Awesome / Elsword

  • Although all skills can be considered "awesome" when used well, a few of them stand out more than the others:
    • The Magic Knight's "Storm Blade" is widely considered the most awesome-looking attack in the game, and with the recent buffs became one of the strongest Level 3 Special Attacks in the game, along with its high-damage and lasting invulnerability frames, it also has a huge area and VERY GOOD MP regen.
    • Blaze Step, my god, Blaze Step. You pretty much set yourself on fire and start hitting stuff, burning the very ground you walk on as you attack. Even more after the updates, which trades the duration with greatly increased damage. Mix this with a mount and expect to wipe out a sizable amount of enemies that are on the running path. it helps that it also gives you Nigh-Invulnerability.
    • Fragarach. The damage, the MP cost, the name, the visuals, the sound effects, the fact that you can use it while being attacked, this skill has it all.