Heartwarming: Todd in the Shadows

  • Most, if not all, of his Magfest 2011 Vlog, where he meekly thanks his fans and all the reviewers he met while there. It almost seemed like he was close to tearing up half the time. Aw.
  • The end of his joint review of Head with Pushing Up Roses and Paw Dugan, where they sing "Daydream Believer" while Todd plays it on his keyboard. It really cements the image of the TGWTG Team being one giant group of True Companions.
  • The little spazflail Todd does in the Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2010 when he realizes he can use the lyrics from "Nothin' On You" to win Obscurus Lupa over. Though it doesn't QUITE work out...
  • In his "Ask Todd In The Shadows" thread, when asked if he likes hugs, he proclaimed himself an "epic hugger". Aw...
  • After Lupa declared on her Twitter that she felt worthless and insignificant, Todd replied: "Yeah, you matter to a lot of people. Whatever else you worry about, don't worry about that." So sweet, especially considering Todd's on-camera relationship with Lupa.
  • Also from Twitter, is his tweets from on his birthday. He references his sad birthday shown in the Hannah Montana video and says how loved and happy he is this year. He just seems so... very happy with life. Also extra sweet since in-character Todd seems quite a depressed fellow.
    • And after that, any time he mentioned his relationship (even more when she tweets...)
  • After gay marriage equality passed in New York, Todd tweeted, "Gay marriage passed in NY. Against my better instincts, I'm throwing "Born This Way" onto the stereo." And then, immediately after, "And you know what, f**k it, I'm gonna throw it on a second time." Nice to see Todd will be supportive with a song he must be warming up to.
  • In the Vlog for Captain America, there's a few times when Todd strokes Lindsay's back and shoulder. It's so sweet, especially with how happy and relaxed in general he looks.
  • His defense of Michael Vick in his "Turn Up The Music" review saying that unlike Brown, Vick has paid his debt to society
  • There's a line in his Glitter review about pretty girls who can sing and live in New York. Apply a bit of Reality Subtext and it's fairly clear who he's talking about.
  • This is possibly the most adorable moment between Lindsay and Todd yet. She's sitting at his keyboard, sounding like Beaker doing "Party Rock Anthem".note 
    • Listen closely at the end, he calls her "babydoll"!
    • He and Lindsay, out of character, review "Les Miserable." Lindsay says that everyone should read the book. He says "I've heard that...a lot!" It's obvious that his teasing Lindsay for her love of the book is affectionate, which is further supported by a kiss on her forehead.
  • While filming a scene for the "Give Me Everything" review, Lindsay's pet puppy attempts to chase off Todd after he gets a little too close to Lupa. The three of them find this both hilarious and cute.
  • Todd being upset about how the couple from the "Take On Me" music video had their relationship end in the "Sun Always Shines on TV" music video due to the comic book sketch person reverting back into a comic book sketch. He really cared about that couple and was upset about how it ended.
  • A record number for Todd in We Are Young/Somebody That I Used To Know. This troper almost shed happy tears at the end. Then there was the cut other songs in the top 5, but it was nice to see Todd, who's had to put up with songs like Sexy and I Know It, finally getting a moment of happiness.
    • Subtle one: Todd spent the majority of the review pronouncing Gotye's name wrong (FYI, it's GO-tee-ay), but at the end, after checking out more of his music, Todd finally gets his name right, showing that he's come to really respect, perhaps even LIKE him.
    • Basically the last 5 minutes were one long Crowning Moment of Heartsome.
    • As it turned out, not only did Todd add Somebody That I Used To Know to his top list of that year; but he also declared that Gotye should be the next King of Pop. It's a sweet thought and a nice moment of recognizing a great talent in music that needs more love.
  • The last minutes of "One Hit Wonderland- Come On Eileen".
  • Todd made a tweet about how he finds that dogs are made of love. While it could be applied to most dogs, it's most likely he's referring to Lindsay's Boston terrier.
  • In his "Monster Mash" review, he becomes completely fascinated by the life of Bobby "Boris" Pickett, and when the time comes for the usual "Did he deserve better" segment, he declares that the guy had one of the most amazing lives he's ever heard of.
  • In several tweets, he has referred to Lindsay's dog Kali as his own. They're officially a couple now.
    • Todd often brings up Kali's small size as a thing to admire/ponder on Twitter. Which can be seen as either really cute, or really creepy. Possibly even both.
  • Todd's episode dedicated to Semisonic's "Closing Time," which was essentially a love letter to a band who had an influence on who he is today.
  • The video on "It's Raining Men," where he defends the song as being Narm Charm incarnate, and even manages to make clear that none of his fat jokes about the Weather Girls are anything but good-natured.
  • After being hard on two of Flo Rida's songs - "Club Can't Handle Me" and especially "Whistle", seeing "I Cry" on his Best Hit Songs of 2012 list was rather nice of him.
