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Made Of Iron: Anime and Manga

  • Chirico Cuive from Armored Trooper VOTOMS survives countless bouts of physical abuse throughout 49 TV episodes and several OVAs, including a shot in the chest.
  • Everyone from Redline qualifies for just surviving in their cars, but JP and Sonoshee deserve props. JP for surviving at least 4 car crashes (One was at 300 km/h. JP was miraculously unharmed.) that we know of over the course of the movie, 3 without any sort of bodily harm. Sonoshee was in his car in the final crash, both of them with no noticeable harm. Oh, and they were both on fire at the time.
    • Also, Tetsujin. He swallowed not one, but TWO steamlights and survived.
  • Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia. England who is greatly annoyed with America decides to take a Busby's Chair (a chair cursed to give whoever sits in it a quick and painful death which has also sent at least 60 men to death) and put it so that America may sit in it and die, however Russia shows up and accidentally sits in the chair, however instead of dying the spell rebounds off Russia and the chair is broken with a disappointed England taping it back together. It's implied that Russia being TOO evil for the chair had something to do with it
    • The Nations in general can be described as this trope, though Sealand in particular takes the cake for being literally Made Of Iron (its territory being an old British sea fort).
  • Hellsing
    • Towards the end of the manga, Integra gets shot in the eye, nearly point blank. She barely even falters and moves forward to finish her task. She also got shot in the shoulder when she was twelve and it barely seemed to bother her. She was even able to pick up a gun and shoot it.
    • Pip Bernadotte gets attacked again and again by Zorin and her mooks, including getting a load of shrapnel in the stomach. It takes a few shots into his torso and being stabbed through the back by Zorin's scythe to finally bring him down, and even then he's able to light a cigarette and give one last Rousing Speech before he kicks the bucket..
  • Mazinger Z: Butt Monkey and Lethal Joke Character Boss had to be to endure the punishment he received and come out of alive.
    • Great Mazinger: The Hero Tetsuya Tsurugi, withstood an incredible punishment throughout the series, being wounded and harmed constantly, and still pushing himself beyond his limits and forcing himself to battle even if the pain was tearing him apart. Several times his adoptive father -The Professor Kenzo Kabuto- had to command him to go back to the Home Base. In the first episode one of the Bridge Bunnies marvel at his physical endurance, and Kenzo states it is his strong and sturdy body what lets him pilot Great Mazinger.
  • Kibagami Jubei of Ninja Scroll seems to have a delightful tendency to be put in situations where he is repeatedly smashed in the solar plexus by giants of men, and then still be well enough to kick their asses after a nice glob of vomited blood.
  • Subverted with Kazuma of S-Cry-ed: his right side is unusable outside of battle, and his glove is always on just to hide the scarring from using his Alter.
  • Trigun
    • Vash the Stampede always shoots only to cause flesh wounds. The trope was subverted at one point, however, when he inflicted just such a wound... and then panicked and rushed to stop the bleeding — the wound was far more serious than he'd intended.
    • Not to mention Vash himself has taken ungodly amounts of damage, presumably due to his reluctance to kill aggressors. In two separate episodes, we are given a look at Vash's upper body, and he is patchwork of scars and metal.
  • Almost every character in Chaosic Rune can count. Each character fights with creatures that give them sympathy damage of equal magnitude whenever harmed. Since the battles between the creatures usually involve dismemberment, crushing, eating, and acid attacks, most fights end with the characters covered in the most terrifying wounds ever seen in a manga. Since the winner of the battle gets fully healed afterward, the damage usually doesn't stick, though they still have to feel all of the pain every time it happens. The loser usually leaves a horrifying corpse, if they leave one at all. Oddly enough, crosses over with Made of Plasticine.
  • Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Over the course of the series, he's taken considerable amounts of pain, among other things he was thrown out of the tower window of an old-style cathedral after a gutshot and then stabbed through the shoulder with a sword. In fact, this, coupled with the demonstrated and implied effectiveness of futuristic medicine in the series, is one of the reasons why some fans believe he survived the final episode.
    • Likewise, Spike's arch-enemy Vicious, the one who stabbed him and tossed him out of that church tower, can also withstand incredible punishment. As Spike flew out the window, he dropped an impressively powerful grenade that blew up the church. Vicious was still inside when this happened and yet reappears in later episodes without so much as a scratch, let alone any physical impairments.
  • Most of the cast of Ranma ˝ can have their survival after ridiculous injuries justified by their practice of Supernatural Martial Arts (which is also the generally accepted excuse for them having a Healing Factor or for those who are outright Nigh Invulnerable).
