What An Idiot / Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Being a Star Wars animated series, it, like the films, has a galaxy's worth of stupid moments.

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     Season 1 
  • In "Downfall of A Droid", Anakin is given a new R3 unit after losing R2. It proves to be completely incompetent, because it's secretly a Separatist spy.
    You'd Expect: Anakin to immediately have it sent in for repairs and get a new one which isn't broken. It's not like he can't find one on a warship.
    Instead: He continues to rely on the incompetent droid for a mission in which its skills are vital to their success.
  • Also, earlier in in that episode, Anakin is able to get authorization to find R2 because R2 has vital intelligence on the Republic military in violation of protocols. Anakin does this deliberately, since mind-wiping R2 per protocol would take away the quality which makes R2 so effective.
    You'd Expect: If he wants to retain R2's personality, then he could least make sure R2 encrypt or outright erase any Republic military data in the event of capture, or maybe just access the necessary files whenever he needs to from the drives of whatever ship he's on.
    Instead: R2 carries around copies of potentially damaging material for no reason, and it nearly falls into Separatist hands.
    Even Worse: Anakin doesn't learn from this mistake. In an episode of Season 3, Cad Bane manages to capture R2 and download information on the Republic Senate Building, which helps him stage the Senate hostage crisis later.
  • "Duel of the Droids". The clones throw a shock grenade at a group of commando droids, who reasonably attempt to shoot it so it doesn't go off (which fails). Then the clones do the same to another group of regular battle droids who had just witnessed this.
    You'd Think: If nothing else, this group of droids would do the same, or kick/throw the grenade back.
    Instead: One of the droids proceeds to pick the grenade up as if it's a mysterious device and predictably get zapped.
  • "Cloak of Darkness": Commander Gree fights the traitorous Senate Commando, Captain Argyuss, who has freed Nemodian Separatist Viceroy Nute Gunray. During one point in the fight, Argyuss kicks Commander Gree, knocking his helmet off. Gree eventually beats down Argyuss.
    You'd Expect: Commander Gree to put his helmet back on, or at least take notice that Viceroy Gunray is about to knock him out by hitting him with a blaster rifle as a club, and then subdue Argyuss.
    Instead: He doesn't put his helmet back on (ouch), and wastes precious time gloating to Argyuss about disagreeing on what makes a good soldier, and gets clubbed by Viceroy Gunray.
    The Result: Viceroy Gunray and Argyuss escape.
  • "The Lair of Grievous": After Kit Fisto, Nhadar Vebb, and their clone troopers (including Commander Fil) are unable to retreat from Grievous's lair, Commander Fil contacts the two troopers watching the Kit Fisto's fighter and Nhadar's shuttle, Niner and Bel. He tells them to contact the fleet at Bestine to tell them that they engaged Grevious and require reinforcements. Unfortunately, three Magnaguards are watching the troopers.
    You'd Expect: Niner and Bel to check the area for droids spying on them, since the heavy fog impedes visibility and makes a surprise attack simple. And once they take care of the droids, they can then warm up the shuttle's long range transmitter and then contact the Republic fleet at Bestine.
    Instead: They don't bother checking and go back into the shuttle, which leads to the Magnaguards blowing them up and the shuttle, making contact with the fleet impossible.
  • "Hostage Crisis" (which is actually set after Season 3's "Evil Plans"): Anakin visits his secret wife, Padmé. During the first scene with the two of them, Anakin gave his lightsaber to Padmé as a proof of his love. They get interrupted by Bail Organa and C-3PO, forcing Anakin to hide under her desk.
    You'd Expect: Anakin to either take it back or Padmé to give it back. They certainly had enough time before Padmé had to leave.
    Instead: Anakin just stays hidden and Padmé shoves the lightsaber up her sleeve. And she never thinks of giving it back to Anakin after talking with Bail and 3PO.
    The Result: Because of that, Cad Bane manages to get away with the hostage crisis! Nice job, Anakin and Padmé!
    • In the same episode, Bane has Anakin KO'd and captured, and tosses him in with the other senators. He then plans to blow them all up to eliminate witnesses and leave no survivors.
      You'd Think: Bane would execute Anakin instead of just leaving him unconscious. Even if Bane has some standards, lightsaber-less or not, Anakin is a Jedi and thus dangerous. So Bane should make an exception.
