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Video Game: Violent Storm
Who'll be the hero?

Violent Storm is an arcade Beat 'em Up made by Konami released in 1993, and their final foray into the genre along with Metamorphic Force.

In an unspecified future, the world is recovering after World War III destroyed most of it. The main characters Boris, Wade, and Kyle are a group of vigilantes protecting the innocents from thugs, the most dangerous being the "Geld Gang". One day, their friend Sheena is kidnapped by a member of the Geld Gang and thus they go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to save her. But really, who cares for the plot in a game like this?

Konami's farewell to the beat'em up genre, this arcade release features superb graphics with huge, fluidly animated sprites, an insane lyriced soundtrack and an impressive variety of moves. Though it may look like a blatant ripoff of Final Fight at first, but that's really the point; it celebrates the classics of the beat-em-up genre as much as it makes fun of them, and does many improvements on the formula anyway.

It is commonly considered a third game of the Crime Fighters series, though Violent Storm was never advertised as such. Some patterns include the theme and genre, as well as a 2-year release between all three games.

This game has examples of:

'fo I rescue Sheena,
You think you can beat us,
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alternative title(s): Violent Storm
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