Creator / Rachel Weisz
"I'm very drawn to characters who are very flawed. I'm less interested in characters who are just good or bad, because to me then they're not real people."

Rachel Hannah Weisz is an English actress, born March 7, 1970, best known from such movies as the first two films of The Mummy Trilogy, Constantine, Stealing Beauty, The Brothers Bloom and Enemy at the Gates. Also playing the protagonist of the very controversial movie Agora. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for The Constant Gardener. She was engaged to film director Darren Aronofsky, and had a role in his movie The Fountain. They have a son.

She married Daniel Craig in June 2011.


This actress' roles and works contain examples of:

  • Brainy Brunette: She usually plays these types of characters.
  • Hollywood Old: Played Hypatia in the film Agora when she was nearly forty (but of course is Older Than They Look). Even when Hypatia is sixty towards the end.
  • Hot Scientist: A lot of her roles have her playing this, or else a Hot Librarian.
  • I Am Very British: She'll usually posh up her voice just a little on screen, but she actually has this type of accent in real life. Studying at Cambridge will do that to you.
  • Its Pronounced Tro Pay: Her last name is pronounced like 'vice'. This hasn't stopped some people from saying 'wice' or 'wysk'.