      Instead: He doesn't bother killing Anakin, nor does he give any reason for not doing so, and leaves after having Aura Sing set up the laser triggers to explosives. Anakin regains consciousness, manages to save everybody in the room by cutting a hole in the ground so that they would not get blown up.
    • Also in "Hostage Crisis", Commander Fox and his troops try to apprehend Cad Bane as he leaves the Senate Building. Cad Bane threatens to blow up the hostages if they don't stand down, so they do. Bane and his posse walk off.
      You'd Think: At the very least, Commander Fox would trail Bane or keep an eye on him somehow. Bane went back on his word and detonated the explosives. His bargaining chip was gone. They should have caught him. They could also have tried to stun him, but that would have been riskier.
      Instead: They let him go and don't follow him, not only letting him escape the area but the entire planet, leading to the events of the Season 3 episode, Hunt for Ziro.
     Season 2 
  • "Holocron Heist": Cad Bane has Todo 360 create a hole to go to the communications center, while Cad Bane blows up the gate to the holocron vault. An explosion goes off. Anakin and Obi Wan see the hole Todo made, but unfortunately, the holocron vault gate has been opened.
    You'd Expect: Anakin and Obi-Wan to notice the opened gate of the holocron vault and go, "Wait, I think someone might break into the vault! Let's stay and guard it!"
    Instead: They don't bother checking the holocron gate, which leads Cad Bane to break in, and steal the holocron undetected. Of course, they might have suspected that Bane had already stolen from the vault and escaped, and were attempting to catch up to him through the hole, but that doesn't stop at least one of them going in the vault to check for themselves.
  • "Cargo of Doom": After Ahsoka is knocked out and captured by Cad Bane, he uses her as Jedi-bait to lure Anakin into an unfair deal. If he doesn't unlock the holocron for Cad Bane, he'll open the airlock door and Ahsoka will be pulled out into space and die. Anakin ends up submitting to Bane's request, despite Ahsoka not wanting Anakin to do it (sort of like "forget about me and save yourself and the holocron!" type thing), dropping his lightsaber on the ground, saying "We'll deal with the holocron later."
    You'd expect: Anakin to pull off an "I Surrender, Suckers" moment on Bane and pretend he's going to unlock the holocron, but not do it all, and instead use the Force to grab both his lightsaber and Ahsoka's while Bane is distracted by the holocron being levitated by the Force, kick Bane's butt, and save Ahsoka, AND prevent the holocron information from being unlocked.
    Instead: He plays it all real and DOES open the holocron, thus giving Cad Bane access to the names of future younglings, and giving him the ability to kidnap any of them at will, then he does exactly what the "You'd expect" part says anyway, meaning he could have saved Ahsoka right from the start. Nice job making it worse, Anakin!
    The Result: Cad Bane starts kidnapping Force sensitive infants.
  • "Children of the Force": Cad Bane kidnaps Force sensitive infants, using information from the holocron that Anakin opened in the previous episode. He manages to wipe clean the navigation records so that the Jedi don't discover that he went to Mustafar.
    You'd Think: If Bane is intelligent enough to erase his flight log, he would be equally aware of his fuel log. Maybe give the ship a spray down while he's at it, to get rid of any physical evidence.
    Instead: Bane ignores the fuel computer, and doesn't clean up the volcanic ash off his ship, which then leads Anakin and Ahsoka to figure out that they need to go to Mustafar, and save the two infants from the Dark Side.
    • Also in this episode, Obi-Wan and Mace Windu go to Black Stall Station — after interrogating Cad Bane — to get the holocron back. Bane says "There is your precious holocron." Mace prevents him from going to get it because he doesn't want anymore of his tricks. However, there is a laser field in the floor that will set off the alarm.
      You'd Expect: Mace Windu to check if there are any traps, or simply use the Force to pull the holocron from a distance.
      Instead: He doesn't check to see if there are laser traps in the floor, literally steps into the trap, and sets off the alarm, causing blasters to be fired at Obi-Wan and Mace. Although the Jedi do succeed in getting the holocron back, Cad Bane escapes in the ruckus.
  • In "Landing at Point Rain", the Jedi launch a massive attack to destroy the shield generator of a massive weapons factory, which they plan to destroy in the next episode, "Weapons Factory".
    You'd expect: Them to just call in an airstrike and bomb the facility, given that they just destroyed the only obstacle protecting the factory from the air.
