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Improvised Weapon: Film
  • In Godzilla And Mothra The Battle For Earth, a freakin' ferris wheel is used as a weapon. That's how giant monsters roll.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. It wouldn't be a swashbuckling pirate series without them.
    • Jack uses the wrist irons that the soldiers put him in ("Finally!") to take Elizabeth hostage and make his escape.
    • Will uses a red-hot poker as an impromptu sword midway through his duel with Jack in the first film.
    • Elizabeth uses a bed-warming pan to drop hot coals on a pirate.
    • A rowboat is used to knock several undead Black Pearl crewmembers to pieces.
    • Elizabeth gets a Simple Staff scene using an ornate pole against pirates at Isla de Muerta.
    • When escaping from cannibalistic natives, Jack tries (mostly unsuccessfully to use the wooden roasting spit he's tied to as a weapon.
    • The Dead Man's chest gets used at least once to wonk somebody in the face.
    • In the fourth, Jack knocks down several Spanish soldiers, while armed only with a coconut on the end of a rope.
    • Having found themselves without cannonballs, Elixabeth orders the crew of the Interceptor to load everything handy into the guns; a practice resembling langrage, in real life, except that instead of special irregular shot it's just cutlery and desperation. They even load in Mr Gibbs' hip flask, which appears to be made of leather.
  • In Surf Ninjas, the mysterious guardian Zatch finds himself without a weapon against ninjas. So he reaches for the nearest object at hand... a skateboard. Which he uses as a Bo Staff.
  • A more popular example can be seen in Shaun of the Dead; the titular hero wields a cricket bat for most of the film. There is also a scene in which Shaun and Ed hurl albums at two zombies, as the zombies slowly meander towards them. In the scene at the pub, they fight the zombie bartender with pool cues, darts, and the jukebox. The swingball pole Shaun used to hit a zombie with the ball was ineffective, but then impaled the zombie to a tree with the pole itself (which stopped the zombie as a threat and helped the group afterwards when they learned to imitate zombies).
  • Jackie Chan's characters are considered masters of the form, squeezing it for all its slapstick value. Notable occasions include this sequence using paste tables, his own jacket, a box full of paper, his opponents' fighting-sticks, sheets of plasterboard, a Chinese lion head, a broom and, most famously, a stepladder. Also see Jackie trying a series of items in succession, after which the mook surrenders when Jackie gets to the 15-inch pipe wrench.
  • In Shanghai Noon, he used antlers like a bat'leth, made a blunt rope dart using a lasso and horseshoe, and "piss shirt bend bar"...
  • It's rare that James Bond uses anything as a weapon that wasn't given to him by Q. However, in Live and Let Die, Bond is smoking a cigarette while he's shaving, when a villain lets a venomous snake into the bathroom. Bond notices it, and ever resourceful, kills it by using the cigarette and an aerosol can of aftershave to fashion a makeshift flamethrower and spraying it at the reptile.
  • In one of the most memorable scenes from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Casey Jones takes out Shredder's Dragon using a golf-club found in the crime-wave warehouse. (Casey's motif is usually other sports equipment as weapons; this gave him a new respect for golf.) Casey is in fact an Improbable Weapon User, as in the battle described above, Casey spends the first half of the fight getting his ass summarily handed to him. The exact moment when Casey turns the fight around and goes from being a punching bag to being a badass, making quick work of The Dragon? When he finds the golf club in a pile of debris into which The Dragon knocked him. In an act of major bowdlerisation, in the sequel the turtles do this throughout the whole movie, most notably in the shopping center at the beginning.
  • In Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, a man is beaten to death with a black rubber penis.
  • The famous scene from Braindead/Dead Alive where Lionel slaughters a horde of zombies with a lawnmower strapped to his chest.
  • Oldboy features a toothbrush, a claw hammer, a screwdriver, and a broken CD all used as weapons.
  • In Hot Fuzz, Nicholas Angel knocks out an assailant with a flowerpot, and in another scene Doris Fletcher takes out a mad stock girl brandishing a box cutter by whacking her upside the head with a "Wet Floor" sign. Later on in the film, a line of shopping carts becomes a battering ram. There's also the Shoplifter being KO'd with a lobbed spray can. Nearly all of the murders are committed without traditional weapons: part of the church roof, gardening shears, a car and a combination of natural gas and burning food. Only once the NWA is found out do they use guns.
