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Webcomic: High School Changed Me
High School Changed Me is a Transformation Comic by Wraith and Merlin. A link to the site is here. Its sister and Spiritual Successor webcomic is MSF High.

The webcomic starts as a ghost named Locke is haunting a building and playing pranks on its tenants. To this end, they hire a ghost hunter. Locke is captured in a ghost trap, but rather than spending eternity in the small box, he ends up in MSF High, a school for future heroes. He is quickly introduced to the deviling girl named Rosa Nul Valefir, and is introduced to the crazy world that is MSF High.

Please note that this comic was once rebooted, after some rather extensive Creative Differences between the artist and the author. The spiritual successor, MSF High, was also a result of these creative differences.

This series provides examples of:

WitchprickersTransformation ComicSkin Deep
HexenringeFantasy WebcomicsHistory

alternative title(s): High School Changed Me
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