    Instead: They send Ahsoka and Barriss to blow up the main power generator and the factory with it from the inside, while Anakin and Luminara engage the droids in a battle that demands heavy casualties.
    It Gets Worse: When Ahsoka and Barriss infiltrate the factory generator, they end up having to sneak past a group of sleeping Geonosians. They end up accidentally waking up one, who then would spy on Ahsoka and Barriss as they infiltrate the factory.
    You'd Expect: Since they're inside the enemy's base, Ahsoka and Barriss would check whether they're being followed or not.
    Instead: They don't bother checking, which leads to the two of them being discovered, and their explosives taken away after Ahsoka is knocked out, forcing them to blow up the generator after Ahsoka regains consciousness using the weapons of a captured tank, which almost got both of them killed.
  • In "Legacy of Terror" Anakin and Obi-Wan head to the catacombs of the Geonosian Temple to try and save Luminara, who has been captured by the Genonosian Queen, Karina, with a legion of near un-killable undead Geonosians at her back while trying to capture Separatist leader Poggle. Karina intends to infest her with a Brain Worm and control her. Anakin and Obi-Wan walk up to the queen and attempt to talk to her, right in the middle of a group of those nigh unkillable Geonosians.
    You'd Expect: Obi-Wan, a trained diplomat as all Jedi are, to attempt to negotiate for Luminara's release and safe passage to the surface and thus resolve the situation peacefully, as all Jedi are supposed to, even if it's a long shot.
    Instead: Obi-Wan, who apparently has the diplomacy skills of a rock, decides to simply state that the Republic is already in full control of the planet and demand Luminara's release, and surprise surprise, the queen simply sics her un-killable drones on them and they have to make a dangerous escape to the surface.
    It Gets Worse: Obi-Wan decides to wait until the worm is crawling on Luminara's face to make his move to rescue her, as opposed to long before, then wants to take the worm with them to study it despite the obvious dangers until Anakin does the sensible thing and just crushes it. The entire thing seems to boil down to scholarly interest on Obi-Wan's part.
    Also, You'd Think: Queen Karina would simply have infested Luminara long before they ever got there, maybe subsequently "letting her go" as a Jedi mole in exchange for Poggle's freedom if she wanted to be a Magnificent Bastard.
    Instead: She waits until the Jedi are right in front of her to dramatically show off the Brain Worm and describes exactly what she intends to do before trying to infest her, ensuring the Jedi will try and stop her.
  • In "Lightsaber Lost", a pickpocket stole Ahsoka's lightsaber (she only had one at the time). After a long investigation she finds it in the hands of an amateurish bounty hunter, Cassie Cryar.
    You'd Think: Ahsoka would simply just use the Force to pull the weapon out of Cassie's hands.
    Instead: Ahsoka follows her on a lengthy pursuit, during which she used the Force several times to try to slow Cassie down, but doesn't bother to use the Force to grab her lightsaber from her hands.
    It Gets Worse: The next day, when Ahsoka chases Cassie on an air train, Cassie eventually breaks into of the cars and holds a Twi'lek mother and her son hostage.
    You'd Expect: Again, Ahsoka to disarm Cassie by using the Force to grab her lightsaber.
    Instead: Again, she doesn't bother to try using the Force and just demands Cassie to surrender the lightsaber to her since Cassie has nowhere to run, which she says not to tell her what do, and Ahsoka tries to convince Cassie to hold her hostage instead of the Twi'lek mother and son, but Cassie also says "no deal" to that, thinking she might get mind tricked by her and Ahsoka then gives up. If Terra Sinube hadn't been at the next station at the right time, Ahsoka would've lost her lightsaber forever.
  • In "The Mandalore Plot", Obi-Wan gets knocked out and captured by a couple of Death Watch members on Concordia while he investigated a mining facility to see if it is abandoned and not operational. They then put Obi-Wan on a Conveyor Belt-O-Doom.
    You'd expect: The Death Watch goons to take Obi-Wan's wrist comlink and smash it (like Lo-Tarren does in "Padawan Lost") so that he would not be able to call for help from Satine.
    Instead: They ignore the comlink, and just keep his lightsaber. Obi-Wan is able to get in contact with Satine after he regains consciousness.
    Later: When Satine arrives at the mining facility where Death Watch is hiding to save Obi-Wan, she sets off the alarm so that she could have guards respond and get distracted from Obi-Wan.
