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Video Game: The Gunstringer

Twisted Pixel's first title for the Xbox360 Kinect. The aptly named Gunstringer is a former outlaw who's returned from the grave to seek vengence upon his former posse. Armed with his trusty six-shooter and the fury of the devil himself, the Gunstringer will be charging all over The Wild West (or at least as close as a puppet show can get) to find his betrayers and serve them some deadly justice.

The game has received a Downloadable Content add-on called Wavy Tube Man Chronicles, a Live Action Full Motion Video Rail Shooter starring the main game's iconic first stage boss, a shooting simulator called Real Big Shootin`, and a sequel El Diablo's `Merican adventure.

This work contains examples of:

Ms. 'Splosion ManCreator/Twisted Pixel    
The DishwasherCreator/Microsoft StudiosThe Harvest
Fruit NinjaUsefulNotes/Xbox 360 Kinectimals

alternative title(s): The Gunstringer
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