  • In Terminator 2: Judgment Day Sarah Connor takes a psychologist as a hostage using a syringe full of cleaning fluid stuck in his neck, and threatening to kill him by injecting it if she wasn't left alone. The same psychologist comments how she had earlier stabbed his knee with a pen.
  • The Dark Knight: The Joker makes a pencil "disappear" with a bit of Eye Scream. Likewise, his incarnation in Tim Burton's Batman used a quill pen to kill a local mob boss.
  • Jason Bourne is another master of the form in The Bourne Series
  • The best thing in Daredevil was Bullseye's mastery of the Improvised Weapon. Killing someone with a paper clip or a peanut? Badass.
  • In Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, the title character's first kill, in the heat of the moment, involved him laying into Pirelli with a metal teapot and beating him into unconsciousness before stuffing him into a box. He has to finish him off with his razor because the beating didn't kill the guy.
  • 28 Days Later has Jim wielding a baseball bat (and later a crowbar), Hannah wielding what appears to be a vase of some kind in one scene, and makeshift Molotov cocktails wielded by Selena. Otherwise, real weapons abound.
  • Grosse Pointe Blank: Among his post-high school accomplishments, Martin Blank lists "kill[ing] the president of Paraguay with a fork." He later stabs an assassin in the neck with a souvenir pen, and smashes a still-plugged-in television over his business rival's head, electrocuting him.
  • Red Eye has a truly righteous incidence of this... with a pen. One of those punchy pens, with the little levers to push to make it punch... It doesn't kill the guy, but they are on a plane at the time and Jackson had already demonstrated how well he'd deal with Lisa's escape attempts. Later weaponry includes a pair of heels, too.
  • During the subway battle, the title character of the first Hellboy movie gives Sammael a good thrashing with a pay telephone.
  • In the 2007 Beowulf movie, the title character kills Grendel with a door. While loudly introducing himself.
  • In Die Hard 2, McClane kills a mook with a handy icicle. In the fourth film he runs out of bullets and has to take out a helicopter with a car.
  • The Chuck Norris movie An Eye for an Eye has Mako as Norris' sensei knock down one of several attackers, then render the mook fully unconscious by hitting him with a desktop telephone (rotary, no less). He growls, "The warrior uses what is at hand!"
  • The climax of Arabesque shows Gregory Peck killing the villains with a ladder — by jamming it down through the girders under a bridge into the rotor of their helicopter as they fly below trying to shoot him.
  • Jason uses many of these in the Friday the 13th series.
  • Serenity has Mal face off against The Operative in the final battle. The latter carries a sword so the former pulls out a screwdriver from a handy tool box.
  • The Transporter specializes in these, or indeed anything with Jason Statham in it. The best example is beating up a roomful of Mooks with a fire hose in the second film. Then turning the hose on and leaving it to beat up the mooks by itself. Complete with Unflinching Walk.
  • Indiana Jones lives by this trope. And he's not alone. As Marcus says, the pen is mightier than the sword.
    • In The Last Crusade, Professor Henry Jones Sr. has killed Nazis with the following: a pen, an umbrella, a flock of birds, and a knowledge of the writings of Charlemagne. In addition to bashing his own son on the head with a vase.
    • Sallah also fights with a newspaper.
    • Marion Ravenwood knocked out a mook in Raiders of the Lost Ark with a Frying Pan of Doom. The pan is mightier than the sword?
    • In The Last Crusade, Indy beats a Nazi motorcyclist by using a flagpole as a jousting lance and then jamming the broken remnants into the wheel of another pursuing cyclist.
    • In Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, Mutt uses the titular McGuffin to hit one of the Russian Mooks during the chase through the jungle.
  • The Chronicles of Riddick features the title character killing someone with a tea cup. He then nonchalantly picks up and threatens them with a sardine tin key.
  • There is a moment near the end of the original Stargate, when Jack killed Anubis using transporter rings. Yes, he used the local teleportation device to kill a guy. A really badass guy.
  • Smith, from Shoot 'em Up, kills two people with carrots. He also has an interesting technique for firing bullets when his hands are busted up. He doesn't bother using a gun. He puts them between his fingers and puts his hand over a fire.
  • In Undercover Blues, Jeff Blue uses his daughter's stroller to beat up two muggers.
  • Blade Runner: Deckard is cornered in a bathroom with two broken fingers, no gun, and the villain Roy Batty has just walked in. His response? Wrest a lead pipe from the wall and beat Roy in the head with it. Roy's response? "Yes, that's the spirit!"
  • In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the big forest battle starts with Optimus whaling on Megatron with a couple of nearby trees.
