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Tsundere: Fanfic
You're certain to find Tsundere characters in fan fiction, since most of them are written by a bunch of perverted otaku who use it to act out their sick fantasies with their creepy fan-crushes. And by that, I meant you, idiot!
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    Type A 
  • Rainbow Dash of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is frequently depicted as such in Ship Fics, due to her attitude in the show towards being mushy.
    • In Spring is Dumb, Rainbow Dash, who has brought an early spring to Ponyville this year as a birthday present for Rarity, is upset because she got in a fight with Rarity, and now she totally isn't collecting gifts for Rarity in apology. Really.
  • When dealing with romances between a protagonist and an attractive antagonist in fan fictions the difficulty of the antagonist having a highly abrasive personality often arises. Transforming the antagonist into a tsundere and setting their attraction on the protagonist allows for character development and easier movement away from "evil".
    • It's also common for characters who hate each other and/or are sworn enemies in canon to be portrayed as this by fanfic writers who want to hook them up together but also want to make the pairing at least marginally more plausible than the alternative of completely ignoring their canon hatred of each other, portraying them as only thinking or acting like they hate each other because they can't/won't admit that they actually love each other. Also see Foe Yay and Belligerent Sexual Tension.
  • Often seen in the much beloved fanon ship between Katara and Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.
  • Also seen in Total Drama Island fanfiction with Noah and Katie whenever they're not portrayed as Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • This Metalocalypse Slash Fic explores, among other things, how William Murderface's canonical Type A Tsundere tendencies might express themselves in a romantic relationship.
    Murderface was strange. Toki knew. He was unstable, and needy, and seeking approval at all times, while at the same time hating himself for everything that he did. He couldn’t exist happily on his own, even though that was what he longed to do. Half of the time, he couldn’t even understand what it was that he wanted. He hurt himself out of frustration. He tried to hurt others out of anger. But he couldn’t hurt Toki. Not anymore. Not when he quietly invited Toki in to sit on his bed. Or when they stared at each other at dinner. Or when Toki softened him, slowly, gently, and they lay together in bed, asleep or awake, alone. Then, Toki was invincible. Then, Toki could brave the thorns around that tiny, warm heart that beat at the same pace as any other human being’s. That tiny heart that Murderface had wanted to give to him, because he was the only other person that had ever managed to touch it.
  • Smoker from Respect a Woman, a Left 4 Dead fanfic/comic/project that follows the relationship of two women before the infection breaks out. Hunter even invokes the trope by name. In reality, both of them are "soon dairys" in the sense that they're constantly ribbing each other while refusing to talk about their feelings openly. But they do have some "dere" moments.
  • Tisiphone Gibbs, from the Harry Potter fic The Ollivander Children, comes off as quite harsh and even rude to others, but is noticeably sweeter to her little brother, Hector.
  • Erik Lehnsherr in the "Daycare 'Verse", a Lighter and Fluffier X-Men: First Class AU, is the "standoffish and cranky" variety, although he shows a softer side to his boyfriend and the baby mutants. His boyfriend, by contrast, is a borderline Messiah.
  • Firefly from Ace Combat The Equestrian War is a mild case of this.
  • Zara of Toy Hammer insists—quite loudly—that she's not one of these. "I am not a hormonal teenage girl with a crush she can't admit!" (From the looks of it, the only part of that sentence that's true is that she's not a teenager.)
  • Light Yagami in The Prince Of Death is very much a type A. He is very arrogant and hostile to everyone else but shows a softer side to his little sister and to L-and while he keeps insisting to L "I'm not doing this for you!" he gets very jealous of L's attention. He slowly begins defrosting when he notices that for some reason that he has yet to fathom L is being nicer to him this time around.
  • Tatl Beryllia in The Blue Blur of Termina. She regularly switches between belitting and snarking at him, and being surprisingly cool with him, to the point of lightly flirting with him at times.
  • The Dragonborn in the Cross Over fic, Portalborn is a prime example. She's mostly tsuntsun to nearly everyone and sometimes deredere with Farkas. The conflict she has with Doug Rattmann is more tsun and rarely dere, but he's normally just too scared to do anything about it anyway. He gets a little bit braver in more recent chapters and is stated by some characters to be in love with her. Judging by the Dragonborn's confused thoughts, it's probably mutual.
  • Karrin Murphy is a Tsundere in canon, and the Lemon fic Chivalradar shows her acting like this during sex. Hilarity Ensues.
    "You did it again."
    "All I did was kiss you!"
    "I told you, this is my show. Lie back and relax, dammit!"
  • Rika is a Type A Tsundere towards Takato in the Tamers Forever Series
  • In the Fairly Oddparents fanfiction, Never Had A Friend Like Me, Norm is a platonic Type A towards Amanda. She's just about the only one he shows his dere side to and in the beginning he often went on long mental tangents justifying to himself on how he's only spending time with her because she's an interesting hobby and most definitely not because he actually cares about her in any way shape or form.
  • In the Slash Fic To Feel Alive Light is a one for Ryuk. He truly does enjoy Ryuk's company even though Light is stuck up, frequently insults him, and at one point hits him with a wet towel.

    Type B 
  • If a character is naturally shy in the original medium, it can be difficult to bring them into the spotlight in a fan-work. As a result, authors often give them buried tsun-tsun characteristics that emerge in response to a key point, giving the player a backbone and respect from others.
  • In the crossover fic Action Pack Naruto himself is portrayed as a Type B, while his brother is in a whole other category...
  • The Axis Powers Hetalia fandom seems to love this trope:
    • While Greece is normally portrayed as a sweet, laidback guy who's nice to everyone (especially to Japan, his most common love interest) and acts differently around Turkey only because of their long rivalry (and Turkey's interest in Japan just adding more fuel to the fire), it isn't too hard to see how that interpretation can be easily rewritten to make Greece into a Type B tsundere who's friendly to everyone except the one he's actually secretly in love with. Some Turkey/Greece fanworks even essentially do away with Greece's 'default' Nice Guy state (or simply show him interacting only with Turkey and thus not having much of a chance to show his 'dere' side with others), turning him into an all-out Type A tsundere. This can lead to quite a bit of Mood Whiplash while reading Greece fanfics, going from Greece/Japan fics where he doesn't display the faintest sign of tsun to Turkey/Greece fics where he goes violently tsun with physical blows and insults - yes, even the shipping itself is tsundere!
    • Some fans see Japan as a Type B tsundere toward his former adoptive brother China, as China appears to be the only nation Japan openly expresses annoyance or irritation around. Though considering that Japan once stabbed China In the Back, some other fans see Japan as fitting a different trope more in regards to him...
      • Heck, even a few Greece/Japan fanworks depict Japan as a partial Type B Tsundere toward Greece, getting along with him excellently until Greece goes into Chivalrous Pervert mode which leads to Mr. Spazzes-Out-At-A-Mere-Kiss-On-The-Cheek blushing furiously and denying just as furiously that he wants anything physical or outright shouting at Greece or shoving him away for daring to bring that topic up. (Good thing Greece is so persistent/patient with him, huh?) One doujinshi even had Japan deliver Amusing Injuries on Greece and give him the cold shoulder for a while after they ended up making out in an RPG (don't ask).
    • China himself is sometimes depicted as a Type B tsundere in Russia/China fanworks, usually being implied to have become one out of necessity of withstanding Russia's childishly sadistic side without breaking or showing vulnerability.
      • Also happens in most China/South Korea fics, with China's outward annoyance toward Korea's antics being a cover for his deeper-seated feelings for him.
    • Taiwan becomes a Tsundere when she's paired up either with the aforementioned Korea or Hong Kong.
    • Also, when Hungary is paired up with either Turkey or Prussia instead of Austria, she becomes a pretty snippy and violent Tsundere towards them. Taken Up to Eleven if her beau is actually Romania.
    • Speaking of Romania, several fics portray Bulgaria as a Type B towards him, in spite of their relationship being vastly different in canon.
    • The British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, etc.) tend to be written as an entire family of Tsunderes, to varying degrees.
  • The already mentioned Iruka Umino of Naruto is often portrayed in a Type B light when paired with Kakashi. (This seems to have something to do with his canonical tendency to blush easily and wicked temper.)
  • Kaimana from A Curious Island,mostly sweet but with a temper and refuses to spit it out.
  • Beth Lestrade, in her original show, fits Type A quite well. However, in Children of Time, she is solidly Type B — justified in that she's several years younger than she is in the show, and she's not done yet developing as a person. She does her best to be a good friend to Sherlock Holmes, very much in love with him but convinced that he'll never return her feelings. However, after a day of very thorough abuse from him (betrayal of trust, handcuffs, insults), she starts lobbing insults back with precision and ends up slapping him when he crosses the line. She regrets it very quickly and kisses him on the abused cheek, and accepts his apology a few minutes later. She eventually earns her happy ending in the most traumatic way possible.
  • In the Hunger Games fanfic Some Semblance of Meaning, protagonist Vale Whitaker is generally kind-hearted and polite toward anyone else, but when it comes to Obsidian Citrine, everything he does initially seems to be a Berserk Button for her. However, as she comes to understand him better, she does soften up toward him. (It doesn't hurt that he saves her life a couple of times.)

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