    You'd Think: One of the Mandalorian Death Watch members would be smart and tell the other to stay and keep a watch on the Conveyor Belt-O-Doom, while he goes goes to investigate the disturbance at the entrance, and the guard at the conveyer belt would be able to stop Satine from saving Obi-Wan when she eventually arrives at the scene.
    Instead: Both of the Mandalorians go check out the disturbance and not have one watch the conveyer belt, which allows Satine to help Obi-Wan. And by the time the guards get back to the room, Satine has already prevented the conveyer belt from smashing Obi-Wan to bits.
  • In "Voyage of Temptation", when Obi-Wan finally finds Tal Merrick, who kidnapped the Duchess of Mandalore, Satine, he demands that Merrick surrender and release the duchess. Sen. Merrick then shows that he holds a remote detonator, and has set explosives on the ship. One press of a button, and everybody on it is blown to kingdom come. And this puts pressure on Obi-Wan.
    You'd Expect: Obi-Wan to simply use the Force to disarm Sen. Merrick by grabbing his detonator remote and pistol, saving Satine.
    Instead: He just follows Merrick, who still holds the detonator and is still holding Satine hostage, and does NOTHING about stopping him from blowing up the ship!
     Season 3 
  • In "The Academy", Ahsoka infiltrates a Mandalorian prison to free Satine after the corrupt prime minister, named Almec, imprisons her. Almec and his henchmen eventually catch Ahsoka in the act, revealing that the mind tricks don't actually work on his guards, and as a result, revealed herself (in his eyes) as a conspirator. He then weakens her with a stun shot from one of the auto turrets in the room. Ahsoka is then captured.
    You'd Think: Prime Minister Almec would put Ahsoka into the already opened cell, so that he can torture Satine and her nephew, Korkie, to death, and Ahsoka would not be able to intervene.
    Instead: He just has a guard handle her, and as he has one of his goons put a shock collar on Korkie, Ahsoka starts attacking with her hands cuffed, beating up Almec's henchmen and eventually putting the shock collar on him, thus foiling his plans and getting him imprisoned.
  • In "Altar of Mortis", when Obi-Wan throws Anakin the Dagger of Mortis to use it to kill the Son of Mortis, Ahsoka, who was possesed by the Son, catches it. The Son tells Ahsoka to give him the Dagger so he can use it to kill the Father of Mortis.
    You'd Expect: Anakin to use the Force to pull the Dagger of Mortis out of Ahsoka's hand and eventually try to kill the Son with it and possibly un-possess Ahsoka.
    Instead: He just begs to Ahsoka not to give the Dagger to the Son, and lets Ahsoka, who doesn't listen to Anakin, give the dagger to the Son, who then declares her usefulness has come to an end, and taps Ahsoka's forehead, killing her instantly. It's only when the dying Daughter of Mortis's (who took a stab from the dagger to prevent the Son from killing the Father shortly after the Son kills Ahsoka) life force is transferred into Ahsoka does it prevent her from being Killed Off for Real.
  • "Counter Attack": The Jedi and their troops are attempting to escape from the Loyla Sayu Citadel. A commando droids mans one of the turrets and is ready to destroy the shuttle, which the Jedi's one way ticket out.
    You'd Expect: Echo to use his viewfinder and maybe snipe the commando droid.
    Instead: He just charges right to the shuttle they were supposed to protect, while a commando droid fires a turret at him and takes cover under the shuttle, only to be blown to smithereens, taking away the group's one way ticket out.
  • In "Padawan Lost" the Republic and the Separatists are battling on Felucia.
    You'd Think: the two warring sides to have at least a few battle ships stationed above the planet, to prevent the other side from both sending in reinforcements and/or evacuating their troops.
    Instead: They don't even monitor the sky for ships entering or exiting the orbit, allowing for a Trandoshan hunting party to sneak in and kidnap Ahsoka undetected.
     Season 4 
  • "Prisoners": After Anakin and Kit Fisto are captured by Riff Tamson, he imprisons them in a couple of cages made from electric eels (very dangerous) and uses them for interrogation. After refusing to help Padmé from drowning due to a cracked helmet, claiming that he doesn't have to, he exits the room. Anakin and Kit Fisto manage to attempt to create a bubble for Padmé to breath in to prevent her from drowning, but Jar-Jar uses his spit to seal the crack. So that clearly means Jedi can still use the Force under water.
