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Trivia: The Dark Knight Rises
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl's cameo as the football player who kicks off for Rapid City nods back to the fact that when he attended Washington & Jefferson College, he was starting place kicker on their football team.
    • Hines Ward, from the Pittsbugh Steelers, is the player who runs back the opening kickoff and the only player to survive after Bane implodes the field. When he's looking back at the carnage after scoring the touchdown (if it can be considered one, since scoring would have stopped the moment the first explosions happened), his own name is on his Gotham team jersey.
      • When the boy is singing the National Anthem, the camera pans down the sideline to show us the starting lineup, including Steelers players. In addition to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Hines Ward, you will see Big Ben Roethlisberger, Brett "The Diesel" Keisel, Mike Wallace, Maurkice Pouncey, and Rashard Mendenhall. You don't see their names on the jersey, but if you've watched Steelers games, they're easy to identify because they wear their real player numbers (as is Ward).
    • The instructions Alfred gives to Selina Kyle about delivering dinner to Bruce, including being told to drop off the tray and lock the door behind her, have been said to be similar to something Anne Hathaway's character in The Devil Wears Prada does.
  • Approval of God:
  • Enforced Method Acting: According to an interview with a Pittsburgh news station, Hines Ward was unaware of what it'd be like when the football field was destroyed around him. When Heinz Field, his home turf, was exploding loudly behind him, he actually was running for his life.
    Hines Ward: Usually, I'm smiling when I'm running, but that day I was actually screaming.
  • Fake American: The CIA agent at the beginning, Stryver, Batman, and Commissioner Gordon are played by an Irishman, an (American-born) Englishman, a Welsh-born Englishman, and another Englishman respectively. John Daggett is also played by Australian Ben Mendelsohn.
  • Fake Nationality: Bane's apparently Russian lieutenant, is played by American Josh Stewart.
  • Fake Russian:
    • Dr. Pavel is Russian, but his actor Alon Aboutboul is actually an Israeli of Algerian/Egyptian extraction.
    • In-universe, Barsad is posing as a Russian soldier in the beginning when delivering Dr. Pavel and the three "captured" prisoners to the CIA interrogator; after Gotham falls to Bane, he threatens the National Guard with a netural English accent.
  • Fan Nickname: Darth Connery for Bane. People have often compared his voice to Connery playing Darth Vader.
    • "CIA" for the CIA agent, Bill Wilson.
    • "The Masketta Man" or "Mosquito Man" for Barsad.
    • "Brother" for the nameless grunt who stays behind on the plane that Bane crashes.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • The warden of Blackgate is, ironically, Black Mask.
  • I Knew It:
    • Months before the release of the film, fans were already speculating that John Blake would take over as Batman following Bane breaking his back. Turns out, the only thing they got wrong was the timing of the torch being passed.
    • Likewise, after it was leaked that Liam Neeson had filmed a brief cameo reprising his role of Ra's Al Ghul, people began guessing that the League of Shadows would be involved and that Miranda Tate was really Talia Al Ghul, his daughter (photos also leaked of Marion Cotillard wearing rustic-colored clothes and scarf atop a Tumbler, which made the casting of a very French woman as "Miranda Tate" highly suspicious). Basically everyone knew there was more to Miranda Tate and John Blake than Nolan let on..
  • Lying Creator: Talia al-Ghul and Robin (in a sense) do, in fact, show up in this film, in spite of Marion Cotillard repeatedly stating she would not be playing Talia and both Bale and Nolan saying very early on that Robin would not appear in the series.
  • Recycled Script: Around the time this movie came out, Christopher Nolan expressed his interest to direct a James Bond film one day. It may be a coincidence, but the James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough just so happens to have a lot of similarities to this story. Consider- in both, the villain is a dreaded notorious international terrorist who Feels No Pain, is supposedly / formerly / posing as an Anarchy Is Chaos-type anarchist but is actually in league with a Corrupt Corporate Executive (or in Bane's case, two of them), plots to suicidally destroy a major city with a nuclear explosion (using an atypical nuclear weapon), murders the nuclear physicist who helps / was supposed to help him carry out his Evil Plan, is secretly allied to one of the two Bond / Bat girls, who has spent the movie posing as a benevolent, altruistic entrepeneur who at one point sleeps with the hero, but in reality is an Ax-Crazy mass-murderer who had a strained relationship with their father and at one point was held prisoner by lunatics, before seducing / befriending the supposed main villain, are ambiguous as to whether or not the Big Bad is actually The Heavy, and have a not-unimportant subplot involving energy sources (oil in Bond; clean energy in Batman). Probably a few other things as well.
  • Teasing Creator: Promotional pictures of Selina Kyle in costume with high-tech goggles, but without Catwoman's signature ears, caused a shitstorm. Even Kevin Smith was somewhat displeased. And then the film reveals that her goggles flip up to the headband and resemble cat ears.
  • Throw It In:
    • Bruce's last line as he leaves Selina Kyle's apartment.
    • Two instances with Tom Hardy as Bane: Subtly placing his hand on Daggett's shoulder after his Bullying a Dragon rant, and his line when listening to the national anthem at the stadium: "That's a lovely, lovely voice."
  • Too Soon: On the film's North American opening day (July 20, 2012), a gunman stormed a midnight show in Aurora, Colorado. 12 people were killed, and dozens more were injured. The shooting had the most casualties - combined injuries and deaths - of any shooting in the United States up to that point! In the wake of this, the following things were done.
    • The French, Japanese and Mexican red-carpet premieres were canceled.
    • Warner Bros. did not publish daily updates on the film's opening weekend (Friday through Sunday) grosses until the following Monday.
    • Gangster Squad underwent a rewrite and reshooting of its final act, which originally involved gangsters shooting up a movie theater from behind the screen.
    • AMC Theaters now prohibit any cosplay attendant within the vicinity of their theaters that looks too scary and/or carries weapons.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • About a year before its release, Christopher Nolan mentioned he was considering using a mixture of CGI and deleted scenes from The Dark Knight to have the Joker appear briefly. He ultimately decided it was disrespectful to Heath Ledger.
    • Similarly, had Heath lived, Dave Goyer's (but not necessarily Nolan's) plans for the third movie would have involved the Joker going on trial while Two-Face (who would have turned out to be Only Mostly Dead) went on a rampage across Gotham.
    • Part of the film involves the destruction of a football stadium by Bane. At earlier points it was considered this event would be at either a hockey or basketball game to go along with the demolition of Pittsburgh's now-vacant Civic Arena. Unfortunately the city of Pittsburgh had difficulties and a court case in deciding the fate of the arena that by the time demolition began, filming was finished.
    • Bane's voice was originally much more distorted. His lines had to be re-recorded for the final cut because it was nigh-impossible to understand what he was saying.

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