Film / Chain Reaction

Keanu Reeves wants to create a power plant that runs off hydrogen extracted from water.note  The process involves using a laser beam and sound waves to induce sonoluminescence. Someone wants to stop this research and blows up his lab. He goes on the run and runs away from a lot of explosions.

Not to be confused with the game show that involved a chain of words.

This film provides examples of:

  • Can't Stop the Signal: The good guy releases to the world the details of the machine allowing production of functionally unlimited energy by faxing it to news offices everywhere.
  • Gas Cylinder Rocket: Invoked. During the climax, Eddie uses an axe to chop the valve off a tank of hydrogen gas to shove open a safety door so he and Dr. Sinclair can escape.
  • Information Wants to Be Free: The researchers wanted to make the technique available to the world for free. The Big Bad didn't, justifying himself with the economic instability this would supposedly cause..
  • Outrun the Fireball: The protagonist arrives at the laboratory to find his boss murdered and the equipment rigged to blow up. Unable to stop the chain reaction, he straddles his bike and speeds away from the lab. When the equipment finally overloads, it explodes in a very large fireball, almost akin to a small nuclear blast. Eddie manages to Outrun the Fireball just barely; the back of his bike is actually lifted by the shockwave (but the forward wheel somehow remains on the ground).