Incest Yay Shipping

aka: Incest Yay
One of the most infamous examples of incestuous Ship Mates in the history of literature.

Shipping preferences, based on the Incest Subtext in a story.

Incest is a serious taboo among human beings—most cultures have an incest taboonote . Despite the above, (or perhaps because of it), there is a significant amount of people interested in it, and this being the Internet, they can't wait to share their shipping theories with you.

Even with the taboo, they might have an easier job than even the Ho Yay shippers, since normal family members are often so close to each other, both physically and emotionally, that with any other partner, it would be considered erotic by anyone. Just pick up any dialogue between relatives, ignore the obvious intentions, and Ta-da! you have subtext. There's also a good chance that you have disgusted, repelled, or otherwise alienated the entire rest of the fandom — but if the fandom is big enough, there's a chance you'll find like-minded company anyway.

This is a subpage for fandom theories. When the same effect is actually invoked in the plot, with a particular scene, that is actual Incest Subtext.

See also Ho Yay Shipping and Foe Yay Shipping for other shipping tropes that are based on fan-speculation, and Incest Is Relative page for a collection of other incest-related tropes.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The anime for .hack//Legend of the Twilight was notorious for this to the point that it's what a lot of non-fans of the series in general tend to know it for. The manga it was based on, on the other hand, was vague about it at best.
  • The number of Itachi/Sasuke fans in the Naruto fandom would surprise newbies, and the size of the fandom only seemed to increase when Itachi died and Sasuke learned that Itachi had done everything- including killing the rest of his family- for Sasuke's sake. Along with NejiHina, this is the most popular "incest" (Naruto is based on Japanese culture and, in Japan, they don't have a problem with the Neji/Hinata one, since cousin marriages are something normal there, so that ship is incest only from a US perspective) pairing.
    • Further helped in chapters 589 and 590 when Sasuke and Itachi both admit that they love each other (in brotherly terms technically).
    • There is actually some subtext between Neji and Hinata in the Rock Lee spinoff, because it's implied that Neji has more than familial affection for Hinata, especially in episodes 9 and 17. However, it's a gag manga and clearly played for comedy.
      • Neji also has a perverted obsession with Hinata in Road To Ninja too.
    • Naruto and Kushina boomed in popularity due to the blushing and compliments, along with Kushina being comparable to Naruto's crush, Sakura.
  • In Peacemaker Kurogane Tatsunosuke's overprotectiveness over his younger brother Tetsunosuke sometimes causes this.
  • In Touch Yuka Nitta is, at least at first, very protective of her older brother and a bit too concerned at the prospect of him having a love life.
  • Some of the Nations in Axis Powers Hetalia have rather...close relationships with their sibling-Nations. Case in point: Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Or Russia and Belarus, though that's much more explicit. Or China and Korea, which is only slightly less explicit than Belarus—>Russia.
    • Germancest (Germany/Prussia) is a really popular pair, even more popular than canon or plausible couples like Prussia/Hungary, Austria/Hungary or Finland/Sweden. And they didn't even have many scenes together in the animated series. It doesn't help the fact that Prussia's behavior around Germany is borderline on flirting, but this is quite normal anyway, because it's Prussia.
    • Then there are the cases in which they're Not Blood Related, like England and America, or China and Japan. Though England and America look so much alike it seems to some of the fandom like a case of Screw Yourself.
    • Then there's Norway and Iceland, who really are blood-related. Shipping them together actually increased somewhat after this revelation came out because it attracted shippers who liked the "forbidden" appeal of one of the few truly related pairs to be romantically involved.
    • Many fanfics featuring England's brothers (namely Scotland, Ireland, Wales and sometimes Northern Ireland) really love to play up the sibling rivalry setup for all the Foe Yay it is worth..
    • Veneziano Italy and Romano Italy are, in fact, half-brothers, similar to the situation with Norway and Iceland. Naturally, following along the Germancest lines (or perhaps predating it), together they're called Itacest.
  • Pandora Hearts: Gil's younger brother, Vincent, is extremely possessive of him.
  • Vampire Knight had Zero and Ichiru.
    • And the Kuran family has a history of incest, as seen in the current generation between Kaname and Yuuki. And many people do ship them.
  • Angel Sanctuary could not be more blatant about Setsuna and Sara, but some see this between Rociel and Alexiel as well.
    • There is a fandom joke that the only pair of siblings in Angel Sanctuary that don't have unresolved sexual tension are Setsuna and Sara because they've resolved their sexual tension. It's Kaori Yuki, what were you expecting?
