What An Idiot: Web Original

  • Exterminatus Now features cultists of the Ocean God wanting to start a ritual to summon their master so he can Take Over the World. The trouble is, the spell to summon the Ocean God is written in a language that none of them know how to read.
    You'd Expect: The cultists would find out how to read the language, delaying the ritual for some time, or finding someone sympathetic to their plight to translate it for them. Or, if they find someone who knows the language but won't cooperate, force them to translate it. Since they are insane cultists of a Mad God, it's not like they're high on the mortality food chain, which they themselves admit.
    Instead: They ask members of the Mobian Inquisition to translate it for them. The Inquisition who is sworn to protecting the world from dark gods just like the one the cultists are trying to summon. No surprise, the cultists are arrested.
  • In Girl Genius, Othar Tryggvassen (GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER!) has been "kidnapped" by Ferretina, the Weasel Queen, who has made it extremely clear that she will offer sexual favors in return for companionship and understanding to help her get over her self-esteem issues.
    You'd Expect: He stays, at least long enough to help her out, convince her to stop attacking the villagers, and maybe pick up some "treats".
    Instead: He figures that she's lured him into a deathtrap. Then again, it is well established that Othar is an idiot. Also, everything in the radio plays in exaggerated to hell and back in order to be played for extra comedy and drama, including Othar's usual tendencies.
  • Misfile. Rumisiel finds the corpse of a missing angel.
    You'd Expect: Him to contact heaven since not only is a dead angel a really big no-no and he's needing all the brownie points he can get to get back into heaven and have a proper investigation done.
    Instead: He jumps to the conclusion his brother must be the murderer, disintegrates the body obliterating all the evidence and Wangsts about it before confronting his brother in a handy out of the way place with no witnesses. Thankfully it appears Vashiel is innocent, of that murder at least.
  • Drowtales. Syphile sneaks into the Sarghress compound to try and assassinate Quain'tana and actually manages to get close enough for a clear shot with her crossbow.
    You'd Expect: Her to just fire at her head, get it done with and flee.
    Instead: She jumps out loudly declaring a challenge, completely blowing her cover. When she does actually fire she misses several times and throws down her crossbow, allowing for a one-on-one match that she naturally loses in a Curb-Stomp Battle that results in her death.
  • Las Lindas: Mora has just discovered that there is indeed a Love Triangle between her, Rachael and Minos.
    You'd Expect: Mora to get the whole story from Minos (and maybe Rachael) before acting.
    Instead: Mora goes completely berserk and savagely attacks Rachael, loudly declaring her intention to beat her to within an inch of her life and then dump her broken, bloody body in the nearest alley. Things go downhill from there.
  • Juathuur: Rowasu swears to Sojueilo that he will kill her squad-mates, and then her, after he is done mourning the death of a friend.
    You'd Expect: Sojueilo to warn her squadmates that an Ax-Crazy psychopath is on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, and they are the target.
    Instead: she doesn't. It ends in her squadmate's blood.
  • In Strawberry Death Cake, the cast members are part of an organisation waging a Secret War against demons. They have received metamorph weapon (Swiss Army Weapon that can morph into any conceivable weapon and, when not active, these turn into rings).
    You'd Expect: That the cast would carry these weapons on their hands at all times, especially on a mission to investigate a case of demon bugs in an high school.
    Instead: Jessica forgot them in another set of clothes.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Old Blind Pete betrays his friend, Haley, Belkar, and Celia so he can get his sight back. After selling them out, he goes to the temple so he can get his eyes repaired.
    You'd Expect: He stays at the temple, goes to a museum, art show, or a strip joint, anything to occupy his time for a little while his house is a virtual warzone.
    Instead: He goes directly home and wants to hang out in his living room while the Thieves' Guild is obviously still in the middle of the operation. He couldn't have been gone ten minutes since Sending takes that long to cast and the cleric casting it couldn't finish. He is caught by the people he betrayed and nicknamed "Brainy Pete" by his old friend, as a Call Back to a line about when dealing with thieves, you should never name yourself after a body part you can't afford to lose.
    • Also, in the Start Of Darkness prequel: Lirian captures Xykon, Redcloak, and a few other goblins and has them locked in an underground prison.
