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Tropers: Fishsicles
Some of us like to play life on Lunatic.

A half-Australian Minnesotan troper, a rising junior at Michigan Technological University studying computer science and mathematics with a minor in physics (or as he calls it, the Nerd Trifecta) who intends to move on to a PhD in computer science, studying quantum algorithms For Science! In the very long term, I only hope to have an even longer term.

A computer programmer by trade, I also dabble in writing science fiction; my primary influences (read: things I will never, ever be anywhere near as awesome as) are Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Legend of Galactic Heroes, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

I hang around in Writer's Block and the Dwarf Fortress threads (I was the one who conquered hell in the name of Waterburned) a bit, otherwise you guys probably have no idea who I am. 'scool.

A bit of a blatant usage pimp for open-source software. Information Wants to Be Free!

    Works with the Official fishsicles Seal of Approval 

Vandalize me, describe me, whatever have you beneath this line:

  • First to vandalise your page? Really? Wow. I feel so special. I should get an award or something, for my specialness.JHM
    • I hereby bestow the Official fishsicles Seal of First Vandalism.

  • Congratulations on being the first citizen of Waterburned to die three times. - Count Dorku

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