  • D.Gray-Man has Komui and Lenalee Lee. Komui's rather intense sister complex does nothing to disprove this.
  • Agon and Unsui of Eyeshield 21 is THE incest pairing of the fandom. It's not all that hard to see why, Agon is (without a doubt) the most important person in Unsui's life and Agon's a sociopathic playboy and memetic molester whose feelings for his brother are left ambiguous.
  • Code Geass. It's just all over the place in that show, it even has its own Brother-Sister Incest page.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has brothers Edward and Alphonse. The 2003 anime is infamous for showing how close the brothers really are, a common saying amongst fans of the relationship is that 'they broke so many taboos already, what's one more?'
    • A case of Surprise Incest happened in the 2003 anime. Edward and Envy are a popular pair due to the Foe Yay between them however near the tail end of the series there's a twist. Envy is Ed's half-brother. Instead of abandoning ship a lot of fans only saw this as making the pairing more interesting.
  • From Dragon Ball Z there are some people who ship opposite-sex twins Androids 17 and 18 together. Also, there's the pairings of "Son-cest" (various incestuous pairings within Goku's family) and Vegeta/Trunks or Vegeta/Future Trunks. There's not a lot of it but Vegeta/Bra exists too.
    • In universe, there was that one episode where Bulma asked Future Trunks if she was still attractive in the future and it got very awkward for poor Future Trunks.
  • Ichigo / Uryuu is a relatively common Bleach Yaoi pairing. Recent chapters of the manga have revealed that Uryuu's father and Ichigo's mother were first cousins, making the boys second cousins, so this is also a case of Surprise Incest. The revelations have not much dampened enthusiasm for the ship. Ryuuken and Masaki had a failed Arranged Marriage in canon, so clearly the cousin thing isn't an insurmountable barrier. While very much a minority pairing as it contradicts canon 'ships, there's also some fandom for Ryuuken/Masaki as well.
  • The brothers Ace and Luffy are a fairly popular pairing in the One Piece fandom. And since the flashbacks to their childhood there is also now Sabo/Luffy, Ace/Sabo, and Sabo/Luffy/Ace OT3 shipping. In a looser definition, Ace is also often shipped with his crew mate Marco, who is as much of a brother to him as Luffy is.
  • Hikaru and Kaoru Hitatchiin from Ouran High School Host Club make this easy — in fact, they encourage it!
  • The Nishizumi sisters, Miho and Maho from Girls und Panzer are a surprisingly popular pairing among the fandom, since there are no male characters who are the girls' ages, and relatively little Les Yay. This is only reinforced by the revelation in Little Army that Maho in contrast to her initial impression as an Aloof Big Sister, loves Miho enough to live up to being Nishizumi heiress so that Miho will not have to.
  • Saki and Teru Miyanaga sometimes get paired despite canonically not being on good terms, as Teru is unwilling to speak with Saki. Some shippers take Teru's denying having a sister to mean that Teru is in love with Saki.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt has plenty of fans that ship the title sisters together. There are a few moments in the series that vaugely suport this pairing, although only in the sense of a casual, one-night-stand type deals. Their evil counterparts, Scanty and Kneesocks also have this going with a lot heavier subtext.
  • Kill la Kill has Ryuko/Satsuki. They were already a pretty popular ship because of the Foe Yay, but then they were revealed to be sisters and then it skyrocketed. To add even more fuel to the fire, the ending has the two embracing while naked.
  • How come Kousuke x Kirino from Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Isn't already on the top of the list? Look at the immense amount of incest subtext! And the fact that they're the OTP in the end!

    Comic Books 

    Films — Animation 
  • Frozen fans love shipping the sisters Elsa and Anna. Even though she has a male love interest, Anna spends the entire movie wanting to see Elsa, wanting to spend time with Elsa, worrying about Elsa more than anyone else, and risking her life to save Elsa, fulfilling the "prince rescuing the princess" role. For her part, Elsa's fear of showing off her ice powers to anyone and hurting her sister has a "in the closet" subtext thing going on. And in the end the movie subverts the trope of True Love's Kiss, by having the love that saves Anna be Elsa's sisterly love of her.
  • Meet the Robinsons has some fans who ship Wilbur and Lewis, his father. The 'ship is aptly referred to as "Timecest".
  • Big Hero 6 is getting a lot of Tadashi/Hiro slash.