    • Ranma Saotome, specifically, hovers somewhere on the border between this and Nigh Invulnerable. He has survived massive Kamehame Hadoken Ki Attacks, falls from fantastic heights, being blown up, and enough general physical abuse to turn a battleship into worthless scrap metal, and always manages to shrug it off and keep on going — even before simply healing the damage. Fans have theorized, after seeing him survive with mere fleshwounds against Ryű Kumon's Vacuum Blade attacks (which, for comparison, cut a 10 meter tall solid bronze Buddha statue into pieces), that he is, for all practical purposes, bulletproof. Perhaps one of the best examples might be the Golden Pair story arc: when Ranma attacks Mikado Sanzen'in for stealing his First Kiss, the resultant "battle" has Ranma headbutt the ice-rink so hard he buries himself in it up to his shoulders, pull himself out without even being fazed (which startles the hell out of his opponent), trip over when making an attack and skid across the length of the rink, on his face, at such speed that he smashes through the rink-wall when he crashes into it, and finally getting pulled into Mikado's "Dance of Death", in which he is repeatedly pummeled on for several minutes straight before being ejected out at high speed and landing hard on his head. He still manages to somersault back onto his feet when asked to stand up, only to slip and fall back down again. By the time he's gotten home, he's fine save for an assortment of scrapes and bruises, needing just a bit of disinfectant and a few bandaids.
    • When he first enters the series, Ryôga doesn't really seem to be much tougher then Ranma (though he does evidently have more stamina, courtesy of always having to spend days doing nothing but walk to get to the fight), but then he learns the Bakusai Tenketsu technique... in his first battle with it, Ranma's strongest punches have no effect on him, and it takes a focused burst of Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs to be able to hurt him at all. Though Ranma does subsequently train himself to be able to punch hard enough to get through Ryôga's defense, he remains the hardest opponent for Ranma to lay out with physical attacks afterward.
    • It does not, however, explain Tatewaki Kunô.
    • This is lampshaded with the Big Bad Lord Saffron: the main characters are so used to getting three-ton boulders thrown at them all the time, they are surprised when this is genuinely dangerous to Saffron, being a prince and never having gone through their training. In fact, while he can fend off almost any energy attacks, him NOT being Made of Iron turns out to be his weakness.
      • Even then, Ryouga and Mousse decide that Saffron has a glass jaw from being momentarily stunned from getting a person sized boulder slammed into him by a tornado going fast enough to permanently alter the course of an underground river, and even that only pissed him off enough to make him start making himself hot enough to melt stone from a good distance away and start repeatedly chucking his multiple-mountain-top vaporizing super attack. To put this in perspective, the battle in question was not taking place underground.
  • Another Rumiko Takahashi example: InuYasha, where even the ordinary humans survive fifty-foot drops and deadly poison with little to no adverse effects. The three "ordinary" members of the group, Kagome, Sango and Miroku, have had their fair share of falls, off cliffs or otherwise. They have been poisoned and then trapped in a burning temple, only to recover within minutes after Myoga sucks the poison out.
  • Black Lagoon. One of the main characters takes an RPG at point blank (not the explosion, but getting hit by the physical object) and escapes with lightly burned skin and a concussion. At a later date, another character survives getting shot in the gut, falling from a second story window and then having the building she fell from collapse on top of her while it's on fire, though she admits that the injuries are more or less fatal and she was lucky to be alive long enough for help to show up. And then there's Roberta, who isn't Made of Iron so much as diamond on a solid titanium-tungsten alloy base.
  • Every character from One Piece; characters seem only to die in flashbacks (or if you watch the 4Kids dub, never).
    • One can mention Luffy, who was gored with a hook, thrown into a pit of quicksand and buried there for hours, but was still able to fight Sir Crocodile the next day. Only to have all the water in his body absorbed — at least momentarily. Then he was poisoned.
    • Let's not forget Zoro. He's taken a giant sword-slash to the chest, tried to cut off his own feet to escape some chains, and, during Thriller Bark, shows his badassery by taking all of Luffy's pain in attack form- with the bloody result shown in the page picture (not shown is the blood covered ground spread out several feet around him). Although all he needs to do to recover is put on a few bandages and take a nap. This is averted after the aforementioned incident with Luffy's pain as Zoro still suffered from those injuries for several battles following it.
