Trivia: Hulk Hogan

  • Fan Nickname: Hogan's detractors will often refer to him as the "Orange Hobgoblin". His finisher is common referred to as the "Legdrop Of Doom".
  • Iconic Wrestler: Perhaps the most iconic of all time.
  • One of Us: Most likely a subversion, but Nintendo did call him in to host the Pokémon National Championship in 2006 and crown the winner.
    • He's a huge fan of Kinnikuman, though that does make sense...
  • What Could Have Been: In the event that Hogan didn't want to be the third man of the NWO, another was set up to take his place. Who was it? Sting.
    • We almost had Hogan vs Austin. Unfortunately, something (speculation is money issues or a disagreement on the winner) happened and the match did not take place.
      • Hogan's entire career could have been perceived much differently from the get go in the US. The man was trained by Hiro Matsuda who was not only a great technical wrestler, but a legitimate shoot fighter who broke Hogan's leg the first day he'd come to his wrestling camp to see if Hogan had the desire to really be a wrestler. Hogan came back and Matsuda trained him to wrestle a very technical style, but American promoters wanted him to wrestle like a generic big guy wrestler. Hogan still used his more technical style in Japan, and in 1993 just after winning his fifth WWF World Title had a match with The Great Muta that saw him use an ENZUIGIRI on the man. When American fans finally got to see this side of Hogan when that match among others of his days working in Japan popped up on YouTube, many of Hogan's detractors had their jaws firmly planted somewhere in the lower levels of their homes. One can only guess what might have happened if Hogan had been able to use the style Matsuda trained him to use in the US.
    • Kane's gimmick? It was originally pitched as The Undertaker's gimmick by Brother Love but Hulk Hogan had already talked Vince into the Undertaker gimmick. (Vince originally wanted Undertaker to hatch from the gooker's egg so whether Hogan or Love got their way, it was good they were around to stop that...unless you're Hector Guerrero)
    • During his first run in WWF, Vince Mc Mahon, Sr. wanted Hogan to dye his hair red (since Hogan is an Irish surname). He refused because he was already balding at the time.