  • Arrow and Rudolph is a pretty popular pairing for fans of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer The Movie due to their rivalry making for good Foe Yay. Most fans do not notice they're cousins.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Repo! The Genetic Opera, Luigi and Amber. Particularly the bit where she knees him in the groin and licks his ear at the same time.
    • According to their brother Pavi's myspace page, he and Amber are also rather unhealthily close. And a surprising number of fans ship Luigi and Pavi (or "Pavigi").
  • In a director's-cut scene from The Two Towers, a lot of what we'll call Stewardcest fangirls point for evidence to this moment that's very subtle, but oddly difficult to explain otherwise when you notice it: Denethor dismissively comments about his younger son, Faramir, "I know his uses. They are few." Now think about the implications of the word "use." And rewind and look at Boromir's expression again: It's not "Oh, dad, you're so mean," it's embarrassed.
  • The Halloween fandom really likes the Michael/Laurie pairing even though he wants to kill her.
  • Thor and Loki may be the most popular ship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although they are only adopted brothers.
  • The most popular pairing in the fandom for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters by far is Hansel/Gretel.
  • In Pacific Rim, two (or in one case three) member teams pilot giant robots using the techno-telepathic Drift. Between the very intimate memory sharing and emotional connections, special "drift compatibility" needed between pilots (and the one successful Drift compatibility trial seen on screen being described as akin to a sex scene by the director) and the fact that a pretty large number of teams seem to be related, incest is a pretty common in the PR fandom. The most prominent example is the lone parent/child team of Herc and Chuck Hansen, which also happen to be one of the most shipped pairings in the fandom. Probably helped that other characters comment on Chuck's "daddy issues", that supplemental material and Word of God states that Herc never remarried after Chuck's mum died and that Chuck never dated at all, and that the age gap between their actors is only a bit more than a decade.

  • In Harry Potter, many fans think that Bellatrix and Narcissa fit the bill for this and write extensive fanfics about it. Word of God confirmed that Bellatrix loves Voldemort above all else, some fanfics manage to get around this fact.
    • Fred and George have a veritable library of slash work dedicated to them, even though their actors are disgusted by it all.
    • Ron/Ginny. Ron is quite annoyed by the fact that Ginny dates Dean and he silently interferes between her and Harry at first, but he relents later and becomes more accepting of their relationship.
    • In the film version of The Half-Blood Prince, while Draco is confronting Dumbledore, Bellatrix arrives on the scene, praises her nephew saying "Good boy" and kisses him on his neck!
  • Some The Chronicles of Narnia fans insist this about sibling protagonists Peter/Susan and Edmund/Lucy just for the sake of the considerable amount of fanfics. One of the reasons may be that the first book (and movie) implies they're the only humans that live there, without mentioning the fact that there are other lands around Narnia in which reside other people. (Although the first book does state that the kings of countries beyond the sea have sent ambassadors asking for Susan's hand in marriage. No word on whether or not they were human.)
  • Merry and Pippin are first cousins and are often shipped together by The Lord of the Rings fans. Sometimes Frodo, more distantly related to both of them, is thrown into the mix as well. See Bag Enders's "Random Slashy Interludes" for a prime example.
    • Perhaps one of the most popular pairing in The Silmarillion is Maedhros/Fingon; these two share a grandfather, Finwë. As do Celegorm and Aredhel, also paired rather often. And then the house of Finwë as a whole is very popular and more generally Everyone Is Related.
    • Hell, even in the canon pairings one begins to wonder if Aragorn and Arwen are actually getting off on the fact that Aragorn's ancestry is awesome because it traces to her uncle; Faramir and Éowyn are some kind of cousin, too.
      • How closely are Faramir and Eowyn related? I didn't know we knew anything about Morwen's (Eowyn's Gondorian grandmother) family except that she came from Lossenarch was tall, suggesting she's got Dunedain, but not necessarily high nobility, blood.
      • During the First Age, there's something of a genetic bottleneck among elves in that only a few families come back to Middle-Earth, and they promptly kill a large number of the same-species mating possibilities who aren't blood kin to them. Even then, the first few non-related pairings among elves tend to go horribly wrong, to the extent that ... well, you start to wonder if Tolkien was taking some kind of revenge on people like Eöl who made his back-to-Valinor family trees not fit neatly on one page. Making the author himself a bit of a kissing-cousins shipper.
      • Most fanfic treats the canon Túrin/Niënor pairing as tragic, like the book in which they're the title characters — but there's fanfic.