      You'd Expect: They'd keep an eye on them, either a guard or a constant scrying effect. If nothing else, it would be useful in case something happens and you'd want to help the prisoners.
      Instead: They're completely unsupervised, even in case there's an emergency, and Redcloak uses his plot-defying supersmarts to gather the resources to build a 120,000 GP phylactery out of stuff you'd find in an underground prison.
  • In El Goonish Shive:
    • Abraham manages to disarm Raven.
      You'd Expect: He presses his advantage in Raven's moment of weakness to fully disable or kill him before he can cast any offensive or defensive spells having heard Raven mention he was a "properly trained wizard" only minutes previously.
      Instead: He lets Raven get out of range, taunts him about fighting with nothing but a scabbard and gives Raven time to cast a spell that both hides him and attacks Abraham. Only then does Abraham realize his mistake and remembers that Raven is wizard.
    • An Actually Not a Vampire aberration in France has detected that Susan, visiting on a class trip, has the magical potential to destroy it.
      You'd Expect: It does nothing. Yes, Susan has the potential, but, as she explains much later, she can't actually use magic at this point, and doesn't even know magic or the aberration exist in the first place. And since it's a class trip, she's going to go home soon enough, which would solve the problem without requiring the aberration to so much as lift a finger.
      Instead: It pulls a Charm Person on her and tries to lure her into a back alley to her death. Nanase pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment, and their encounter with this aberration gives a pair of elderly immortals the excuse they need to empower the two girls, allowing them to kill off the abomination and making them a permanent threat to any others.
  • In Homestuck, Eridan has decided to switch sides and join the Big Bad. Eridan is surrounded by his former teammates, who oppose said Big Bad and would not take kindly to this.
    You'd Expect: That Eridan would not outright tell his teammates what he was doing.
    Instead: He tells his teammates outright that he is betraying them. They do not take it well.
    • Vriska, in her ego-driven frenzy, becomes aware that the kids' session will create a villain capable of horrifying feats who will kill hundreds and be nearly impossible to beat. She decides that she will be the one to beat him, and does her best to make the events leading up to his creation occur.
      You'd Expect that she would actually have some kind of plan, maybe try to get everyone else on her side and let them know what she was going to do.
      Instead, she makes it up as she goes along and everything goes to hell.
  • In Gunnerkrigg Court, Annie is told a secret of extreme importance: her mother only pretended to love Reynardine so she could lure him into the Court, where he'd be imprisoned.
    You'd Expect that as she knows how important this secret is, she doesn't tell anyone, especially not the person it's about.
    Instead, she yells it at him when they next get into a fight (which is basically about five minutes later) to hurt him. Great one, Annie.
  • From Better Days, Rachel overhears a conversation between Fisk and Lucy that references their past incestuous relationship. When Rachel is blown off by her roommates when she tries to tell them what she heard, she vows to expose Fisk and Lucy.
    You'd Expect for Rachel to do actual evidence gathering, such as tapping the phones or planting cameras or even bribing someone to spy on Fisk and Lucy. Given Rachel's personality, such behavior would be in character for her.
    Instead, Rachel makes one, and only one, attempt to expose Lucy and Fisk's secret. It involves her flaunting a suggestive outfit in front of Fisk and waiting for him to come into her room and fuck her, most likely to get Lucy to flip her shit. This being Better Days and the character Rachel is seducing is Fisk Black, the plan, not surprisingly, goes nowhere.

Web Animation
  • Happy Tree Friends has its own page.
  • RWBY:
    • The Black trailer gives us an antiheroic example: Blake and Adam are attacking a supply train, but Blake falters when the plan requires them to kill innocent crewmen.
      You'd expect: For Adam to remind Blake that sacrifices have to be made in war, and that their cause is ultimately righteous, even if it requires them to do unsavory things. Or something.
      Instead: He dismisses her opinion entirely. This validates Blake's doubts, and causes her to sabotage the mission and defect.

Web Original
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged would have these:

    • "Episode 19": Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan are being confronted by the Ginyu Force who are on a mission to take the Dragon Ball that the three of them have, Vegeta attempts to pull a trick from the "Man your man could smell like" commercial and ends it by chucking the Dragon Ball away.
