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Tropers: Kirant
I'm a delightfully insane male Calgarian born in Saskatchewan. Will update when I get bored of work and school. Graduated with chemical engineering student with a biomedical specialization.

    I am a Fan of... 
    Tropes that apply to my personality 
    Tropes that apply to me in sports, games, and other activities 
    Tropes that apply to me from life experiences 
  • Awesome Moment: During a Field Hockey final, scored three goals and assisted twice in a 5-1 win as the team was down 1-0 after the first half.
  • The Illegible: To the point where professors used to take marks off for being unable to read my name or my work. It's better now though.
  • I'm Going to Hell for This: Said way too many times at this point...
  • Less Disturbing in Context: I was part of a Capture the Flag game around a lake...and I had the brilliant idea of hiding in an empty garbage can. This came up with a few of the people I scared while hiding there.
  • Off the Rails: My friends ended a D&D campaign by successfully bluffing that one of our Chaotic Evil characters was now Lawful Good and by killing the Macguffin Girl as soon as we met her.
  • Photographic Memory: ...But only of very specific events. In said events though, I can tell you the time, the clothes you were wearing, what you said, the date, the weather, and probably a little tidbit from the news in the newspaper of that day.
    Tropes applied to me by others (signed if it's from a user s'il vous plait) 
  • Nice Guy: Well, that's what I'm called by friends.
  • The Spock: I get a reputation for not providing concessions to emotion online.
  • The Strategist: It takes a bit to be called the Sonja in a group of nerds.

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