    • As soon as the first Hobbit movie came out, there was an explosion of Fíli/Kíli slashfic. Many (but not all) of them operate from the canonical statement that dwarves love only once, and assume that the brothers have bonded to each other. Reactions of those around them vary from complete acceptance to revulsion.
  • Warrior Cats has Hawkfrost/Brambleclaw, which even has its own ship name: Brothershipping. They're actually half-brothers, which is probably the only reason it isn't banned from discussion on Warrior's Wish.
    • The reveal that Firestar and Scourge are half-brothers as well means Altershipping now falls under this trope.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians has Percy and Annabeth, who, despite being closely related via their respected parents, Poseidon and Athena, like each other romantically and eventually get together by the end of the series.
    • Some fans even pair Percy and/or Annabeth with their godly relatives and demigod cousins, including Thalia (Zeus' daughter) with Percy, and Annabeth with Luke (Hermes' son). Annabeth also has a crush on Luke early in the series.
    • Especially since Word of God says that even though demigods' parents may be related, demigods themselves, even if they share the same divine parent, can fall in love and have kids with no issues.
      • Actually it's specifically mentioned that kids from the same cabin (IE kids with the same divine parent) don't date.
    • The series actually reminds us that Zeus and Hera are brother and sister, so every demigod incest seems rather tame
  • Havemercy. Oh dear god, this book smacks of it with Rook and Thom. Even worse is that you don't find out they're related for 2/3 of the book and you expect them to break out into angry sex until the revelation.
    • Apparently, the authors' original intention was to have them get together, but they decided against it. YMMV on whether this is a good or bad thing.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events had a small Violet/Klaus fandom that got quite a bit larger after the release of the movie adaptation.
  • A strict No Hugging, No Kissing policy during the Original run of The Hardy Boys (alongside the stressful adventures giving the boys a very powerful brotherly bond) led a lot of people to acknowledge that Frank and Joe seemed very indifferent to their respective girlfriends Callie and Iola and way more interested in each other.
  • Despite them being mortal enemies, and having strong canon pairings with people of no blood-relation to them, both Sam and Caine have been shipped together in the GONE fandom, and it's actually pretty popular. The ship is known as "Saine"...Or "twincest"...
  • The Dresden Files fanbase commonly ships Harry with his half-brother, Thomas (usually ignoring the fact that both of them have serious female love interests). This is probably because Thomas is an incubus, who naturally arouse sexual feelings in those around them, and because it was several books before said relation was revealed. The fact that Thomas masquerades as a gay hair dresser and they were Mistaken for Gay as a couple at least once in series (which they would use to their benefit afterwards) doesn't help matters.

    Live-Action TV 
  • This is referred to by the Firefly fandom as "CSI" or "Crazy Space Incest", seeing this between River and Simon Tam.
  • Justin and Alex in Wizards of Waverly Place, to the point where the pairing used to have a separate Incest Yay page until it was sent here.
  • Quite common in recent Kamen Rider series. Especially Kamen Rider Kiva and its many bathing scenes. However, "Kivacest" typically refers not to Wataru and Otoya, despite their epic Time Travel-enabled bath scene (with back scrubbing!), but to Wataru and Taiga, who turns out to be his brother.
  • The Wincest shippers of the Supernatural fandom see this between brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. During the early seasons, it was unquestionably the most popular pairing in the fandomnote . It's died down some since Castiel showed up, but the Wincest fanbase is still huge.
    • Since all of the angels are canonically siblings, shipping any of them together falls under this. It's sometimes called "angelcest" or "wingcest" within the fandom. The most popular of these pairings is probably Michael/Lucifer.
  • In Heroes, Maya and Alejandro Herrera are twins who seem to be a little too close to each other; even their powers require physical connection. Also, Maya clearly hated Alejandro's bride, implying jealousy. Maya also seemed to hate Alejandro's bride even before Maya found out she was cheating on him. Maya got so upset when she found out about that that she ended up activating her power for the first time, killing everyone at the party but Alejandro. Later on Maya says that even if it was an accident, deep down she wanted her dead.
    • Peter and Nathan Petrelli are brothers who are extremely close, despite an age difference of at least 13 years. There is a reason they're the most popular slash pairing in the show. Not helping is how friendly Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia are in real life.
    • Not to mention that Peter and Claire seem to be closer than one would expect of uncle and niece. This of course is largely due to Milo and Hayden's off-screen relationship.
