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YMMV: Elsword
  • Awesome Music: Admit it, after some years of repetetive music flying around, they at least made the field songs work well.
    • Particular examples would be the Berthe battle and Altera Plains themes.
  • Broken Base: You either like the new third subclass or hate them all.
    • Though not all are game breakers (Night Watcher's rather underpowered)
    • Other 'evolution' changes have only fueled the feeling as well as NA exclusive tweaks, which border on Bad Export for You
    • Eve's new system, which is her own core system, similar to Raven's. Reactions are mixed as some like how it helps her, others are upset that it's a copy of Raven's, some more dislike how they've neglected to fix her real issues, or a mix of the three.
    • Rena's Nature Spirit system, mainly for people thinking that it either favors Grand Archer or Wind Sneaker.
  • Breather Level: The Shrine of Dedication Entrance. The enemies are much simpler and generally weaker than the Nasods from the Nasod Core, and the boss is a huge step down from the Nasod King. Don't let that lull you into a false sense of security; Feita ups the challenge and then some from there.
    • Pretty much any given first dungeon in any given region will be guaranteed to be this.
  • Crazy Awesome: The Magic Knight's "Storm Blade" is widely considered the most awesome-looking attack in the game, and with the recent buffs became one of the strongest Level 3 Special Attacks in the game, along with its high-damage and lasting invulnerability frames, it also has a huge area and VERY GOOD MP regen.
    • Blaze Step, my god, Blaze Step. You pretty much set yourself on fire and start hitting stuff, burning the very ground you walk on as you attack. Even more after the updates, which trades the duration with greatly increased damage. Mix this with a mount and expect to wipe out a sizable amount of enemies that are on the running path.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: While each character has their fandoms, Eve stands out for being this on both sides of the Ocean and she's often credited with saving the game in Korea. To the point that Add was made as a response to her popularity.
    • A big one in North America would be Ara Haan for a mix of reasons and as soon as she came out, a massive number of players were playing her.
  • Game Breaker: Elsword and Raven's new system, Chung, and all the new third subclass tears the game's balance into pieces.
    • Chung for the most part has proven to be non-game breaking, though in some areas (not KR but includes NA), Tactical Trooper is seen as particularly strong in PvP. The Skill Tree revamp weakens him to a more reasonable level of power.
    • In particular, Battle Magician's Energy Spurt skill. Its power raises exponentially based on your current level, and it can bypass any defense (bar two, and having a high evasion stat can help). Expect this skill to be a killer move in both PvP and PvE.
    • Some accuse Lord Knight of being one due to his mix of very useful abilities and general effectiveness in both PvE and PvP. After the skill tree revamp, the accusations have mostly died off, though he retains most of his PvE effectiveness.
    • After the Skill Tree revamp, The Rune Slayer's Freeze and Heat Runes made him go from "mediocre" to "absolutely broken" in PvP. The reason for this? The concept of both abilities is simple, a Fire or Ice rune is created in front of the user, dealing initial damage and stun and then dealing minor damage every few moments while the opponent is in the Rune. The catch?, Like any other Active skills, every single one of these hits has a normal chance to activate your weapon's element. Combine this with Dark III-enchanted weapons (giving chance to siphon enemy's HP and MP by normal attacks) and suddenly the damage is not only not minor, but all of the Rune Slayer's mana problems are suddenly gone.
      • Other adjustments he received as well as his skill selection has pushed him above even Lord Knight in the eyes of many in terms of Strongest Elsword class.
    • Elemental Master for a time after her class revamp and Skill tree revamp she was crazy buffed and basically ruled PvP for a time in KR. A rather recent nerf drops her down to "pretty good" however.
      • Reasons? Her mediation (MP regen up skill) got super charged, this combined with Dark III on some of her normal attacks results in her not losing much MP and she gains a lightning shower skill which basically amounts to a nigh-full screen stun.
    • The Code: Battle Seraph's Sweep Rolling - Tri Vulcan quickly became this. Though a very, very weak spell by itself, combine it with Fusion Mode and suddenly the game's brain vomits all over itself and makes the ability deal upwards to eleven million damage. Thankfully this was fixed one week after the revamp.
      • Battle Seraph herself is often considered the strongest class in the game, even after so many revamps, at least in PvE.
    • Grand Archer could perhaps be considered this in PvE as she easily has skills to hurt both groups of Mooks and bosses, and Rena's new system seems to favor her the most.
    • All Hyper Actives in general, though their damage was nerfed in PvP.
    • You thought you could bear with Chung, whose long and slow attacks annoy you? Nope, all thanks to a bug.
    • Elesis with her way of the sword as hers includes things like "Ignore defensive stances" (basically making one later game boss a joke), lower cool down on her skills, though she requires more effort to master than Elsword.
    • Ara in general has some signs of this mainly due to the mix of speed, mobility and range, and both her current class lines end up rather tough.