    You'd Expect: Anakin and Kit Fisto to also use the Force while no guards are around, to break the chains that are holding the eels together, or kill the eels (they are not innocent), and maybe try to start an uprising. Or they could try mind tricking the Quarren guards into letting them go.
    Instead: They just sit there and do nothing and don't even try to use the Force to free themselves!
    • Also in "Prisoners", when Prince Lee-Char is caught and demands to have an audience with Riff Tamson and Nossor Ri, he tries to convince him about the unity between the Quarren and Mon Calamari once had when his father was king, and how he worked with Nossor Ri on having a better relationship. However, the words seemed to be in vain. Riff knows that Lee-Char is the symbol of hope for the Mon Calamari people. His plan: kill him and kill hope for the Mon Calamari by executing him.
      You'd Think: Riff Tamson would simply have Lee-Char taken away after saying "Hmm, 'hope'. We are of the same mind, Prince.", and without saying to Lee-Char that he has scheduled his execution. He would also then keep the details of Lee-Char's public execution a secret from Nossor Ri so that he could not regret his mistake for joining the CIS until it is far too late, after the prince is eaten, and Riff would be able to be permanently victorious on Mon Calamari.
      Instead: He says out loud that to Lee-Char he has scheduled his public execution, with everybody in the room, including Nossor Ri and a couple of Quarren guards, would hear it, and Nossor Ri starts to grow a conscience, realizing that Riff has gone too far by scheduling an execution for Lee-Char. Nossor Ri then pulls off a Heel–Face Turn during the execution by saving Lee-Char from the Karakodan executioners and helps the Republic be victorious against the Separatists. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! indeed!
      It Gets Worse: Tamson collected all the prisoners his army captured during the earlier battles to make them watch Lee-Char's execution (clones and gungans for whom the prince meant basically nothing, included), and he didn't even have them handcuffed!
      The Result: Lee-Char defeats Riff Tamson and succeeds his father as king of Mon Calamari, and the Mon Calamari and the Quarren go back having a positive relationship with each other.
  • In "Carnage of Krell" the clones attempt to arrest Krell for treason, who escapes from the base easily and runs into the dark and foggy jungle.
    You'd Think: Krell would go straight to the Umbarans, especially since he knew their remaining army is headed towards their location.
    Instead: He starts slaughtering clones who followed him, apparently just For the Evulz. You could say that he engaged them to prevent them from pursuing, except the clones admittedly had problems following him even on a short run. He could've escaped them easily.
    It Get's Worse: When it became apparent that the clones are absolutely no match for Krell, Tup pulled a Bring It ploy, standing right next to a Combat Tentacled Man-Eating Plant.
    You'd Think: Krell, who was pursuing other clones, would casually use the Force and break Tup's neck or something similar from afar.
    Instead: He gives up his pursuit, decides to gut Tup with his lightsabers, and promptly triggers the trap, sealing his fate.
  • "Slaves of the Republic":
    • Obi-Wan finds the ailing governor of Kiros in one of the slave pits.
      You'd expect: That he makes some kind of plan to get him out at a less obvious time than sunny midday, or if he can't, that he at least attempt to bluff or mind-trick his way out since the pits are, naturally, heavily guarded.
      Instead: He grabs the governor and tries to simply charge out of the place in the most obvious manner possible, with only Rex as backup against all the heavily-armed guards. Obi-Wan and the governor are captured more or less instantly and put up on the slave auction.
    • Ahsoka grabs her lightsaber and takes out the Zygerrian queen's guards during the auction. Anakin then tells her to hold her hostage after the queen orders the Zygerrians to subdue Anakin and Obi-Wan. Ahsoka still has her slave shock collar on her.
      You'd Expect: Ahsoka to remove the shock collar on her before trying to hold Miraj Scientel hostage.
      Instead: She keeps it on, which leads the escape plan to go downhill, because Queen Miraj then presses a button and electrocutes Ahsoka (who still had the shock collar on), and knocks her out. This also leads to the queen not being held hostage and then the Zygerrians pwn Anakin, Obi-Wan and Rex, leading to the episode's Downer Ending.
     Season 5 
  • In "Tipping Points", King Dendup and his body guards are trapped inside the cave the rebels used as an HQ, with droids outside. The cave only has one narrow tunnel as an entrance, which could be protected easily from the inside.