  • In the 2009 Star Trek, Kirk uses his dropsuit helmet as a bludgeoning weapon when he loses his phaser on the Narada's drill.
  • In Scream (1996) Sydney takes out one of the killers by dropping a television on his head.
    • A fridge door, beer bottles, a rubber machete prop, a golf club, an ice-pick, a picture frame and a phone-receiver in an obvious Take That to the killer's tendency to stalk his victims over the phone.
    • Sidney also uses a fraternity necklace given to her by Derek, who is at this point, dead to try and damage a killer's eyes when they have her at gunpoint.
  • In No Country for Old Men, Anton Chigurh regularly uses a captive bolt pistol to not only kill people, but blast the locks off doors. He also strangles a deputy with handcuffs.
  • In District 9, the alien Christopher is able to improvise a bomb out some random pieces of alien technology left sitting around. Later on, Wikus uses the Gravity Gun on a prawn mini-mech to hurl a pig at a soldier with rather devastating results.
  • In Kill Bill, after her sword is knocked out of her hands, the Bride kills Go-Go Yubari with a broken table leg with nails in it. She also gets her revenge on the hospital orderly who pimped her out by putting his head in a door and slamming it.
  • Ip Man may be a Martial Pacifist, but if pushed has no qualms against using a feather duster, a long bamboo rod, wood pallets etc. to fight.
  • In The Mist, an elderly English teacher clocks a delusional religious fanatic in the face with a can of peas, among many examples throughout the meat of the movie.
  • In The Incredible Hulk, the Hulk uses pieces of a broken statue to shield himself from the sonic cannons. He then uses the same pieces to take down one of the cannons and, later, a gunship. During the final fight, Hulk turns a police car into a pair of impromptu boxing gloves.
  • In the Jean-Claude Van Damme film Sudden Death, he kills a man with a chicken bone (death #2 here).
  • In REC 2 a teenager uses a bottle rocket to take out a zombie.
  • Dunston Checks In has one in the kitchen of a 5-star hotel. Among the implements used are a ladle, a whisk, and a 20-pound bag of coffee beans. And a wine bottle, almost:
    Rutledge brandishes a wine bottle.
    Grant: NO! NO! That's the Chateau Lafite.
    Rutledge: <looks at it> Good year. <puts it away, fighting resumes>
  • Both The Faculty and the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street feature the use of the arm of a paper guillotine as an improbably sharp bladed weapon despite the arm of actual paper guillotines being entirely blunt.
  • In Fatal Contact the Japanese fighter puts nails into his gloves and boots for use against the hero.
  • Occurs in Spy Kids here. Subverted in that the next movie reveals said device is a weapon, though we still don't see it fire.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Watson's pot or hat. See also Holmes' (attempt) with a hammer.
  • In Law Abiding Citizen, all that Clyde wants is his steak. His Porterhouse steak. Turns out, the bone is a pretty effective punch dagger.
  • Zombieland - Jesse Eisenberg's character kills his newly reanimated neighbour with the lid off a toilet cistern.
  • Twice in Captain America: The First Avenger. Skinny, pre-serum Steve uses a trashcan lid as a shield against a bully. And post-serum Steve uses a taxi door as a shield against a Nazi assassin.
  • The 2009 remake of The Last House on the Left: Knives, wine bottle, roofing hammer, ottoman, mattress, lamp, hot water. Then there's the Your Head Asplode moment using a rigged microwave oven.
  • In Crocodile Dundee, the chauffeur who was driving around Mick yanked the in-car phone antenna off of the limo he was driving, and used it as a boomerang to take down a fleeing mook.
  • In If Looks Could Kill, a gold serving tray is used to kill the French finance minister during his meeting with Steranko at the beginning, bashing him upside the head so hard he's knocked out of his chair and send sliding across the floor and into the wall.
  • In Thunderball Bond and Colonel Bouvar attack each other with chairs, bookshelves, upholstery, and a fire poker. (Bonus points to Bond, who only pulled the bookshelf onto Bouvar because his jacket sleeve had been stuck to it with a throwing knife.) Later, in the movie's climax on the Disco Volante, Bond frantically pummels several henchmen with what appears to be a radio officer's headset, repeatedly slams a small hinged door on a fallen goon, and hurls a heavy-looking chair at another one.
    • In The Living Daylights, Necros shows great improvisation skills, infiltrating a MI6 safe house through the kitchen and taking out guards with a headphone cord, rolling pin, electric knife, cooktop, boiling water, and that old standby the cast iron skillet.
