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01:48:17 PM Oct 10th 2014
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One person decided everything they disliked about this episode was this trope. Given the debate in the forum about whether this trope genuinely applies, given the different interpretations of the characters and their abilities, I've moved it all here until a consensus is reached on what, if anything, should stay.

  • Volume 2 Episode 10, Mountain Glenn has multiple moments, most of them from Ruby:
    • When she was separated from the team because of Zwei, she spots two White Fang soldiers on patrol.
      You'd expect: For Ruby to return and report this to her team: God knows how many more of White Fang soldiers are out there.
      Instead: She follows the soldiers all by herself and Zwei the puppy, leaving her sleeping teammates (they were awake, but she didn't know that) by themselves, putting both herself and the teammates in potential danger.
    • And when she was about to leave the scene, she clearly sees the ground collapsing below her.
      You'd exect: For Ruby to get out of there; she has been displaying super speed without her Semblance nor Crescent Rose just fine.
      Instead: She just stands there until she falls. \\
    • And when she falls down, she confronts two White Fang soldiers. She throws a punch, which seems to have no effect on them, and now they are angry.
      You'd expect: For Ruby to, now that she realized her strength wouldn't work, use her speed to get the hell out of there.
      Instead: She stands there and just let one of the soldiers beat her down to unconsciousness. Granted, she was in enemy base so she wouldn't have gotten far anyway, but she didn't know that at the moment, and could have at least tried. \\
    • Now, something from Profess-uh, Dr. Oobleck, the guidance Hunter of Team RWBY. So, Doctor, one of your student is gone missing and judging by the way she left her weapon, she is not in good condition at all.
      You'd expect: Dr. Oobleck to explain only the core, necessary information about the place they are about to enter and quickly go for Ruby.
      Intead: He rambles on about history, that is while important and interesting depending on who you ask, have no immediate relevance to the emergency at hand. \\
12:32:12 PM Feb 7th 2012
Is this paragraph still valid, after the Justifying Edit?
  • In Shadowhunter Peril, Valentine, a Darth Vader-like overlord, has total control over the four of the 6 main communities of Earth: Downworlders, Nephilim, Demons, and Humans (the ones not under his control being Phoenixes and Angels). With all that power under his control, Valentine is easily the strongest person on the entire planet.
    • You'd Expect: That the moment the Resistance appears, Valentine would send every available creature at his disposal to go and burn the Resistance to the ground (he is aware of their general location, after all).
    • Instead: He sits around with his thumb up his ass, locked up in his own palace, and occasionally sends a small group of demons in an attempt to kill them. He isn't even seen until the final battle except for a few scenes in which he monologues to a helpless captive.
    • However: Recently he Took a Level in Badass, as he is seen killing Alex and then manages to steal a Mortal Instrument that can turn him into an angel, which would grant him unlimited power.
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