    • Early on, Luffy tells Zoro not to pick up a heavy cage when injured because, according to Luffy, Zoro's guts would spill out. Zoro merely says that he'll stuff them back in. Later on, there's a fight where the opponent keeps going for Zoro's wound. Zoro decides to cut HIMSELF there when he gets tired of this. No wonder Nami won't let Luffy wake up Zoro later on, when he's resting after this fight. Face it, if there weren't laws against death in One Piece, and if Zoro weren't made of iron, he'd be the deadest thing in the universe.
    • Every character has done this. Badass Normal Usopp took a four ton bat to the head after being run through some buildings and blown up several times, with the only effect after winning the battle being that he had to run around in a cast for the rest of the day. On the same day, Action Girl Nami had her foot pierced through by a round spike about an inch in diameter, without even a limp after about a half hour. These are people without powers, considered almost as weak as regular humans. Most legendary, however, was Pell, who carried a bomb with a two and a half kilometer blast radius, that's roughly a one megaton nuke, high up in the sky to save everyone and survived. At one point, a totally random mook gets an infinite mass kick to the face and survives with only comic relief injuries. Every single person in One Piece is Made of Iron.
      • To drive the point home, we have Caesar Clown, the Big Bad of the Punk Hazard arc. He is a lanky, frail-looking man, yet throughout the Arc, he takes several powerful blows from Luffy, whose Super Strength is nothing to laugh about. The amount of vigor Luffy puts into each attack only makes you wonder how Caesar could even take so much damage. Sure, he'd reel over in pain, but shortly after, he'd recovered from those attacks like they were nothing!
    • In the Marineford War there's also Whitebeard. He takes such a ridiculous amount of damage before finally dying that when he eventually does the narrations list all his injuries he lost half of his face, pierced by a high-power laser, was slashed and stabbed 267 times, hit by 152 bullets, and 46 cannonballs. And he still Died Standing Up.
    • Blackbeard is a unique case of this. Because of his power, he absorbs much more pain then a normal person does, which results in him usually yelling in pain. But, as soon as he recovers, it's usually like nothing happened to him.
    • And then, there's Akainu, one of the 3 Admirals (and now, he's the Fleet Admiral post-Time Skip). Being an Admiral, you'd expect him to withstand many attacks during a fight, but after he killed Ace, he was on the receiving end of Papa Wolf Whitebeard's wrath. With that said, there's no reason to think that Whitebeard was holding back his strength. First, he punches Akainu head first to the ground, which creates a huge shockwave. Then, Whitebeard strikes Akainu again with such destructive force that Marineford (the island where this all took place) was split into two! This also causes Akainu to fall down the huge fault created by the attack. Keep in mind that said attack (thanks to the power of his earthquake Devil Fruit powers) hits so hard, it cracks air! You'd think this would cause Akainu to sit out for the rest of the war, broken and incapacitated, but no. Soon after the Blackbeard Pirates kill Whitebeard, he comes back ready to kill more pirates. You'd never even believe he was attacked so relentlessly. Other than a few blood stains on his face, he was perfectly fine!
    • Wyper the Berserker uses the Reject Dial three times, which can kill the user at the first time and it's supposed to kill the user definitely at the second.
    • One Piece sometimes plays this for laughs. When the Straw Hats crash through a wall with a train, a little girl, her pet rabbit and grandmother all comment that they have a nosebleed. Franky points out they should be more severely injured. Luffy comments that this was nothing and tells his crew to get up and they respond by stating "there is no way for a human being to stay uninjured" but when it comes to the "uninjured" part, they all shout it, standing up, completely unharmed.
    • CP9 has this as one of their six powers, literally called Iron Body in the Funi dub, which makes them even more Made of Iron than the average One Piece character, to the point of not even flinching when hit, going more into Implacable Man territory.
  • The characters from the Battle Royale manga went further and further into this as it went on. Kiriyama was the worst offender; over the course of the manga he gets beaten up, shot, blown up (diving inside a car to avoid the explosion), engaged in a knock-down martial arts fight, shot by a machinegun (he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, but at least one bullet goes through his arm), and blasted in the stomach with a shotgun. His hair and face stay as perfect as when he first came on the island. (This is possibly due to the tendency of characters to point out that No One Could Survive That each time he looks like he's dead.)
  • Bleach: Sado was born with power that was locked away inside his soul, completely inaccessible until forcibly awakened early in the manga. Prior to its activation, which granted him supernatural strength and toughness, he was a normal, powerless human. Even then, he could lift things others couldn't and shrug off falling steel girders without injury. He was even hit by a motocycle and had to carry the motorcyclist to hospital. He was barely injured.