  • Sleeper - in a fight with a guard at a futuristic farm, Woody Allen knocks him cold with a strawberry the size of a medicine ball. Earlier he subdued another guard by asphyxiating him with a block of blue cheese.
  • Played for Laughs in Hot Shots Part Deux, when Topper attempts to take out a guard using a bow and arrow. After missing every single shot (which the guard hilariously doesn't notice till he turns to look at the wall behind him), Topper then utilizes a chicken and shoots the guard with it. In another scene, he also "kills" a bunch of random Mooks by simply throwing bullets at them with his hand.
  • In The Raid: Redemption, a group of beleaguered cops blow their way out of a room by building a bomb out of a propane stove and a fridge. In about 10 seconds flat.
  • In the 1992 Brandon Lee movie Rapid Fire, he beats up a pair of crooked FBI agents with a kitchen. Fridge, drawers, doors, cooking implements... he pretty much uses the whole kitchen.
  • There was a reason Thorin in The Hobbit was called Oakenshield, as he literally used an oak branch to protect himself and win against Azog, as shown in An Unexpected Journey. In his second rematch with Azog, he has fashioned an armored gauntlet reinforced with iron fitting out of the same oak branch.
    • Also Gandalf when they were trapped in a tree and being attacked by wargs. He grabs nearby pine cones and ignited them as impromptu firebombs.
  • Iron Man 3 showed that even without his titular armor, Tony will do this to get the job done. With the armor out of reach, he just walks into a hardware store, buys a lot of tools and equipment, and makes a bola, a tranquilizer nailgun, a one-time use stun gun, Christmas bauble grenades/flashbangs, and a glove that functions as a taser.
  • In Now You See Me, when cornered by Rhodes, Jack Wilder fights him off first by flinging burning flash paper at him and, when that doesn't work, throwing playing cards.
  • Pacific Rim: Gipsy Danger uses an oil tanker as an improvised club/sword against Otachi.
    • Earlier, Leatherback and Gypsy take turns with these, with Gypsy getting a face full of crane and Leatherback getting slammed with two storage containers in return. Later, a hydrothermal vent gets used against one of the bigger Kaijus.
  • In The Heat Mullins makes good on her plan to throw a phone book in Julian's face during interrogation. Mullins also uses a watermelon to subdue Rojas.
  • Santa With Muscles contains a few like weed wackers, a stethoscope, and styrofoam candy canes.
  • The Warriors: gang members fight with all manner of improvised weapons and repurposed items. Baseball bats, chains, belts, straight razors, two-by-fours, pipes, and bottles are all featured. In the end, a whole sequence is dedicated to the remaining Warriors preparing for battle with the Rogues by dismantling pipes and wood planks from the building their hiding behind.
  • The ape protagonists of Rise of the Planet of the Apes do this a lot. Wrought-iron fence-poles? They make some pretty handy spears. Manhole cover? Throw it at a cop car and stop it dead in it's tracks. Helicopter door gunner shooting at you? Throw a heavy length of chain at him.
  • Colombiana. The final confrontation between the Action Girl and The Dragon involves towels, and toothbrushes akimbo. In the end The Dragon gets his hands on a pistol, only for her to eject the magazine, field-strip the slide and stab him in the neck with it.
  • In this scene from Beverly Hills Ninja Chris Farley attacks his opponent with fish while Robin Shou (Disguised in Drag) uses a purse and high heels.
  • So Close:
    • After losing her katana, Sue uses a sliced piece of bamboo in the final fight.
    • She also finishes off the Big Bad by firing her grappling hook into his head.
  • Coffy:
    • In one scene, Coffy ties razorblades into her afro hair, in anticipation of trouble. When the big Cat Fight erupts, another woman tries to grab her by the hair, with a gory result.
    • When held captive by the bad guys, Coffy sharpens one of her harpins and then puts it back in her hair. She later uses it to repeatedly stab a guy in the neck.
  • The famous power loader from Aliens is, well, a powered loader, and not intended to be a weapon.
  • Showdown in Little Tokyo. During Murata's fight with The Dragon, they both break off metal bars in the refinery they're fighting in to use as weapons.
  • Adamantium claws as throwing knives in The Wolverine.
  • Once bullets and sharp objects prove unsuccesful in bringing down the eponymous creature in Killer Crocodile, main character has to resort to throwing an entire outboard motor into the thing's mouth. It burrows into the animal's guts, malfunctions, and explodes spectacularly, sending the croc back under the river's surface in flames.

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