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Nightmare Fuel: Todd in the Shadows
  • At the end of his "Tonight..." review, after the credits, audio from a Youtube Poop (this one) of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode he referenced earlier is played over a black screen. It was later cut.
    "...And rape." *screaming* "...And rape. *more screaming* "...And rape."
  • The Scare Chord introducing Nickleback in his "Worst Hits of 2004" video.
  • The D.L. incident.
  • In his "Worst Songs of 1987" list, he combines Europe's "Carrie" with well...
  • Near the end of his OHW video of Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" wondering what happened to him.
    Todd: "No interviews, no 'where are they now's, no public appearances. Apparently he's trying to make sure, once and for all, nobody's watching him, or maybe.... they got him."
    • What makes this even more jarring is that the music subtly cuts out while he's talking about Rockwell's apparent disappearance.
  • Todd reaches the conclusion of his "Pop Song Chords" running gag in the "Counting Stars/Demons" review by screaming "AAAAAH!" with no warning.
  • His appearance in general is somewhat unsettling, of a shadowed man sitting at a piano.
  • Todd's piano cover of "Whip My Hair", which somehow makes a banal rap song into something out of an old horror movie.
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