  • The title character of Pucca, although it doesn't come up much. A Running Gag on the series involves a heavy object falling on her head, and her being entirely unaffected, and sometimes said object even breaking.
  • Digimon Frontier: The Seasonal Rot envelope is pushed farther near the end, when power levels reach the DBZ scale. The human characters (who have no superhuman powers whatsoever when not in Digimon form) survive planetwrecking attacks with little more than a few bruises. Digi Eggs are seen floating by and non-plot-important Digimon aren't, proving that even the highest-level Digimon (who can have at least city-wrecking power) weren't so lucky.
  • You wouldn't think so, but Impmon of Digimon Tamers can take a lot of pain, surviving a very brutal Curb-Stomp Battle and being thrown in lava. This gets taken Up to Eleven when he digivolves into Beelzemon—aside from taking two of Gallantmon's strongest attacks and walking away a few minutes later, he gets crucified by the D-Reaper, shot several times in the back, and thrown into a sea of deletion, all occuring within hours if not minutes of each other, and lives, although the wounds are treated as very serious and he's unable to fight for the rest of the series.
  • Elfen Lied usually doesn't qualify for this trope, but does in Bandou and Nana's cases.
  • Pokémon:
    • Pretty much everyone is able to shrug off high voltage electrical shocks and burns.
    • The Team Rocket trio would definitely qualify for this. It's a big part of their Joker Immunity.
    • Over the course of the anime and movies, Ash has been electrocuted, burned, had a chandelier dropped on him, petrified at least once, eaten by a tree (long story), and much more. The worst he ever gets is several cuts and bruises.
    • In Pokemon Special, Criminal agents see the Dex Holders and Gym Leaders as giant crosshairs during battle, so they're expected to take some huge attacks, but Gold earns the medal here. After taking loads of abuse from the Mask of Ice throughout the GSC arc, you'd think the kid would back down at some point, but no. He gets piss drunk on Heroic Resolve, goes right back in, and takes some more. The kid takes punishment that would kill a normal human every time and just comes back for another helping. He may be an Idiot Hero, but brute force isn't going to cure him any time soon.
    • Amazingly enough, a villain beats Gold in this department. Sird took an explosion to the face, causing her to fall thousands of feet to the ground, crawled from somewhere around Viridian to Vermillion, and got her leg frozen by Lorelei's ice shackles. Despite all this and being battered and bleeding, she somehow manages to stay on her feet, break free of Lorelei's ice shackles on her own, and turn five Dex Holders to stone. Damn.
    • Also, any Pokemon: while they can be critically injured, no Pokemon (outside of backstory) is ever shown to decease.
  • Pretty Cure in all forms. Enemy attacks are always treated as a serious threat (so it's probably not Nigh-Invulnerability), and yet somehow nobody ever has any injuries after getting thoroughly pummeled. (Heck, even the aforementioned enemies are perfectly fine until they eventually die.) You can tell the Magical Girls are losing if they and their costumes have gotten slightly dirty.
  • Fist of the North Star largely seems to be written about entirely unhealthy deformation of flesh and bones or the lack thereof, so it's not that surprising that its main characters are more than a little sturdy. The hero Kenshiro weathers attacks that can effortlessly shear through solid steel with little but superficial cuts to show for it. The antagonist, Raoh, completely ignores the same, and at one point, basically strangles a suicide fire-bomber AFTER he ignited himself, without being burned.
    • In one of the first story arcs, one of the antagonists had the power to literally turn his skin into iron. He could have stayed made of flesh for all that it worked against Kenshiro, though.
  • Randel Orland from Pumpkin Scissors. Slightly subverted in that while he can ignore injuries that would incapacitate a normal man, he often ends up bedridden in the hospital after the fight's over. (But he's almost always back on duty in time for the next episode.)
  • Given the amount of abuse that Keitaro takes in Love Hina, it's a good thing that he is seemingly immortal. From the very day he entered Hinata-Sou, he's been at the receiving end of countless Naru Punches from Naru, Rock-Splitting Slashes from Motoko, flying kicks to the head from Su. Not to mention attacks from turtle-based mecha (again from Su), kicks to the shin (Sara), and a Frying Pan to the head (Shinobu). The only time he suffers physical damage that laster for more than a page happens when he breaks his leg... after falling off the rooftop, which would normally kill or seriously harm anyone else.
  • Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing is most definitely made of iron (well, Gundanium Alloy to be more precise...) Among his greater feats are self-detonating his Gundam while standing just outside the cockpit and surviving, and falling down a cliff just to get up once he reached the ground. If memory serves, he actually dislocated his leg in the latter, but only had to push the bone back into place afterward, which squicks the heck out of Duo.