  • Degrassi The Next Generation always had their fair share of brothers and sisters and occasionally there would be shippers of any Brother-Sister Incest, but season nine provided fraternal twins Declan and Fiona. The subtext between them is sothick that it must be intended by the writers. When Victoria, later revealed to be their cousin, brings up their closeness in the season premiere, she is simply told to shut up without being offered much correction.
  • Dexter and his brother Rudy/Brian.
    • Not to mention his sister Deb. The fact that Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were married for a time doesn't help.
    • The show runners actually tried to keep the Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter relationship quiet for a while, specifically to avoid this trope. They've clearly changed their minds, though - as of Season 6, Deb lusting after her brother is now canon. And disturbing. Caused a bit of a Broken Base, which says a lot about Dexter's fans that it can be described as such.
  • Chuck was originally intended to have an extra character in the main cast, a love interest for the titular hero. After it was decided she overcomplicated things, she was cut, and all her important lines given to Chuck's sister. The slightly flirty dialogue, coupled with the siblings' chemistry, made this stand out to more than one fan.
  • When Home and Away revealed that sisters Charlie and Ruby Buckton were actually mother and daughter, one website brilliantly proclaimed that it made shipping them feel even more wrong. They even seem to have acquired their own couple portmanteau, even if it is mostly used in a familial context.
  • In the remake of Hawaii Five-0, Kono's affection and sympathy for her cousin Chin seems to verge on the more than cousinly.
  • Revolution has a small, but devoted sector of Charlie/Miles shippers. They are niece and uncle, and possibly father and daughter considering Miles affair with Rachel, but share a lot of tropes usually reserved for romantic interests. A Relationship Writing Fumble may have also happened since they have a lot of Belligerent Sexual Tension that turns into UST later. They also have their fair share of heartwarming moments. Given that it is a primetime network show, their relationship will never, ever happen in canon.
  • Glee gave us Hummelcest between Burt and Kurt Hummel, a rare example of a father/son incest. Considering that they cannot have a scene without declaring their love for each other, it shouldn't be a surprise.
  • Angel: There are fans who have written Darla/Connor and Angelus/Connor stories.
    • Angelus taunting Connor about sleeping with the woman who used to change his diapers (closest thing he had to a mother). "There should be a play."
  • Brother-Sister Incest is all but canon between Cesare and Lucrezia on The Borgias (considering that the real life Lucrezia was rumoured to be in an incestuous relationship with both Cesare and her father Rodrigo, it's pretty much fair game). Cesare is incredibly protective of his little sister, and only shows his softer side to her—claiming to love her more than God (which... is complicated when he's a cardinal of the Catholic church) and she loves him more than she could ever love a husband. Also, both find suspiciously similar Replacement Goldfish after events tear them apart. Plus, Juan suspects that they "having congress" and the actor who plays him, David Oakes, even said Juan is jealous at not being a part of it, as can be gleaned from the main picture.
  • Frasier fandom has some Frasier/Niles shipping, otherwise known as "Cranecest".
  • Life With Derek fandom give us Derek and Casey aka Dasey, even though they're step-siblings
  • There's a huge and passionate faction of Klaus/Rebekah shippers in The Vampire Diaries's and later The Originals's fandoms. Joseph Morgan and Claire Holt's crazy chemistry and dialogs straight out of dark romance novel? Check. Eye sex and tension? Check. Jealousy, obsessiveness, highs and lows? Check. Makes Klebekah the royal couple of the show and one of the most popular ships.
  • The Waltons, a much-loved depression-era drama from the 1970's, contains several examples, mostly because it features seven siblings of similar ages. John-Boy and Mary Ellen, the eldest siblings, were infamous in the early seasons for being a little too close. John Boy tells Mary Ellen that her breasts will grow, gives her flowers because he wanted to be her 'first', and frequently dances with and consoles her. Basically, there's plenty of sexual tension to go around. Jason and Erin, younger siblings, also seemed very fond of each other, though this was most likely because of actor chemistry.
  • Right from the pilot fans of Arrow have already been commenting that Oliver has more chemistry with his sister that with his ex-girlfriend. Doesn't help that by giving her the nickname "Speedy" the writers seem to have destined her to be his sidekick. It doesn't help that despite a slight name change, the character is clearly based on comics character Mia Dearden (their first names sound similar, she was shown having a trophy for archery in her room in the pilot, and her middle name was eventually revealed to be "Dearden") whom comics Oliver has shown romantic interest towards in the past. And then after Thea came back from Corto Maltese she asked him to move in with her.
