Awesome: Hulk Hogan

  • January 23, 1984, was the night Hulkamania became a national phenomenon when Hogan defeated the hated Iron Sheik to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. (It wasn't exactly a secret, but the match was televised live nationally via the USA Network.) Not only was it a match that changed professional wrestling but, as it came during a time where tensions were at all-time highs between the United States and Middle East, the match was seen as America conquering a hated world enemy in Iran. Today, the match remains celebrated in American culture.
  • Wrestlemania III, where Hogan defended his championship against André the Giant, a match that drew a crowd of 93,173 fans to the Pontiac Silverdome. Despite a rare case of being the underdog, Hogan managed to win the match after bodyslamming the Giant in one of professional wrestling's defining moments. The staredown between them is still used in videos today.
    • And, contrary to what some detractors say, there was no line or any sort of assistance used by Hogan during that match. He tore a pectoral in the process of lifting Andre. While it's a shame that Hogan eventually couldn't get over his own ego, it's truly something to see him during the entertaining high...
  • One of the more memorable spots of the late 1980s was courtesy of Hogan's Saturday Night's Main Event match with the Big Bossman, where Hogan hit a superplex off the top of a steel cage. That was big by 1989 standards.
  • His title for title match with Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI. The irrestible force meeting the immovable object in Toronto Canada at The Skydome. At the end, Jesse Ventura, a man who hated Hogan with every fiber of his being admitted that Hulkamania will live forever.
  • His Face-Heel Turn at WCW's Bash at the Beach 1996. After years of playing the All American Hero, Hogan turned his back on WCW, aligning with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to form the NWO. Quite possibly, the standard bearer for heel turns.
  • Wrestlemania X-8 against The Rock, where the Toronto fans once again embraced Hulk Hogan as their hero. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in the often cynical world of pro wrestling.
  • The fact that despite being decades over the hill, despite being, by all reports, an opportunistic, nepotistic jerkass backstage, despite being old and worn out, all it takes for the roof to blow off the arena is for Real American to come on. Despite it all, he is the Legendary Hulk Hogan, and his name is still a household one, and will likely remain one til the day he dies.
    • And probably well beyond that. Hogan pretty much is nostalgia at this point, and even four generations later, people STILL blow the roof off for the guy.