Go-to-Sleep Ending


Yawn! We sure did a lot. We made some new friends, went to that new amusement park, fought the big bad and won, we laughed together, we cried together, and learned a whole lot about ourselves. Boy, are we tired. So how are we going to end this story/episode/season/series/movie?

Well, there is one way. Let's put on our jammies and hit the sack.

This trope can happen even when the situation is not happening at night. A common ending in some children's books and shows, where they end the story with the characters going to bed.

Always a perfect ending for an Insomnia Episode or one when it was All Just a Dream (as long as they end it by going back to sleep).

WARNING! Examples may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk


Anime and Manga
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid:
    • Subverted in chapter 22. After working things out with their neighbors so they won't be so loud, Kobayashi, Tohru, and Kanna decide to lay down and take a nap. It would have been peaceful if Tohru didn't grind her teeth as she slept. Poor Kobayashi.
    • Played straight in episode 1 of the anime, where Kobayashi and Tohru lie down for the night (though Tohru does have a short Flashback Nightmare).
    • The ending credits for the anime also ends with Tohru, Kanna, Elma, and Lucoa going to sleep (notably, none of their pajamas match up with what they wear in series).
  • Happens at the Grand Finale of the Mitsuboshi Colors anime. During the final skit in the episode (after the credits roll), the gang brings a futon and set it in the middle of the park in order to relax and do surveillance. In the end though, they end up falling asleep.

  • After the family rescues Beethoven, the folks say goodnight to each other and go to sleep in their bedroom.....filled with a bunch of other dogs they managed to rescue as well.
  • Alien ends with Ellen Ripley as the Sole Survivor of the Nostromo, recording her last mission log before going into hibernation.
  • Aliens ends with Ripley again preparing to go into hibernation after escaping from the alien-infested planet with the other survivors.

  • Roger Zelazny's "Great Slow Kings" end with the main characters going to sleep.
  • Each episode of Madeline usually ends with the twelve little girls going to bed as Miss Clavel turning off the lights and closing the door.
    Narrator: And that's all there is. There isn't anymore.

Live-Action TV
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: After finally succeeding at curing London of her insomnia, Mr. Moseby, Maddie, and Esteban all end up falling asleep on London's bed.
  • Zoey 101: After finally getting help from Mr. Bender at the end of the episode, "Little Beach Party," Zoey and the gang fall asleep in the back of Mr. Bender's pick-up truck.
  • Happens at the end of every single episode of The Big Comfy Couch. And who could blame Lunette; those 10-second tidies must really take it out of her.
  • In the deleted scene of the Grand Finale of How I Met Your Mother, Lily pays Marshall up in bed as they both bet that whether Ted and Robin would get back together or not, all the while Marshall singing as each bill is passed from Lily even though they have joint accounts. The scene ends with them declaring their love at the bedside before turning off the lights.

Puppet Shows
  • Happens quite a bit on Sesame Street when the episode ends during the night or there's a sleepover.

Video Games

Western Animation