      You'd Expect: Vegeta to keep it in the dark about how he chucked the ball away.
      Instead: He tells them that he threw it, gloating that there is nothing they can do about it which leads to Burter grabbing it back.

  • lonelygirl15
    • TAAG has kidnapped a brainwashed girl from an evil cult and tied her up. She complains that her hands are going numb and begs them to loosen the ropes just a little. The last time they loosened a prisoner's ropes "just a little", the prisoner escaped the instant their backs were turned.
      You'd Expect: They'd tell the girl to just deal with it. Especially since Daniel and Jonas are both there.
      Instead: They loosen the ropes just a little, and the prisoner escapes the instant their backs are turned.
    • TAAG, having recently failed a mission, blames Steve on suspicion of treachery and decides to abandon him in the wilderness. The last time they abandoned a friend in the wilderness, said friend was captured and brainwashed by the aforementioned evil cult.
      You'd Expect: They'd at least drop him off in a town with enough money to buy a ticket home.
      Instead: Apparently having learned nothing from their past mistakes, they abandon him in the wilderness.
  • In a certain hentai, the main star has wishing powers given to him by a demoness! Who warns him, straightforward, on the rules of wishing, including that "If you wish for anything specific, we will steal it.", along with "You will get what you desire and <didn't pay attention> what you get." This is not the first time he has heard this lecture. Also, this demoness is rather kinky, with a TF fetish.
    • You'd Expect: He would pretty much be careful with his wishes, considering this is a DEMONESS! Who is BLUNTLY TELLING HIM THAT SHE IS A LITERAL GENIE!
    • Instead: His first wish is to be hung like a herd of bucking broncos. Clydsdale. You sure? YES! This ends, well, just about as well as can be expected. Oh, as a bonus, You want the stamina? Yes. Give the girls the same stamina? Yes! End Result: Demoness gets a TF field day. His next wish? I want a cowgirl. Can you make me one? The rest get worse.
  • New York Magician: After a building on fire partially collapses on him, Michel takes himself to task for not getting magical head protection, or protection against environmental hazards.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: In Act III, Dr. Horrible has finally turned the tables on his Arch-Enemy, Captain Hammer, by shooting him with a Freeze Ray.
    • You'd Expect: He would get on with the shooting bit, given that the Freeze Ray is Mad Scientist technology and such things always have a disturbing tendency to fail when it's most inconvenient.
    • Instead: He spends three full minutes singing an Evil Gloating song, giving the Freeze Ray time to run out of power and release Captain Hammer.
  • Darwin's Soldiers: a cop gets a call about a suspicious package in a hotel.
    • You'd Expect: He evacuates everyone from the hotel and calls the bomb squad to deal with it.
    • Instead: He goes into the room and opens said package, which is a bomb, killing several people and completely destroying the hotel.
  • Ah, Marble Hornets, where would you be without this?
    • The protagonist Jay recently paid a nocturnal visit to an abandoned house that he believes is connected to the various weirdness that's been going on. While there, he sees signs that someone had been living there recently, a sink covered in blood, and he has a sudden, extremely violent coughing fit for no apparent reason. For some time, he's had a Youtuber by the name of totheark responding to all his videos with ominous, Mind Screw-tastic videos of his own; when TTA responds to this one, the usual cryptic messages are accompanied by footage of Jay's coughing fit, taken from right behind him.
      You'd Expect: Jay to stay the hell away from the place in future, or if he feels he absolutely has to look for more clues, to at least take precautions to prevent his stalker from doing anything worse than filming him hacking up a lung.
      Instead: He announces on YouTube that he's going back to the house, along with the date. He goes alone, at night. Predictably, he's jumped by a creepy guy in a White Mask of Doom on his way out of the house.
      And Then: He goes back a third time later. And announces it again. Though at least this time he had the brainpower to go during the daytime, not that it made any difference.
    • Entry #40: Jay is standing around a parking lot outside a park, waiting for Alex so they can discuss what to do about a certain someone who's been following them around. Alex is running really late and not answering his cell phone.