    You'd Expect: The body guards to keep the king there and shoot down any intruders until reinforcements arrive, and escape with the king only when it's safe outside.
    Instead: They try to escape when Steela's the only reinforcement that arrived, and the battle's still raging, so the remaining droids naturally start to pursue them immediately.
    It Gets Worse: You'd think they would to try to hide the king in the brushes that surround them from every angle except in the front and the back.
    Instead: They continue running straight forwards, towards a ravine, which they must be very well aware of.
  • In "A Necessary Bond", General Grievous is dueling Ahsoka, and he grabs her head in one of his fully prehensile robotic feet.
    You'd Think: Grievous would maybe crush Ahsoka's head, either between his talons or just by shifting his entire massive weight on top of her. Either that, or stab her in the gut. Another lightsaber for his "collection".
    Instead: He flips her over his head and onto the ground before trying to cut her up with his lightsabers. Seconds later, she escapes.
  • In "Eminence", when Maul and Pre Vizla talk about the fact that Death Watch is waiting to retake Mandalore, Maul offers that he could help Pre Vizla with that task. Pre Vizla likes this idea because he can then punish Obi-Wan Kenobi for being the cause of their exile from the Mandalore system, and that he and Maul have a common enemy. Bo-Katan doesn't like the idea of working with Maul, because Sith can't be trusted, due to the fact that Death Watch ended up ending its working relationship with Count Dooku after failing to takeover Mandalore during the events of Season 2.
    You'd Expect: Bo-Katan to wait for Darth Maul to leave the tent and then express advising against allying with Maul when he's not around so that she wouldn't anger him.
    Instead: She immediately expresses her doubts and insults Darth Maul, leading Darth Maul to choke her to make a point about doubt leading to failure, but doesn't kill her. It may have been intentional, but if she went too far on her insults, Darth Maul would have most likely choked her until she was dead as a doornail, or even worse, break her neck with the Force choke.
    • Also in "Eminence", Maul, Savage, Pre Vizla and Death Watch go to Mustafar to recruit the Black Sun into the Shadow Collective. The council of the Black Sun says no, claiming that they are no mercenaries. Savage then breaks one of the guards' neck and throws his corpse on the table. Maul then warns the council saying, "This is your last opportunity to join us."
      You'd Think: The Black Sun Council to carefully consider the possibility that this is a fight you can't win. Heck, Savage just killed a guard by breaking his neck. And with careful consideration, they would join and avoid getting killed.
      Instead: The council leader tells Maul to shut up, and with great hubris says, "WE ARE THE BLACK SUN!". And unfortunately, they end up suffering the consequences and get beheaded by Savage Opress's double bladed lightsaber.
  • In "Shades of Reason", Pre Vizsla and Death Watch's plan on taking over Mandalore gets completed. Maul then arrives and Vizsla betrays him by arresting him.
    You'd Think: Pre Vizsla would have Maul executed on the spot, exactly what he said he was going to do.
    Instead: He just throws him into prison.
    Additionally, You'd Think: That at the very least, Vizla would not have Maul thrown into the same prison cell as Savage.
    Instead: He throws Maul into the same cell as Savage. Maul and Savage Opress then predictably break out of prison, along with Prime Minister Almec, the corrupt Prime Minister from earlier, and are now determined to kill Pre Vizsla and take over as the new ruler of Mandalore.
    It Gets Worse: Pre Vizsla has fought alongside Maul and Savage multiple times now, and knows for a fact that both of them are very powerful telekinetics.
    You'd Think: If Pre Vizsla is going to keep Maul and Savage alive for some damn reason, he'd find a holding cell they can't break out of in three seconds.
    Instead: He tosses them in a regular holding cell with an easily shattered glass wall. The brothers escape in about three seconds.
    It Gets Even Worse: Darth Maul ends up challenging Pre Vizsla to a duel, which his honor forces him to accept, eventually leading to Maul getting the upper hand.
    You'd Think: Pre Vizsla, who has been in this exact situation with Obi-Wan in Season 2, to do what he did then: cheat and call on his mooks for backup. Worst case scenario they wouldn't go for it.
    Instead: He just accepts his demise and acknowledges that he deserves to die since Maul has proven himself to be his superior, and gets decapitated, causing Darth Maul to take over Mandalore and take over command of Death Watch (excluding Bo-Katan and some of her supporters, some from her unit, the Nite Owls, who split from them).