    • In hindsight, turns out anyone who shipped Tommy/Thea inadvertently fell into this trope.
  • Skins has a lot of subtext between Tony and Effy Stonem, and between Emily and Katie Fitch (or at least, one-sided from Katie to Emily). In the case of the former, it's made "Stonemcest" a surprisingly popular ship in the fandom.
  • Deliberately invoked in-story by Richard III in the BBC/Starz series The White Queen, as per his explanation to his wife Queen Anne that he is not actually having an affair with his niece Elizabeth, but that he just wants everyone to think he is, since she is betrothed to his political rival Henry Tudor, and that by cuckolding Henry, he will cost him political support. Turns out he actually does have an affair with his niece, and his explanation was rather a lie though.
  • Surprisingly averted by the Gossip Girl fandom. The only pair among the main cast that was never shipped together was Chuck and Serena because they were siblings (actually they became step-siblings in season one, at age seventeen, and in season two Serena's mother adopted Chuck). The Dan/Serena ship also took a very heavy blow when it turned out they shared a sibling (Serena's mother and Dan's father had a child together). The show itself played that card a lot when they wanted fans not to ship them together, and then did a 180 in the last season.
  • In The 100 Bellamy and Octavia have this vibe about them.
  • More than a few people have mistaken Zelda and Hilda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch for a couple. The issue comes mostly from mistaking Sabrina calling them "aunts" as referring to one of them being her bio-aunt and the other her lover.


    Video Games 
  • Alfred and Alexia Ashford in Resident Evil: Code: Veronica.
  • A lot in the Fire Emblem series. The king and queen of this trope would be Eltoshan X Lachesis. The Prince and Princess would be Eirika and Ephraim.
    • Really, all but one instance of incest in the series is subtext. The one text example is Alvis/Diadora, also from Geneaology of the Holy War.
    • Though the romance system in Geneaology allows for Kissing Cousins. Two of which are actually half-sibling incest.note 
      • The romance system in Fire Emblem Awakening allows for cousin marriages as well, although the NA/PAL releases Bowdlerized this slightly by referring to such pairings as "companions" rather than husband and wife. However, they failed to do this for the aunt/nephew or uncle/niece pairings that are possible by pairing Chrom with either Maribelle or Olivia and then pairing one of the resulting children with the Avatar and the other with Morgan.
  • Fraternal twins Anna and Mihael in Dragon Valor.
  • From FFX-2 we have Yuna and Rikku.
  • Metal Gear: Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. It only gets worse once Liquid possesses Ocelot, who had a big gay crush on their father.
  • Jak and Daxter: Gol and Maia are extremely affectionate with one another, talking to each other more like old lovers than brother and sister.
  • Golden Sun: The first and most obvious is Felix and Jenna, who are siblings (and appropriately dubbed "Oopsie-shipping" by the fans). Then The Lost Age introduces Karst, who is absolutely obsessed, easily to a Clingy Jealous Yandere degree, with her (late, by that point) older sister Menardi. Fans also like to pair up Alex and Mia, who were confirmed to be cousins by Dark Dawn.
    • A 4koma doujinshi, Golden Sun Gag Battle, has Ivan trying out his new Reveal power on Hama and Feizhi's clothes. To be fair, Gag Battle was published before The Lost Age outed Hama as Ivan's sister, making this a rather meta case of Surprise Incest.
    • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn brought several new sets of relatives to the table, with the (in)appropriate reaction from the Shipping fans. Nowell and Rief are treated as a joke couple in most cases, but shipping either of them with Amiti is fair game...and technically speaking, a distant enough relationship to be legal even by American standards.
  • In the Touhou fandom, any pair or trio of siblings has a pairing with each other. Oddly, in all cases it is most common to see the younger sibling as dominant or otherwise more active/aggressive than the older one, who, if not submissive, is thus the passive one.
  • Hawke/Bethany has a surprisingly strong following in Dragon Age II. Isabela and Merrill weren't everyone's cup of tea, and Aveline wasn't a love interest. Cue a large amount of people shipping Hawke with his/her younger sister.
    • There's also a considerably smaller, but still noticeable amount of shipping for Carver/Hawke.
  • In Tales of Symphonia, Kratos and Lloyd seemed awful subtexty to a lot of people. Some of them didn't Abandon Ship after it was revealed that Kratos is actually Lloyd's real father.
  • Toad and Toadette of Super Mario Bros., but it's possible that the fandom doesn't know they're brother and sister and Nintendo can't make up their minds about whether they're siblings, friends, or what .