      You'd Expect: Jay to do anything but what he does. Sit around some more, drive off to get some fast food, leave entirely, stand in the middle of the parking lot and do the Chicken Dance- anything.
      Instead: He wanders off into the exceptionally creepy woods. Off the trail. Oh, and he's never been there before.
      Consequently: He gets lost. He wanders a good two miles into the woods before reaching a creepy overgrown brick chimney, which he stops to stare at. Naturally, the minute he turns around, the Operator is literally inches away from him. Surprisingly, Jay then averts this trope: in the single most Genre Savvy action of anyone in the entire series, he responds by dropping the camera and running like hell.
  • The War Comms:
    • When Trisha was banned from the Gundam forums, she immediately accuses Janet Majors of perpetrating the ban. She's quickly corrected by Ralph, the object of her affections
      You'd expect: She'd apologize to Janet and back off, so as not to incur Ralph's anger.
      Instead: She keeps trying to justify her blame of Janet, while bashing Janet's essays and fics about characters she doesn't like all the while.
    • When Zacharias made his first appearance, he made a big speech about how all fans should follow canon religiously or else they didn't belong in fandom. Naturally, pretty much everyone told him to stuff it and that his way wasn't the only way.
      You'd expect: That Zach would realize he wasn't going to have any impact on these people, and that they didn't care what he had to say and found him ridiculous.
      Instead: He kept obsessively replying to every comment trying to "prove" his superiority and quickly made many enemies.
      Furthermore: He attempted to use logic and reason on Patrick. Not that picking on Patrick is a bad thing, but any War Comms member worth their salt knows it's pointless to use logic and reason on him.
  • Not Always Series:
    • A guy goes into a library and tries to ask out a girl there. The girl turns him down, partly because of how he worded his question, but mainly due to the fact that she's a lesbian, a girl who only dates girls.
      You'd Expect: The guy to figure out that he won't be able to do anything romantic with this girl, and leave her alone.
      Instead: He keeps on trying to chat her up, which leads nicely into this moment:
      You'd Expect: That the guy would have broken up with his current girlfriend beforehand. And if he doesn't have the decency to do that, he should at least make sure that she's not nearby.
      Instead: She's in the exact same library, sees what's going on, and ultimately ends up dumping him. To add insult to injury, the two girls end up dating.
    • In another library, a man ends up suddenly having a seizure, and a nearby student tries to help him. There's a nearby security guard, who's apparently very worried about Ambulance Chasers.
      You'd Expect: The guard to remember that there are Good Samaritan Laws in placenote , and help the student, or at the very least not interfere with him, or the emergency services.
      Instead: Not only does he try to dissuade the student from helping, but he actually tries to impede the emergency services, you know, the people whose job it is to deal with these kinds of situations. As a result, he's fired, and it's very unlikely that he'll be able to get another job.
  • Whateley Universe: Reverend Darren Englund has discovered that there is a student on campus who is actually half lust demon and who is also part Great Old One. He decides that this student is a clear danger to humanity, and must be destroyed at all costs before she can harm or kill anyone else (she has to kill to feed, and has accidentally murdered people before getting the hang of her powers).
    You'd Expect that he'd do his best to confirm that this student is evil before deciding to kill her.
    Instead he decides that anything who happens to be part demon or Great Old One is evil by nature and can never be anything else. If he'd actually did his research, he would have found that the student in question loves life and Earth and doesn't want to destroy or harm anything, she just wants to live and grow- and she respects the opinions and rights of others.
    • Englund forms a plan to take her out: he gets the assistance he needs from the Syndicate, a global organisation of villains. However, he lies to them, telling them that they're hunting a monster his students can't handle, so they need some manpower. It's set to go down on Halloween night, when the students are having a party.
      You'd Expect that he'd realise that the jig would very quickly be up, as the student in question would be celebrating with her friends, not walking around outside, and that he'd need to either tell the truth or come up with a decent lie.
      You'd Also Expect that as the Syndicate are a giant organisation of villains, Englund would be very careful of betrayals, desertions and so on.
      Instead the entire plan gets hijacked by a super villain who was never part of the plan in the first place, who uses it as a way to target specific students, including the one Englund wants dead. After that, it all goes to hell, ending with hundreds of injuries, one dead teacher and dozens of brutally maimed or killed security guards, and Englund in the shit with his target alive and well.