  • In "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much", Ahsoka gets framed for murdering Letta, the saboteur who bombed the Temple, which also makes her the prime suspect of being the master mind behind the bombing. A while later in her cell, she spots a keycard lying in front of her cell door and her lightsabers.
    You'd Expect: Ahsoka to be suspicious about the key card and lightsabers, stay put, wait until Anakin gets through Tarkin's orders, and explain to him what has happened, leaving the investigation to him.
    Instead: Without thinking logically or using common sense, she jumps to the conclusion that Anakin left a keycard lying just in front of the door of her cell, and escapes, further incriminating herself. Obi-Wan lampshades this in the "Crystal Crisis on Utapau" arc.
  • In To Catch a Jedi, Ahsoka is on the run from the authorities, because she has been framed by a Dark Jedi, eventually revealed to be Barriss Offee.
    You'd Expect: Ahsoka to not trust anyone, not even her best friend, Barriss, because the Dark Jedi could be anyone.
    Instead: Ahsoka trusts Barriss, and because of that, Barriss is able to go to the coordinates to the bomb warehouse, and get Ahsoka framed even further, subjected to an unfair court trial by the Jedi Council, and Ahsoka nearly gets executed because of this.
  • In the last episodes of Season Five, the Jedi Temple gets bombed. The perpetrator is revealed at the end of the arc as Barriss Offee, Luminara Unduli's Padawan. In the second to last episode, "To Catch a Jedi", while Barriss goes to the abandoned warehouse that she sent Ahsoka to, she knocks out Assaj Ventress and takes Ventress's mask, and lightsabers.
    You'd Think: Barriss Offee would kill Assaj Ventress as well after taking her equipment to pose as her when she confronts Ahsoka. And after that you would also think that Barriss would destroy Ventress's lightsabers, so that there is no proof that she attacked Ahsoka. Then she will have gotten away with bombing the Jedi Temple while Ahsoka gets tried and executed for the crime.
    Instead: She just takes Ventress's mask and lightsabers, but DOES NOT kill Ventress. And also, she doesn't get rid of Ventress's lightsabers. And because of that, Anakin eventually finds out from Ventress that Ahsoka contacted Barriss, Barriss gets caught, and Ahsoka doesn't get executed.
    It gets worse: Not only does Barriss not destroy the lightsabers, she keeps them on her person. And USES them against someone who has just questioned her about the owner of those same lightsabers.
  • In the above story, Ahsoka is on trial before the Jedi Council for the bombing.
    You'd Expect: That twelve of the most powerful telepaths in the galaxy would rely on more than circumstantial evidence; they could just read her mind and find out whether or not she's responsible.
    Instead: They arrest her based solely on circumstantial evidence. While this would be entirely understandable in the case of an Earth trial, it goes past arrogance and into flat-out stupidity on the part of the Jedi Council.
    The Result: Even though Ahsoka managed to get her name cleared later, it ended up breaking Ahsoka's faith in the Jedi Council and prompt her to leave the Order.
     Lost Missions/Season 6 
  • In the Netflix-exclusive Order 66 arc, Fives, who investigating what caused the now-dead Tup to go crazy and kill a Jedi General, has his chip removed to prove he's not crazy without it. Shaak Ti decides to take Fives back to Coruscant to prove his case.
    You'd Expect: Shaak Ti herself to keep an eye on Fives in case anyone does something to him. After all, if Fives is correct, it means the Kaminoans aren't exactly trustworthy people.
    Instead: She trusts Nala Se to be the one to watch over Fives, while Shaak Ti faces the entry point of the shuttle. Unfortunately, Nala Se makes Fives go crazy by injecting something into him and causes him to be unable to tell anyone about Order 66. And this leads him getting framed, and eventually getting gunned down by Commander Fox as he was about to reveal the truth to Anakin and Rex.
  • In "The Lost One", the Jedi discover the person who commissioned their clone army was none other than Count Dooku.
    You'd Expect: The Jedi to be very, very suspicious about why Count Dooku would give his enemies an army. In the very least, it proves Dooku's goal isn't to defeat the Republic in a war. Thus, the Jedi should start suspecting they're being played somehow, and so begin a thorough investigation of the clone army the way they should have in the first place.
    Instead: The Jedi discuss the troubling implications of this for a bit, but decide the clones have proven themselves, and so continue to trust them completely. No one follows up up on this, and Order 66 goes through.