    • In an early episode, a doctor observing Heero comments that he has over 200 bruises and broken bones and yet was still walking around as a normal person would. (It should be noted that this was the same episode where he later fell down that cliff.)
    • Heero didn't fall off the cliff. He jumped...willingly...from the military hospital he was being held which happened to stand over the cliff (meaning add about 30 or so stories to the height)...after he broke himself free from his bonds through sheer strength (meaning he was already bleeding). And while he had a parachute, he barely used it, released it, and then rolled the rest of the way to the ground. Both Duo and Sally Po (the UESA officer observing him) were stunned he not just survived, but essentially walked away from that landing.
    • It should be noted that in Super Robot Wars Alpha, Heero is also apparently one of the few people in the universe capable of remaining conscious after one of Kushua Mizuha's Health Drinks, which has been known to knock out androids.
  • The mages of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha evoke this appearance since they're frequently smashed through walls and perform hard drops from helicopters. However, they wear Barrier Jackets which, while appearing to be made of cloth, give off magical fields for protection. The one time that a non-Artificial Human character's Barrier Jacket was completely penetrated, it resulted with said character being hospitalized for nearly a year. The reason she was hospitalized for so long was due to both the injury and the fact that she had overstressed her magic.
    • Vita. Just Vita. Piercing through her chest is not enough to defeat her.
    • Miura is also very impressive by dealing great damage despite being heavily damaged herself. Unfortunately, Vivio isn't Made of Iron.
    • The Devices, especially the Intelligent and Armed ones, are not only literally made of iron (or any other kind of metal), they will try to function even if they are broken. And they don't care if they will go even more broken.
  • Berserk. Guts is superhumanly tough, able to survive being impaled, carried off several hundred feet into the air, flown at the speed of sound without any protection, than falling hundreds of feet and still be able to fight. And given what he has to face, you better believe the guy needs it.
  • Quite a few characters in Rurouni Kenshin can take inhuman amounts abuse with relatively little effect.
    • Big Bad Makoto Shishio is without a doubt, the most over the top example. During the final battle against him, he, despite having been shot in the head and burned alive, proves capable of, among other things, blocking the blows of the other superhumanly powerful swordsmen with his fingers, taking a direct punch to the face from superhuman Badass Normal Sanosuke with no effect (Sanosuke's hand shatters though), shrugging off a string of sword strikes from the main character, Kenshin that ends up shooting him through a brick wall, and taking a direct blow from Kenshin's ultimate attack (and probably the most powerful attack in the series) and still being able to stand. In the end, it is not these attacks that kill him but his own inhumanly high blood temperature, which causes him to spontaneously combust when he fights for too long. The other characters even assume that he is immortal from all the abuse he takes, although the iron plate in his head may have something to do with surviving a lot of cranial abuse.
    • Jinchu arc Big Bad Yukishiro Enishi is also an extreme example. The characters remark that he's in such an advanced state of mind over matter that his brain doesn't even recognize pain anymore, to the point where he can even inflict massive pain upon himself and still get up for more.
    • Sanosuke was originally this. Later on, the only real purpose it served was for him to be defeated to show how strong other villains are.
  • Everybody in Zettai Karen Children seems to be made of iron, since Kaoru likes to throw people around as if there's no tomorrow, causing massive craters everywhere, without considerably hurting anyone.
  • Gunsmith Cats
    • Bean Bandit from. Some of it can be attributed to his subversion of Armor Is Useless, but that can only go so far. He's been rammed by cars (in Riding Bean he rams one back), mauled at close range with 12 gauge shotgun slugs (and in Riding Bean, he's even taken a bullet in the head!), punched through walls, and ejected out of his car going over a hundred miles an hour on the highway. And in nearly every one of these case's he has been able to more or less shrug it off and keep fighting. In that last case he tried to go on, but quickly lost consciousness and needed medical attention. And then just kept going a couple of days later, although it's implied that he used drugs to block the pain until his job was done. He's also seen acting tough and dangerous, and then almost collapsing as soon as he's gotten away the people he wanted to intimidate.
    • Gray is another good example, also qualifying as a Scary Black Man. He's muscular enough that he can effectively shield his head and vitals from handgun fire by shielding them with his arms. What does he do after his arms have been shot up? Pop the rounds out by flexing his muscles, and bandage up the arm.
