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08:09:55 PM Jan 25th 2014
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Rachel Weisz's ancestry:

According to EthniCelebs, she has Hungarian-Jewish, Austrian-Jewish, Italian, and possibly non-Jewish Austrian ancestry. (Wikipedia says she has "Catholic Viennese".)

Here's the kicker: She's from the UK, so they have their own indigenous (native) people(s) — English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish (and its variations) — and that's not counting their Overseas Territories.

I'm trying to say she's ethnically foreign to England, but she's not of another race like African or Asian unless you count Jewish-based ethnicity as a completely different (especially non-white) race.

Could maybe this info be put in a trope bullet point for But Not Too Foreign, either on the Rachel Weisz or But Not Too Foreign trope page?
11:37:02 PM Jan 25th 2014
Creator pages are not supposed to collect tropes about creators, but about their work. See Creator Page Guidelines. Means, But Not Too Foreign only fits if it applies to Weisz's roles. So no, her real-life ancestry is not troping matter.
08:34:08 AM Jan 26th 2014
Yeah, not really seeing it. That she's a slightly different kind of white Englishwoman that she plays isn't really... anything. I've never seen her played as But Not Too Foreign.
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