  • Goddamned Bats: Stone Gargoyles. They're the first flying enemy that actually makes an effort to stay out of arm's length. While they're frail and not terribly damage, their sonic howl attack does too much damage relative to their actual strength, and they tend to come in groups, usually with other enemies thrown into the mix as well. Their stronger counterpart, the Wyverns, are a bit less annoying (their attack is low-damaging meteors), but still.
  • Goddamned Boss: The fight with Cutty Sark (a large flying monster), while not that hard, can be very short or very long depending on whether you can hit him properly with the stage-laid crossbows to take him down momentarily, or not.
    • Magmanta and Avalanche; detailed in That One Attack below.
    • Taranvash can summon copies of itself by 2 mirrors on the sides of the arena. Turning the mirror away is enough to make the copies disappear, but you'll often be distracted by Taranvash itself to not notice.
    • Spriggan: Not hard but tricky due to small size and speed, but if allowed to have his portals open, he'll unleash some vicious attacks. Many players overlook this.
    • Alterasia Type H, mainly due to the timer of the stage and the spores that heal him. His worse attack is at set intervals, making it easy to avoid if you're not over committing yourself. But if you go in sloppily, things will go terribly, especially after the Secret dungeon revamp where his hp, the spores' hp and how much they restore got a massive boost. Easily the most planning intensive fight in the game.
  • Good Bad Bugs: A "mechanic" of Aisha and Rena, known as "Tumbling", is basically them continuously bounces up and down if the player holds up while their Aisha/Rena gets hit in midair. Eve has the similar mechanic, only that when that happens, it forces knockdown on her instead.
  • Memetic Molester: Add is often given this treatment in fandom for his obsessions of Eve. Fans also often add the crush to his Stalker Without A Crush towards her (canonically, he only follows her for her Code, which he can use to go back in his timeline.)
  • Most Annoying Sound: Anytime Aisha shoots a fireball or teleports - which will happen very often - she'll shout the same grunt. Guaranteed to become an Ear Worm in short time.
    • Japanese Rena's noise when firing in siege mode.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The loud sound that any Critical Hit makes.
  • That One Attack:
    • The long stream of fire breath of Ancient Bone Dragon, Bonus Boss of Bethma region. It can be avoided, but once you get in its path prepare to receive heavy damage (you can also force yourself down to avoid it, but you'll lose some MP). A more annoying (but slightly less deadly) one is when it flies and breathes a carpet of fire in the arena; there'll be a spot in the corner that's not covered in fire that you have to run onto, back and forth. Also the dragon's HP regenerates while doing so.
    • The boss of Altera's secret dungeon, Type-H, can use Elsword's Storm Blade whenever his HP is depleted to a certain number - and it comes without warning, and deals enormous damage. Especially careless players are often tricked into this.
    • Magmanta and Avalanche will periodically retreat to the background where they cannot be hit and do long-range attacks. This needlessly stretched out the fight time.
      • The former's jumping can be prevented, but telling those that don't know the trick not to attack him outside of Super armor frames can be difficult.
    • For PvP, certain player skills would count if they're used against you (Armageddon Blade, Energy Spurt, etc)
  • That One Sidequest: More often than normally you'll find yourself wondering about the purpose of some of Camilla's quests. Camilla's Interdimediate Training? Part 3/5? Have fun spending more than 300% stamina trying to finish that Fetch Quest.
    • For this reason they tend to have the Fan Nickname "Camilla's trolling"
    • The skill tree revamp has changed most of these to be more bareable... save for the last step of the expert skill quests: Getting 5 S ranks in Sander stages. This is easy for a few classes and for others it'd be a matter of not having certain other classes mess things up.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Exists on both major areas with NA having Infinite Sword, mainly due to bad players making things hard for other character. Other than that, most NA players have no problem with having underpowered classes in their party.
    • KR considers Tactical Trooper, Code Nemesis, and any other class that lacks speed/high burst damage this and unlike NA, the game will boot you from a party if your damage output flow drops below a certain point.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Starting from the introduction of Chung onwards everything goes downhill...
    • The skill tree revamp was definitely not received very well at all. Messages of complaints, insults, and quitting are all over the Korean website.
    • Some of the other changes weren't exactly popular as the new end game sets have nerfed and/or less special effects.
    • The NA region's reaction to the version of Gate of Darkness they got. To elaborate in short: the KR version still has ingredients as rewards for special potions and costume pieces, but the NA version changed it to all potions and costume pieces depending on a chance in a box with other, less-appealing prizes inside. And you only get two of those upon completion, no matter what.
  • They Just Didn't Care: To some (most?) NA fans, this has been an ongoing problem where the NA team butchers the original KR version's items, prices, and some events by either making it harder to gain or complete, change the rewards to a lesser value, or turn it into a cesspool of farming. And most of the time, they're considered a year late as they put up events of the same rewards under a different title. Part of the reason why you find other players preferring to play on the KR servers with little knowledge on the language.

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