  • In Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Tsuna takes an inhuman amount of punishment at the hands of Reborn and his guardians - especially in the beginning. As the series goes on and gets more serious, the damage Tsuna takes tends to be taken a bit more seriously (though, considering that he's just a human, it's still friggin' amazing that his body can easily take heat that melts metal).
    • Hibari was shown to be able to fight after a great beating and having most of his bones broken. Mukuro, who can posses bodies and move them even when the actual user can't move was not able to use his body because it was so messed up. In the battles against the Varia, he was injected with a poison that was so strong that even an an elephant couldn't move, yet he walks, breaks a pillar and gives himself the antidote.
  • Parodied in Detroit Metal City, where the manager of the eponymous band is tough enough to stub out cigarettes on her own tongue.
  • The title character in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple could easily be the poster boy for this trope. In almost every major fight he's in, he not only takes far more damage than any normal human could even survive, but he often (though not always) goes on to win! His masters even lampshade this, stating that while he may not have any talent for martial arts, he's a genius at taking punishment. It seems to be an in-series joke that Kenichi is literally made of iron, as whenever he is lifted or thrown, it is noted that he's heavier than you'd expect of someone so short.

    Subverted by the fact that two of his masters have a thorough understanding of the human body, and can do things to bring back the recently deceased; and have, on more then one occasion. The one they revived, of course, being Kenichi. Curing a couple dozen broken bones is, by comparison, a trivial thing to them. (Of course, it still hurts... But he's use to pain. If not from the horrible fights, then from the Training from Hell.) It's also averted when Tirawit tricks Kenichi into fighting his high school's Karate Club. They are decisively not Made of Iron as he only taught them attack and not defense moves and Kenichi's attacks leave them badly injured.
  • In Airmaster there's Maki. You'd think taking a literal bear killing punch to the jaw or falling from several stories onto concrete would leave you at least out of commission for a while, but she's back like nothing happened next episode. Credit must be given to the minor characters too though for being able to take a drop kick from a 6' tall muscular girl jumping off a building.
  • Read or Die's Drake Anderson isn't supposed to have any superpowers, but getting sliced to ribbons by the paper users doesn't do anything except make him grit his teeth.
  • Partially justified for Seiichirou Kitano in Angel Densetsu. His inhumane reflexes allow him to move in the same direction of the blows he's receiving, considerably lessening the damage. Played straight with his father who's The Juggernaut on top of that.
  • "My lord, most men would *die* from a punch like that." Not Yukimura, though — he just pulls himself out of the wall he was embedded in and comes right back for more.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka can easily survive falling off a building or getting hit by cars with minimal injury. Perhaps the most extreme case is when he was shot three times rescuing someone from being kidnapped (and before that ran his scouter into their car when it suddenly stopped), but managed to walk all the way back to school and spend an hour taking an exam before he passed out from blood loss and went into a coma which he got out of in days.
  • Jack Rakan from Mahou Sensei Negima! Some of the names he earned included "The Man Who Cannot Die", "The Immortal Fool" and "That damn guy who you can stab with swords all you like and it won't do a damn thing, damnit!" That's a direct quote. He takes the attacks of the title character which were shown to vaporize a 100-m-thick block of solid stone without so much to show for it as a BURN MARK. Even the tuxedo he's wearing is totally unharmed. He does eventually get killed, but it took an opponent who was literally capable of Rewriting Reality to do it, and even then he put up one hell of a fight. And then came back temporarily 'cause he felt like it. Given some extra time he gets better on his own. Asked by others he just notes that there is nothing impossible when one has strong willpower (proving it applies even to being removed from existence).
  • The main character of the boxing manga Hajime No Ippo Makunouchi Ippo is the embodiment of this trope. After almost 900 chapters he has received more hits than all of the other characters combined. During the more critical ones he has been going in and out of consciousness while still standing.
  • A lot of characters in the manga Baki the Grappler qualify, but none so well as the Yakuza boss Kaoru Hanayama who, at one point, gets force-fed bullets which explode in his mouth. All that after taking damage which, were it to be accumulated and released all at once, would end all life as we know it. And in his own short spinoff manga series he is shown as being able to withstand enormous water pressure by diving to the bottom of the ocean to release the angling hook which was stuck to a rock below prior to killing a 22 foot long shark. Underwater. Pro angler.
  • In Mirai Nikki Hinata Hino and Mao Kousaka, two Unfazed Everymen, survived multiple stab wounds, and suffered no worse than falling down. Hinata got at least six in her body, scattered around her arms and stomach, and Mao took a knife to the back. They are hospitalised after this. In the same chapter, Yukiteru Amano survives being dropped two stories in a burning building and is fine after two days, and Yuno Gasai is perfectly fine a day after being stabbed in the stomach.