  • Same vein and more prominent, Rock and Roll (or Mega Man and Roll in the west), doesn't help that their actual connection varies in their various incarnations. The same apply to Rock and Blues (Mega Man and Proto Man in the west).
  • Booker and Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite have quite a bit of Ship Teasing going on for characters who are eventually revealed to be father and daughter.
  • Considering that they're half-sisters, there's a surprisingly large amount of Dead or Alive porn that features Kasumi/Ayane.
  • Whoo boy does Blazblue have this going on, particularly between the three main characters.
    • First off are brothers, Ragna the Bloodedge and Jin Kisaragi. This is arguably the most popular yaoi pairing, and doubly supported by the two's fierce rivalry. What really sells it however is Jin's rather unhealthy obsession with killing Ragna. Something the creators seem to love to play with in the series` various Gag Reels.
    • Secondly are Ragna and Noel Vermillion. Their first meeting has her saving his life and giving him an Anger Born of Worry induced fit, until she falls asleep on his lap. Then she gets incredibly flustered when she think about him. Why is this incest? because Noel is a clone of Ragna and Jin's actual sister Saya
    • There's also Ragna/Nu( who is also a clone, like Noel). Nu is a full blown Yandere for Ragna, and all of her interactions with him have very overt overtones.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney caters to this trope, but when you think about it, it's not that surprising: there's shippers for Mia×Maya, Lana×Ema, Jake×Neil, Edgeworth×Franziska (although, to be fair, they're not biologically related), and even Apollo×Trucy, all of which have a fair bit of subtext to them. The two incestuous pairings that are by far the most popular in the fandom are Dahlia/Iris, from Trials and Tribulations and Kristoph/Klavier, from Apollo Justice.
  • In the visual novel Morenatsu, it's not uncommon for fans to ship Tatsuki with his father Tappei.

    Web Comics 
  • Since Jay Naylor's webcomic Better Days contained actual Twincest, readers have been joking about something similar happening on its sequel Original Life ever since it got started. As of this writing, nothing has ever actually happened, but some dialogue between siblings Thomas and Janie following her arm injury sounds rather... questionable. If the two weren't related, you would know exactly where dialogue like this would lead. And since Naylor has done it before...
    • And early in the series there were definite undertones of BST between Janie and a cousin.
  • Homestuck:
    • John/Jade and Dave/Rose are confirmed ecto-siblings, but they still have a rather large shipping base. The latter moreso, though.
    • The amount of Bro/Dave is unsettling when you find out that Bro is not only Dave's brother, but he was also Dave's ecto-father.
      • According to Google Trends, "Stridercest" (Dave/Bro or sometimes Dave/Dirk) got much more popular after Act 6 began, which was the introduction of the post-scratch versions of the guardians. Meaning them in teen form.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender always had a significant Azula/Zuko shipper fandom, but the creators surely aren't making it too difficult with such scenes (appropriate music added). They have even (jokingly?) shipped Zuko's alter ego with Azula at a convention. On the flip side, Azula acts that way toward just about everyone.
    • A lot of people give Zuko an Oedipus Complex, especially after The Search. The idea that their familial affection doesn't overpower any sexual attraction due to years of separation often comes into play.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • There's a Mako/Bolin fandom. Korra is usually in the tangle, but not always. There was that time in episode three when Mako threw an Equalist mook across the room to save Bolin, and Bolin nearly swooned before proclaiming "Mako! I love you!" He even threw out his arms for an expected hug and made a kissy face, with his eyes closed, as if the two had kissed before. And then Mako had to sweep Bolin out of the building because there was no time for displays of brotherly affection.
    • From the same show Tarrlok and Amon/Noatak has become very popular after the season finale thanks to the buckets and buckets of angst. Who cares if they both died, that's what Fix Fics are for.
    • Desna and Eska are a pair of Creepy Twins so this comes into play naturally. There's even an in-series joke about how There Is Only One Bed in their hotel suite, though Desna apparently sleeps in the bathtub.
  • Lemongrab and his clone, Lemongrab 2, from Adventure Time are one of the most popular ships in the fandom, even after the two actually referred to each other as "brother" in the episode "Another Five Short Graybles." Surprisingly, (or unsurprisingly,) this failed to turn away most of the shippers. In fact, it might have motivated them into shipping them even more. Shipping them is possibly justified because one is a clone of the other and they are "technically" not brothers, and they are also clinically insane. Alternatively, some see this simply as clones and relationship companions, but not necessarily siblings.
