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Heartwarming: Hulk Hogan
  • His return to WWE in 2014. Hulk Hogan has had a…on-again off-again relationship with wrestling in general, ranging from the amazing to the gawdawful, and he hasn't exactly had a particularly pleasant past decade. The fact that the fans in Green Bay welcomed him as warmly as they did shows that, y'know what? Hulk Hogan will probably always have a place in the hearts of wrestling fans…brother.
  • Fans in Canada gave Hogan a welcome as though he was God himself come down from on high. The applause went on non-stop for over FIFTEEN MINUTES, and Hogan couldn't get in a word edgewise that entire time. The response they gave to him just being there was enough to bring Hogan himself briefly to tears over how much the people there loved the guy. He had to literally beg them to stop. ...and they still never actually quieted down that much. The guy was so beloved that night that almost anything he said or did during that promo got a pop, turning what was probably supposed to be a five minute or so promo into nearly a half an hour of heartwarming AND awesome!
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