  • The characters in Soul Eater seem to take great amounts of physical damage without it affecting them. In Kid's case, this is justified because, as he states, he is a god. The black blood only enhances this, an example being the fight between Maka and Crona.
  • Lunar's father in Seto no Hanayome. The guy takes a direct hit from a Kill Sat without even blinking.
  • Kiichi from Shootfighter Tekken is essentially a Made of Iron Determinator who is able to pull off incredibly flexible grappling moves despite always getting hit first, and getting hit first hard enough to permanently incapacitate professional career wrestlers! A week or so after barely eking out a victory, he's back to normal with the standard handful of bandages.
  • In the second Kinos Journey movie, Land of Sickness, Kino is kicked hard directly in the breasts by a guy wearing combat boots and sent flying across the room. He then steps on her wrist to prevent her reaching her gun, and with little more than a grimace, she still fights him off with one of her legs.
  • Averted in The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer. It doesn't matter how much Kung-Fu a character knows getting punched by a golem will liquify their internal organs.
  • Natsu, Gray, and all the other determinators and Plucky Girls of Fairy Tail. Special mention goes to Erza, who seems that she can survive nearly everything.
    • Not to forget Gajeel, who is literally made of iron to boot
  • University headmaster Grant Oldman from Battle Athletes Victory qualifies. After a botched hijacking attempt means a space shuttle carrying new students is going to crash into the University (it's in space) he simply orders the main training field cleared, steps out onto it, then catches the incoming shuttle and forces it to stop. See this video at the about 4:30 mark.
  • In Naruto most characters fall off cliffs, are slammed into rock faces so hard they crack them, and land on their heads after falling or getting throw dozens of feet without getting visibly injured, even if they're not using a jutsu to augment their Charles Atlas Superpower.
  • Characters in the Blame-Verse suffer massive physical trauma on a regular basis, then opt to walk it off. Justified since a vast majority of the cast are ancient, hyper-advanced cyborgs who view lost limbs with the same nonchalance we would a paper cut.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • Yusei Fudo has survived a huge amount of beatings, including being bombarded with scrap metal, numerous electrocutions, having shrapnel the size of a dinner plate lodged into his gut, surviving an explosion followed by a 10 plus story drop down a chasm, and just getting up and walking away. And if you see all of his crashes, Jack's is also a main player in this trope.
    • Jonouchi/Joey from the original series, he once managed to recover from a horrible beating and Electric Torture (before card games became the series focus). Later however, he does this often during major duels (mainly with Marik, Valon and Mai), getting back up from extremely damaging attacks from monsters, as well as the physical exhaustion he endures after doing so. He also LITERALLY DIED as a result of his duel against Marik, but he recovered surprisingly quickly.
      • Jonouchi's durability seems to extend to his monsters as well; Red Eyes Black Dragon had its wing blown off, Panther Warrior spent about two episodes of Electric Torture, Garoozi survived being hit by missiles, etc. Yusei's monsters also share this trait, Stardust Dragon has a Healing Factor, Fortress Warrior has an effect that keeps himself from destroyed twice per turn and receive no damage, and Sonic Chick can survive being attack by 1900+ ATK monsters.
  • Durarara!!
    • Shizuo Heiwajima. The man gets stabbed in both legs and remarks "Doesn't even hurt." Later, he is shot in the leg and side and thinks he slipped in the rain until he sees the blood. Afterwards he simply walks to Shinra's house, and is still unfazed by his normally life-threatening wounds. Shizuo's apparent superhuman endurance is acknowledged in canon: Shinra hates treating Shizuo, because he never leaves an operation without destroying at least one of his best scalpels in the process. Shizuo's body isn't Made of Iron: it's harder than it.
    • Also the three kidnappers from the first episode. Celty hits one of them with her motorcycle and smashes another's face into a wall which leaves behind a huge mess, yet they show up later on no worse for wear. Plus anyone who Shizuo hits, throws, or punches. Special mention goes to Rokujo Chikage, who takes four steel-crushing punches to the face, yet still has the energy to taunt Shizuo about his lacking sex life.
    • Mention must also be given to Izaya Orihara who is the regular target of Shizuo's inhuman rage. In their first on-screen confrontation, Shizuo nails Izaya by chucking and hitting him in the head with a vending machine so hard Izaya is thrown several feet. The snazzily-dressed Knife Nut just gets up like nothing happened.
