the 1985 WWF The Wrestling Classic: "Ya wanna get in there for some ring-a-ding-ding, Piper?!"
    • The fist helmet.
    • From 1995: For most people, cutting a vicious promo and promoting your new restaurant business would be two entirely different things. Not if you're the Hulkster.
  • Never Live It Down: Hulkster will always be remembered as a selfish old man who will keep down the young talents no matter what happen to the smarks. While he did said that he wants to keep his level higher than anyone else, he also jobbed to stars that had great potential like Warrior and Goldberg. Additionally, the haters seems to ignored that Hulk Hogan is also doing good deeds, as Bret Hart said. No matter what happens, they keep insisted that Hulkster is a totally selfish man while ignoring any good things he has done.
    • It doesn't help that they seems to ignored that most people who exposed his bad side also can be considered as either insane, Small Name, Big Ego, Hypocrite or Grumpy Old Man, making many of his stories about his egotism could be considered as either fabricated or exaggerated.
    • When he confused the Silverdome for the Superdome at Wrestlemania XXX.
  • Protection from Editors: Due to his popularity and success, Hogan was often almost always able to exercise some creative control over matches and angles involving him; this was actually part of his WCW contract, and is believed by some to be (at least in part) responsible for the infamous finish to his match with Sting at Starrcade 1997. It was definitely what happened at 2000's "Bash at the Beach", when Hogan came out to the ring, Jeff Jarrett laid down on the mat to let him get the win by pinfall, and Vince Russo came out afterward to lay into Hogan for abusing a "Creative Control" clause in his contract. This is his version of events.
    • This backfired on him during the infamous Summerslam match with Shawn Michaels. While it was initially agreed upon that the two would trade victories in two matches, Hogan managed to use his bad knee as reason to nix HBK's victory match altogether. As a result, HBK hilariously oversold everything, making Hogan's offense look like a joke.
      • It also made Shawn look like a completely unprofessional ass, as it cannot be disproved that Hogan really wasn't having troubles with the knee since he had been known for having problems with it.
      • Unless that was Hulk Hogan's final match of all time (which it wasn't), then it can only be interpreted as a lame excuse. At most, this would have caused the rematch to be postponed, not canceled entirely. In addition, it would not have prevented him from losing the match he did have with HBK and giving up his own victory match.
      • Though Hogan also politicked to get HBK into a very forced and random Face-Heel Turn and pretty much did HBK no favors during their angle together. Many also state that HBK winning that match would have been best for business and that Hogan's victory really benefited only Hogan so Shawn might been little miffed already at Hogan pulling his usual shenanigans.
      • Making it even more defensible (for Shawn), Hogan only did two or three television appearances to build the match, leaving most of the buildup to Shawn. Shawn, being Shawn, made the best of this delivering at least two promos (Who's Your Daddy Montreal? and Hogan on Larry King) that rank among the best heel promos of all time, but still... Shawn basically turned himself face during the feud as far as the Smarks were concerned by lampshading Hogan's indifference to the fans and the business.
    HBK!Hogan: Shawn Michaels has got more important things on his mind, like becoming the greatest wrestler to ever set foot in the ring, brother! He's more concerned about going out there each and every night, brother, and stealing the show! Brother, he works just as hard in Battle Creek, Michigan, brother, as he does in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, brother! See, The Hulkster has got a philosophy, brother! Once those people are in the building, brother, you've already got their cash in your front pocket, brother! But Shawn Michaels, brother, he'd rather go out there and nearly kill himself every night, brother, just to make sure those people get their money's worth, brother! (crowd pops in appreciation)
    • The original plan (at least for Hulk and Vince) was for Hogan to steamroll Shawn on his way to a match with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. When Austin informed them he still wasn't stupid enough to eat a legdrop to set up a nonexistent return victory, plans were changed to a two match Hogan-Shawn series, then the second match was dropped when Hogan refused to lose the first.
  • Shocking Swerve: Hogan's Face-Heel Turn at Bash at the Beach 1996 that led to the nWo angle.
  • Snark Bait: The feud in WCW between Hulk Hogan and the Dungeon of Doom largely falls into this category. Certainly wasn't helped with Hogan's Large Ham tendencies taken to previously thought impossible levels.
      • Wild Mass Guessing: When Hulk found himself inside the Dungeon of Doom, he thought that he was in Hell and when he found that the water wasn't hot, he figured, "OK, the good news is that I'm not in Hell? But then, where AM I?"
  • So Bad, It's Good: Have you ever seen Hulk's acting?
  • Villain Sue: Hogan remained invincible even as a heel. See more information about Starrcade 1997 to see why. Like his 2002 face run, his heel run before that subverted this as he lost to The Rock at WrestleMania X8, leading to his face turn.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit: At the height of Hulkamania he wore T-shirts and headbands that said "Hulk Rules", in the post-WCW phase of his career, they read "Hulk Still Rules", make of that what you will

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