    • Migraine, a young psychic student, decides that her life is terrible and she wants to make it better. She manages to screw around with the minds of others so she gets to live with some new students who don't know her, and as a result gets some friends who are very protective of her despite the fact that all she does is use them. However, that isn't enough: being somewhat plain, she fixates on the idea of becoming an Exemplar (incredibly attractive super-human), and when one of her 'friends' develops a devise that could do it, she starts forming an elaborate plan that will test the devise and eventually give her a chance to use it herself.
      You'd Expect that as the machine is a devise (which are by definition products of mad science and inherently unstable), Migraine would be very, very careful and not take any chances.
      Instead she decides to just go all in and bets on everything working out for her. Unfortunately, it doesn't, and she ends up having a mental breakdown and is transferred to a psych ward.
    • Aspiring Alpha Bitch Solange, who is secretly an Avatar (that is, has the ability to capture and use the powers of spirits) traps Jade's alter ego Jinn (it's a long story) and uses her to gain her powers, as well as give her additional psychic protection (because the second spirit makes her mind seem 'fuzzy' to telepaths).
      You'd Expect that Solange would realize that in effect kidnapping another student would get her into serious trouble, especially as Jinn continues to struggle inside her mind to break free.
      Instead, she decides to try use the mental protection from this to make a move on the leader of the Alphas, Manipulative Bastard and telepath Don Sebastiano, figuring getting him into bed would give her a leg up in the clique.
      Furthermore, In order to do this, she first has to get her rival, Hekate, out of town for the week, so she cuts a horrific deal with Thuban: he would arrange for the death of a relative of Hekate's, in exchange for Solange allowing him to have herself possessed so that Montana - whom she had strung along with the promise of sexual favors the previous year, only to turn on him later - could, in effect, rape her. She agrees to this, convinced her new psychic defenses could protect her from the possession.
      Meanwhile, Jinn continues to drive Solange crazy by possessing her in turn while she sleeps (including making her sign a confession to the kidnapping), slowly convincing her that she didn't need the spirit bond after all.
      In the end, not only did the protection fail to work against Sebastiano, who used his powers to pluck out her deepest personal secret and use it against her, when the time came to pay up for Thuban's agreement, Jinn harasses her to the point that she let's go of the spirit bond - only to find that she couldn't retrieve it. She is forced to endure gang-rape while unable to control her body for a full weekend.
    • Jobe Wilkins, son of a major Super Villain and Teen Genius, invents a serum that can turn anyone into his idea of a perfect girlfriend. Because of how it works, the transformation is meant to be irreversible. Unfortunately, in the middle of a lab accident involving a deadly venomous spider, he injects himself with the serum by mistake, and begins to turn into a female Drow. After he fails in his attempts to reverse the effect, he turns to his arch-enemy, Carmilla (the aforementioned half-demon), and tries to make a deal with her to change him back.
      You'd Expect that he would go to his friend Nephandus, who has experience with demonic contracts, to arrange the agreement between them.
      Instead, he decides to use the Internet and his own formidable intelligence to make the deal, and misses it when Carmilla basically 'signs' the document with 'No way in Hell' written upside down. The Demon Queen of Lust completes his transformation into a woman, messes with Jobe's mind to make her attracted to men as well as women, and keeps his penis in a Lucite box on her mantelpiece as souvenir.

  • Worm:
    • Taylor Hebert, teenaged supervillain, has just surrendered to the heroes, offering them her help in trying to avert the End of the World as We Know It.
      You'd Expect: That these people, who know Taylor has a history of utterly obliterating any and all who stand before her, including people who were supposed to counter power specifically, would at least attempt to compromise, especially given that she willingly surrendered. And if they didn't to start with, you'd think the Genius Bruiser heroine they brought in would think about it, especially in the wake of the fact that Taylor has way better PR than they do right now because of her effectiveness in beating the actual threats to her city, and maybe they could stand to help their situation.