  • Allison & Lillia: Used to absurd effect in the last episode. Treize was on the roof of a train that crashed off a cliff into a ravine. He was missing and presumed dead... then he shows up a couple weeks later in good enough shape to dance.
  • Taken to insane levels in Dragon Ball. Where even characters like Yajirobe and Mr. Satan, that don't know how to throw a ki-blast, survive things that should turn most tanks into dust.
  • Averted, and almost subverted in the manhwa Veritas. Through 14 issues, the main character has already suffered at least 5 broken arms, three broken legs and a concussion or two. Oddly, he seems to have done all of that on purpose.
  • Everyone in the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt universe appears to be indestructible, all the better to enable the slapstick and Comedic Sociopathy.
  • Yaiba: The title character too is quite resilient for his age. Though usually he rarely gets slashed in vital parts, he has also suffered many vicious wounds and he always managed to survive.
  • Inazuma Eleven watchers may wonder why the hell isn't the freaking goal net destroyed as many of the shooting moves are at least half powerful as those in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Deconstructed in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The reason why magical girls are made of iron is because they are really Empty Shells. The true weak spot is their Soul Gems, which are more meaningful in name. This is also Invoked by Kyubey, the person who forms the contracts with the girls and knows full well what will happen if their souls weren't in compact objects and are in their person at the time of their death.
  • A Certain Magical Index has Touma, who's odd ability to keep going after taking wounds that would likely kill most people actually scares an enemy into insanity (of course there was a bit of acting involved with an epic Evil Laugh.) Also to an extent Tsuchimikaido Motoharu, who, since he is somewhat of an esper, essentially starts self-destructing when he uses magic, yet can still stay alive since his esper power is level 0 auto-regeneration; just enough to keep him alive.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler
    • Hinagiku hasn't been shown to be able to withstand things like some of the others on this page, but she was described by one of her friends as a Gundam, and there's no evidence to counter this belief, given that she has the strength and endurance to knock out title character Hayate, continually, who himself doesn't qualify for this trope because of Charles Atlas Superpower.
    • Luca herself might lack the same physical strength of Hina, but having a serious head injury and still putting on a full show as a Idol Singer, shows she has the endurance, also without the background to explain it away.
  • Silver Diamond: Chigusa takes most of the damage for the team, usually to such extremes that would kill a normal man- and all of his wounds heal in seconds. In his case, though, it's more being made of plant than being made of iron.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Kamina is tough enough that he can survive being killed for long enough to avenge his own death
  • Mawaru-Penguindrum gives us Shouma Takakura. The guy gets hit by a car at full speed to save his friend Ringo's life and barely suffers more than few bumps. His brother Kanba lampshades the trope eagerly as he explains what happened to the hospita-bound Shouma:
    Kanba: Don't worry, you didn't break any bones. It's just some minor bumps and bruises. The doctor is amazed at how mild your injuries were!
    • Kanba himself is like this too, having survived being dragged several miles by a speeding truck along asphalt, returning with only ripped clothes and some scrapes and bruises. It's not a genetic trait, actually: Kanba is adopted.
  • Here's a fun Drinking Game for those up for it: Watch Guilty Crown and take a shot every time a character is inside the 'near-miss' zone (i.e. about five feet away from the impact site) of an explosion and comes out of it untouched. You'll be drunk after five minutes. You'll be pickled after two hours if you marathon episodes. At one point, someone (it's Shuu, for those interested) gets their arm severed at the elbow without medical attention and doesn't even start bleeding, much less bleed out.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, the Armstrong Secrets of Durability have been passed down the family line for GENERATIONS!!! With the amount of punishment Major Alex Louise Armstrong withstands, you'd think he was a Homunculus. But he's not.
  • The titular character in Ojamajo Doremi gets hit hard many times throughout the series and usually comes out none the worse for wear. The crowning example was when she crashed through a door while flying on her broomstick; it's even lampshaded!
  • While most characters in Attack on Titan don't stand a chance, there's a few that manage to be this. Levi, Mikasa, and Reiner all manage to survive being manhandled and knocked around by Titans, something which leaves most folks little more than bloody stains. Reiner actually subverts it, since he's got Super Toughness and a Healing Factor.
  • Kira Yoshikage from Jojos Bizarre Adventure isn't this trope, but one of his stand abilities, Sheer Heart Attack, is. A small, heat-seeking, exploding tank, it takes numerous prolonged beatings from Star Platinum until it's cracked and its wheels are falling apart, but it just keeps coming back full force.

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