  • Yin and Yang from Yin Yang Yo have a lot of this going on, especially since they're, you know, opposites.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • For a while pairing the title characters of seemed to be the most popular ship, though that's mostly died down since then. Technically they're stepbrothers, but they qualify since they refer to each other as "brothers" and have known each other since they were toddlers. Pairing one of them with their older sister Candace (biological for Phineas) is rarer but still done.
    • "Gitchee Gitchee Goo means that I love you". Riiiiiiiiiiight...
    • Suzy's attitude towards her brother is absolutely creepy even for fans of this trope.
  • Occurs in some segments of the Animaniacs fandom, though probably more because there aren't very many other shipping options.
  • The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan has almost no fandom and was made long before the internet and Rule34, but Tom still manages to have a few choice moments with Alan and have a dynamic with Anne that sometimes screams "they'd be strongly hinted at as a couple if they weren't siblings".
  • In Rugrats and All Grown Up! some people ship Chuckie and Kimi together. At least they are only step brother and step sister. On the other hand, Phil and Lil probably have more shippers and they're twins.
    • It doesn't help the twins do have a lot of awkward Incest Subtext in the series, most famously the episode where Phil catches Lil in her bra or when he got mad she was developing.
  • Papa Smurf and Smurfette in The Smurfs, while not biologically related, get constantly shipped together in this fashion. It doesn't really help that Papa Smurf even has that type of interest in Smurfette. This is fortunately averted in Sony Pictures' The Smurfs film series, as Papa Smurf treats Smurfette like a daughter.
  • Cousins Ben and Gwen from Ben 10, thanks to many Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moments and meeting many of the requirements for Belligerent Sexual Tension. Indeed the pairing is so popular that it's widely speculated the two getting Strangled by the Red String in the first Sequel Series was an attempt at Ship Sinking.
  • Ninja Turtles get this treatment quite a lot, which is known as "turtlecest" in the fandom. The second animated series and the 2007 CGI movie are probably to blame, since they've introduced a more complicated dynamic between the mighty foursome and, by the rules of shipping, any tension can be interpreted in a sexual way.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Twilight Sparkle and her brother Shining Armor were very close when Twilight was a filly. In addition, Shining Armor is introduced in the episode where he is getting married. Twilight takes the news... poorly.
    • One Wild Mass Guess is that Applebloom is the daughter of Applejack and Big Macintosh instead of their sister. This is not helped by the packaging of one toy declaring that Applejack lives on Sweet Apple Acres with her husband, Big Macintosh (and her daughters, Apple Bloom and Granny Smith).
    • Celestia/Luna a.k.a. "Princest" is the third most popular ship involving the princess.note  Granted they're goddesses, and incest is highly common no matter what pantheon you look at.
    • Twilight and Spike is one of the most popular Spike pairings despite the fact their relationship is either that of brother-sister or mother-son depending on who you ask.
  • Gravity Falls has a following for the Dipper/Mabel pairing, due to Dipper constantly being worried and protective of his sister, particularly when it comes to her romantic endeavors. That the twins share a bedroom and in general are very comfortable with touching, hugging, and holding hands with each other gives more basis for fans of this pairing. It has earned the nickname "Pinecest" due to the last name of the two being Pines.
    • So much so that series creator Alex Hirsch has even poked fun at it on the official Gravi-Team Falls tumblr:
    ""For ages now I have lurked in anonymity, hiding in the shadows of the internet, watching as you’ve GIF'ed our jokes and shipped our characters and done unspeakable things to my dear Pines Twins. You…you’ve got some issues Tumblr. We’re all worried about you."
    • To be somewhat fair, at least many of the fanfics rewrite the story so that Dipper and Mabel either aren't related, or at least aren't blood related. Though the whole being twins and looking like the gender flipped versions of each other can test people's plausibility thresholds.
  • The Twins from Superjail have somewhat of a fanbase that interpret them as incestuous, based off their narcissism and closeness to each other. Certain lines (such as their "date" joke from an early episode) fueled the shipping, although the vague porn incident that traumatized them has been used by supporters and detractors of the ship to prove or disprove the dynamic being canon.
  • It's been a common joke that the Wonder Twins are incestuous. This was referenced to in one of the The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins shorts by [adult swim] where Marvin mistakes them for watching porn together.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball has Gumball mostly being shipped with his family especially Darwin and Nicole.

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