      Instead: They go in with a plan that specifically revolves around pissing Taylor off, believing that the aforementioned heroine's invulnerability would protect her from someone who can only control bugs. They pursue this strategy until they lead her to believe that they killed one of her teammates, people she expressly told them she loved. So, instead of getting an excuse to off/imprison Taylor, she utterly destroys them, including the "invulnerable" heroine, killing the minority of individuals who attempted to screw her over and getting the PR spun in her favor, to add insult to injury.
  • WhereTheBearsAre
    • Wood knows that Cyril, the serial killer who killed a man in his home and then tried to kill his friend Nelson, has escaped from prison, and that he is currently the only person in the house who knows this because their cable was temporarily canceled and none of the others pay attention to the news.
      You'd expect: For Wood to tell Nelson, or at least tell Reggie and Todd so that they can figure out the best way to tell Nelson.
      Instead: Wood puts the letter from the DA into Nelson's mail drawer, which might be reasonable except that he didn't tell Nelson that he had a mail drawer.

Let's Play
  • In Marriland's Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke, he was battling the Champion, Wallace, and brought him down to his last Pokemon, Gyarados. Thinking of a crazy strategy, he uses his Walrein and locks Gyarados into Dragon Dance with Encore.
    You'd expect: That Marriland would just switch in his Magneton while Gyarados is locked into Dragon Dance and slaughter it with Thunderbolt, ending the battle.
    Instead: He then poisons it with Toxic, and brings in his Crobat, confusing it with Confuse Ray. And while Gyarados does hit itself in confusion, it then eventually falls into the red, leading Wallace to heal it with a Full Restore.
    • After that, once Gyarados is at +5 Attack and +5 Speed, it knocks out Crobat (killing it and rendering it unusable) with Hyper Beam. While it's recharging, he brings in Magneton.
      You'd expect: Again, that Marriland would use Thunderbolt while Gyarados has to recharge, winning him the battle.
      Instead: First he paralyzes it with Thunder Wave, then sets up Reflect, while Gyarados knocks out Magneton with Earthquake. He then brings in his own Gyarados, which almost gets killed, but Wallace misses with Hyper Beam, allowing Devin to win the battle.
      However: In his final lookback, he does realize his mistake and that he could have easily won with Magneton. He then ranted on Twitter about how he feels it was bogus that his fans think "he has to play perfectly all the time" or something like that.
  • In Rooster Teeth's Let's Play of Minecraft part 37, Jack, Ray, and Ryan all have one point on the board and you need 2 points to win. Gavin nears the end of the course with Ray already there and the obsidian placed in front of his block. Gavin kills Ray and after retrieving the Tower, he gets his batteries stolen in real life by Ray as revenge.
    You'd expect: Gavin to mine the obsidian and move it over to his space and stack it there, since nobody was anywhere near him.
    Instead: Gavin doesn't move the obsidian and stacks the Tower of Pimps on Ray's space, causing Ray to win.
  • Game Grumps Vs.: In part two of Wheel of Fortune for the Nintendo Wii, Arin and Jon are faced with the puzzle SPI__ FRIED SHRIMP under the category Food & Drink.
    You'd Expect: Either one of them to figure out that the incomplete word is SPICY.
    Instead: This.
    1. After more than a full minute of gibberish guessing, Arin finally decides to spin the wheel and calls L.
    2. Jon just decides to solve and, with a few seconds to spare, guesses SPING FRIED SHRIMP.
    3. The computer player solves and both of them lampshade it by asking themselves how they could not get the word.
  • In part 3 of Mathas Games' Let's Play of his second run of This War Of Mine, he is attempting to steal supplies from an inhabited building. He says that he is going to try and avoid conflict, as that screwed over his last run. After a while he eventually gets spotted by the owner of the house and is warned to leave.
    You'd expect: That he'd leave immediately, wait outside the house's threshold long enough for the NPC to return to neutral and go back into the house, allowing Mathas to continuing sneaking and stealing supplies without risk of confrontation. OR at the very least, return back to his shelter with the supplies he has gathered and return back to apartment the next night.
    Instead: He runs around the NPC, tries to get more loot before he has to leave directly in front of the NPC who becomes increasingly more hostile with their warnings. Eventually the NPC pulls out a rifle and guns down Mathas as he tries to flee.