    • Likewise, after how he certainly wasn't nice to Pitbull's "Back in Time", putting "International Love" on his honorable mentions list was also giving some good credit, even if Chris Brown's act in it was disappointing to him.
  • In his review of We Are The World, he makes it clear that there will be absolutely no jokes about the disaster in Haiti and says that, however narmy they may seem, he has nothing but respect for musicians who try to make a difference with their art. Best summed up with:
    "I will take an insincere display of charity over a genuine display of apathy any day of the week".
  • Title card for his "Who Let the Dogs Out" review, which features a smiling Todd surrounded by happy dogs.
    • And he uses Lindsey's dog, Kali, a couple of times, fussing over it like a father fussing over a baby.
  • In his "You Light Up My Life" review, he says that despite his distaste for Debby Boone's music, he thinks that she is one of the nicest people in the world.
  • Todd warming up to One Republic, saying that they were "off the shit list" (of course, it was at the expense of Imagine Dragons)
  • Even though he's pointed out the Unfortunate Implications of their music several times, Todd does believe the members of One Direction are genuinely nice people and is glad to see them take over the Teen Idol Crown from Justin Bieber.
  • Him relating The Neighborhoods' Sweater Weather to putting puppies in sweaters in his Top 10 Best Songs of 2013 was pretty nice in its own way.
  • Just how happy he was to talk about his favorite songs of 2013, especially in regards to "#Beautiful", "Suit and Tie", "Treasure", and "Get Lucky".
  • The day that JewWario (Justin Carmical) committed suicide, Todd posted the following tweets:
    Anyone who knows me knows I'm not good with emotional shit. Which is why not many people know me. I wanna say something, I don't know what.
    But the common thread you'll see in all the memorials to Justin is this: He made people happy. He was just a joy to be around.
    And I know so many people, so very many, who Justin offered a shoulder to cry on during rough times. He was that kind of a guy.
    And all of us, me, you, everyone, could stand to be more like Justin in that regard.
    • The opening bits of his Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2013 were recorded soon after the incident. There's visible subtext in Todd's drinking, and he admitted on Twitter that even the cameos were likely drunk when recording their footage. Which only adds strength to Kyle's insistence that he continue to acknowledge the positive elements of the year's music, as well as his friends and fans.
  • Sometime in 2014, Todd contracted MRSA again and it appears as though he could have persister bacteria, meaning he could get MRSA over and over again. He asked his title card artist on Twitter if he was going to die and his fans flocked to support him when it seemed like he was genuinely terrified about what might happen to him.
  • Much like how he grew to admire Pickett despite knowing little about him at first, his newfound adoration of Biz Markie while reviewing "Just a Friend." As technically bad as the song is, Markie himself is just a tremendously lovable teddy bear, and Todd completely goes with it.
  • Despite his distaste for "All About That Bass," he makes clear that he has nothing but support for its message.
  • While reviewing the Dick Tracy film for "Cinemadonna," he pauses in his bashing of the film to note that in the middle of all the crappiness, Madonna herself is a shining beacon of talent and gives easily the best performance of her acting career.
  • Admitting that he doesn't hate Shawn Mullins' "Lullaby" nearly as much as you'd think given his thoughts on certain similar songs.
  • Even though it becomes a subversion, seeing his enthusiastic support for "Blank Space" is rather nice. And he still holds out hope that the song (officially a parody of Swift's media portrayal) has some honest Reality Subtext about herself, even after her statements call the song a joke.
  • Much like how he was happy after talking about the songs from 2013 that he enjoyed so much, after having to endure 2014, a year he considered even worse for music, it was great seeing how thrilled he was to talk about how 2014 had a very happy ending with the song that made the #1 spot on his Best Hit Songs of 2014 list, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk".
  • His tweet early in 2015 where he states he already has 3 songs contending for the best song of 2015, followed by "I love music". It's nice to see that he is enjoying pop music again after the terrible years 2013 and 2014.
  • His "relationship" with Katy Perry can be seen as this. At the beginning of Todd's career, Katy Perry was a guilty pleasure of his. In 2012 when he was ready to just submit to, she released numerous songs he couldn't get into at all, which Todd attributes to her divorce from Russell Brand at the time. Todd declares at the beginning of 2013 that he has "divorced" Katy Perry because he doesn't enjoy her new music. He found himself being very scathing of Perry throughout 2014, but then came crawling back in 2015 to declare Birthday one of his favorite songs of the previous year. Almost like a real couple. But in pop music form.
  • Todd's willingness to accept Chris Brown, a person he had previously harshly berated for his infamous assault of Rihanna, back into the pop music world at the beginning of his Deuces review. That is of course, before he realizes that Deuces is one of the douchebaggiest songs he's ever heard.