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Film: Robotropolis
This movie is like a mix of the Zombie Apocalypse and the Robot Uprising. Robots are taking up arms against their human masters, but in a disorderly fashion - aimlessly killing whatever humans they get a scent on, and just shuffling around when there are no humans to hunt. It starts with one robot and then spreads; revealing whether or not the robots becoming mindless killers is actually caused by a computer virus would be a spoiler, but it sure looks that way in he beginning.

The protagonist is the GNN journalist Christiane Nouveau (played by Zoe Naylor) who is reporting on how robots have become an integrated part of the local civilization. A few minutes into the movie she's sending a live report from a mixed robot-human game of soccer, when a robot player suddenly murders a human player, and everything just keeps going downhill from there...

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  • Alphabet News Network: The protagonists work for GNN.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: As the characters try to figure out what's going on, they come up with some wild ideas that would be highly implausible if they were in a more plausible situation.
  • Cyber Cyclops: And when it's eye turns red, people will die.
  • Gorn: Lots of it, especially the polite robot at the birthday party: He's covered in what's probably supposed to be remains of human flesh, and he's trying to vivisect one of the main characters while instructing him to relax so it will be over quicker.
  • Mega Corp.: The same megacorp that owns the island is behind creating all the robots and putting them there. Is the robot apocalypse their own evil plan, or something done against them by a competitor?
  • Mockumentary
  • Morality Dial: As software rather than a physical dial. Still works the same way.
  • Plot Hole: In the middle of the film, we have three scenes following shortly after each other. In Scene A, the GNN journalist lose all contact with the communication satellite and thus the rest of the world. In Scene B, they move on to shoot some footage of robots killing humans, while complaining about having lost contact with headquarters. In Scene C, the headquarters broadcast the latest news: Complaining that they haven't had any contact with their team since Scene A, and that now would be a good time to pray for them. In the background, they show footage taken in various scenes, including the Scene B above.
  • Portmantitle
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning
  • Robot Uprising: One that is more like a Zombie Apocalypse with robots.
  • Small Secluded World: The whole story take place on a remote island. One with higher Tech Level than the rest of the world.
  • Technology Levels: The story is set on an island with higher tech level than the rest of the world.
  • Testosterone Poisoning: Invoked by Christiane, as she find out that her male coworkers have argued behind her back about keeping her safe.
  • Turned Against Their Masters
  • Twenty Minutes into the Future
  • Uncanny Valley: The robots before they go mad, and even more so afterwards.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: With robots instead of zombies.
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alternative title(s): Robotropolis
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