Trivia: Todd in the Shadows

  • Colbert Bump: His appearance in the Atop the Fourth Wall KISS episode. Todd even got his main page spot after it!
  • Creator Couple: He and Lindsay "The Nostalgia Chick" Ellis are dating and frequently help script each other's videos.
  • Defictionalization: Krin drew Todd reviewing "Like a G6". This gave her a job as his title artist, and caused Todd to go after the song and actually review it.
  • Executive Meddling: He used "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift as his bumper music for the "Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2013" video. Shortly afterwards, Blip told him that he had to take out and replace the bumper music, and he could not use copyrighted music as bumper music from then on. However, Blip must've changed their minds, since now it's back.
  • No Budget:
    • In the "Like a G6/Whip My Hair" commentary, he points out that most of his props - biggest being the microphone, and mic stand - belong to his roommate.
    • In the first video after moving out, Todd says his roommate probably got tired of him stealing his stuff... and his jokes.
  • Old Shame: His first two reviews.
    • In the comments for the "Tik Tok" review, he says that he doesn't like how any of his Ke$ha reviews turned out because he feels he comes across as sexist.
  • One of Us: He is very aware of the fact that he has a TV Tropes page, and says he is beyond flattered to have one when several other TGWTG contributors don't. He frequently refers to TV Tropes on his Twitter page. Including one tweet where he claimed to have written for his own Fetish Fuel page, prior to Fetish Fuel's move. He's probably lying, though. Probably. He admitted in a commentary video that he doesn't visit the site all that often, but it is a good inspiration for a joke now and then, such as the "How I Met Your Mother" clip in his "O.M.G" review.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Todd actually started his reviews with the goal of getting a small chance to join TGWTG.
  • Rule 34—Creator Reactions: Shortly after joining the site, Todd mentioned in an interview for Transmission Awesome (Episode 48) that he was quite looking forward to seeing what kind of depraved fanart and fanfiction involving him might crop up. And in "S&M", Todd mentions that sadomachism itself isn't so weird considering he's seen porn of himself.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers:
    • Youtube's policies towards Warner Music properties forced Todd to put "Whatcha Say" on Dailymotion rather than YouTube.
    Bite me, WMG.
    • In January 2013, Blip told him that he couldn't use bumper music in his Best of/Worst of lists anymore. As long as he's talking specifically about the song it's fine, but being used to transition from one section to another is now a no-no.
      • Though this may have been reversed, as of 2015, bumper music for the Best and Worst lists of 2013 have been restored, at least on his blip page videos.
      • However, he was forced to replace the bumper music to his Worst of 2014 list. It is likely it was just replaced back after the video slipped through the radar.
  • Schedule Slip: While he doesn't have a precise schedule, his Best and Worst songs are usually posted within a week or two of the new year. The Worst of 2013 was a week late, and the best one was half a week late.
  • Talking to Himself: Todd does Jesus' voice in "Just a Kiss".
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to the commentary for "O.M.G.", Todd originally planned to feature cameos from other TGWTG contributors and give them good reason to hate him, such as trying to convert The Distressed Watcher to Mormonism and convincing Linkara that One More Day was a good thing.
    • He was going to review "California Gurls", but didn't want to admit that he loved it. His review of "Best Song Ever" seems to be a good example of what it would have been like.
    • In the commentary for "Whip My Hair", Todd mentions he wanted to use a shot where the Hannah Montana wig got stuck in the microphone after being thrown, but it wasn't good enough.