Western Animation / Ronal The Barbarian


Fucking barbarians!

A raunchy Danish 3D animated fantasy parody from 2011, created by Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen and Philip Einstein Lipski.

Young Ronal is the feeblest and most pathetic of the Sons of Kron, a fearsome barbarian clan. Lacking both well oiled muscles and the balls to go on dangerous quests (not to even mention piercings and tacky tribal tattoos), he's picked on by almost everyone else except his uncle who tries to motivate him to be a real barbarian.However when Volcazar kidnaps the whole barbarian clan in order to carry out a blood ritual to enslave the whole world, Ronal has to go on definitely-not-a quest to find Kron's sword, the only weapon capable of wounding Volcazar and free the other barbarians.In his journey he meets Alibert the bard, Zandra the psychotic shield-maiden, Elric the elf, several instances of groin injury, lots of profanity and several jokes about sword and sorcery fantasy genre.

This movie provides examples of: