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Righty-ho. Let's do this. Something better than 'meh, I've got nothing to say, but have a cuppa, a cookie and come again'.

So, I'm currently at that age when you feel ancient in Uni if you're still gunning for a Bachelor's degree. Stuff happened. My laziness, for one. My obsession with drawing and painting for another. Honestly, it's pretty much all I ever do - draw, paint, draw, write, illustrate, write some more, look up that trope that might suit this character...woah, I don't know that one yet...*open link in new tab*...hahaha...oh, and what's that? *open link in new tab*...yeah, that pisses me off, too...just one...more...

...three hours later, I might get back to drawing. Or writing. Or, you know. Sleeping. I do that, occasionally.

As you see, I'm a very busy person. There is very little time to cram in Uni.

Art's the one thing I can work at endlessly, no breaks required. But there's a limit on how much you can teach yourself. There are things about technique, how to work with certain mediums, that are just dashed hard to figure out on your lonesome own.

Well, truth be told, I like my major and my minor. We have lots of truly fascinating seminars. But I'm not dedicated to it in the same way that I'm dedicated to getting that one brush-stroke right.

Nuff said about Uni and the liberal arts.

Except...well. There isn't really much else to me. I like to read, classical literature and Fantasy. Personally, I think they're basically the same thing. It's all an escapist fantasy to me, and whether I'm using a modern author writing about stranger times, or a classical author writing about stranger times to escape, it really makes very little difference to me. Except, classical authors usually have nicer English.


Want another cuppa?

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