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Awesome: Todd in the Shadows
  • Managing to rap the Preamble in his "Do You Remember" review
  • His words to Chris Brown while reviewing his atrocious single, "Deuces".
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but in his Best Hits Of 2010, he references 2010: The Year We Make Contact and Doctor Who. Despite the fact that he had a long diatribe about us and his fellows being nerds.
  • "A woman is more than her body, Taylor." No further explanation is needed.
    • In the same video, he displays to us how truly great of a critic he is by telling us a story about a girl he dated, and broke up with at a dance. The emotion in his voice is almost genuine and you really do believe him... then he reveals that that didn't happen to him at all, and he was describing a scene in Saved by the Bell. Which is why he hates the song: his revealing that his story was bullshit made the story lose any and all emotional impact it had, because he's telling you to feel sad because he feels sad that the kid in that episode felt sad, and that is exactly what Taylor Swift herself is doing in that song: she wants you to feel sad that she feels sad that Abigail feels sad, and it's hard to feel sad at all because Taylor is telling a different girl's story.
  • On Spoony's Vlog during MAGfest, you get to hear Todd sing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears For Fears on Rock Band. And OWN it.
    • Todd himself said that the original singing over his voice made him sound better than he actually is. Not an excuse for the awesomeness of this cover, though.
    • There's a moment in the "Walking in Memphis" video where he comes up with a parody of the chorus on the spot, and not only make it funny, but also manages to sing it pretty good despite the fact that he isn't really trying to make it sound good.
  • Todd calls out the pop music industry for forcing Cee Lo Green to only be able to hit the top ten using Glee, yet the horrible "Tonight I'm Loving/Fucking You" gets in without problem.
  • Would it be cheating to say that whenever Todd plays a piano version of the song he's reviewing, it's a special moment altogether.
  • Todd figuring out how to play "Whip My Hair" on his piano by ear.note 
  • Real life example: Finding a way to happily date one of his co-workers, who travels the country on a regular basis and doesn't even live in the same state. For those of us who have tried long-distance relationships, this is definitely a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Todd.
  • Him calling out Bruno Mars on his opinions towards college.
  • After being persuaded by Kyle to continue his review of "Sexy and I Know It", Todd switches to Kyle's more academic, analytical style and gives an impressively solid critique of how insulting and damaging the underlying message of the song is (basically, that the idea of men being physically attractive is laughable). Of course, he then gives up again and declares that song "sucks because it sucks", but the effort (he carries it on for five minutes) at least made it clear that his hatred for the song was more than just a knee-jerk response. Bonus points for contrasting it against Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" and explaining in detail what that song did right.
  • Going to Washington, D.C. with The Nostalgia Chick to take on SOPA.
  • After a failed attempt to take the top spot on Todd's Top Songs of 2010 List, Todd rounds out his 2011 list with two simple words: FUCK YOU.
  • His "review" of Chris Brown's "Turn Up The Music", in which he barely mentions the song itself and spends the rest of the video again explaining why Chris Brown is a terrible human being. The best part is that it's not just a "Chris Brown sucks" rant, but rather an eloquent yet enraged speech that discusses all the aspects that make Chris Brown's current presence in the media and so-called "forgiven" status by some fans and mainstream America completely unacceptable. It's truly a noteworthy video from Todd that shows he is intelligent and understands a large part of the general public's disgust with Brown.
    • What makes it even better is that his half-a-minute mention of the song itself is all he needed to do— there's nothing else to say about it, it's that pointless.
      • Which is overall his point about Chris Brown—there is nothing about him stand out more than any other R&B singer. Todd mentions that while there was controversy with Michael Jackson, he at least had done landmark things that changed the music industry, whereas Brown is just generic for his chosen genre.
      • Also, he announces his tumblr—Trolling Chris Brown, where fan can submit trolls of their own (mostly mocking his twitter posts). On that tumblr is an even longer and stronger rant about the "Team Breezy" aka Chris' fans who not only have forgiven him but love to demonize Rhianna/say she deserved what she got, with references to the movie Mean Girls and why he hates when girls act like that to each other.
      • Todd weighs in on the scandal that caused Chris Brown to delete his Twitter account.
  • When he actually analyzes Back In Time, and picks out a few REALLY obscure references to "Men In Black" in the lyrics. Granted, one of them is a joke, but the fact that he was able to connect it to Men In Black is kind of awesome.
  • Calling out the mean-spirited "Want U Back" (a song in which the narrator actively tries to destroy her ex's happy relationship) as being about "a look into the mind of an immature little shit and her every ugly little thought, dressed up in a shiny pop package".
    Todd: This is probably the only kind of breakup song that a snotty, in-your-face teen like Cher Lloyd could've performed credibly, but just because she sounds believable doesn't make it any more listenable.
    • And from his Top Ten Worst Songs of 2012 list where this song ranks, he imitates Cher Lloyd: "(in a British accent) It's the sound of trying too hard. *blows raspberry*"
  • He pretty much flips his shit while listening to 'Why' by Jadakiss, which asks (among other things) why Bush 'knock down the towers' and called Kobe Bryant's rape victim a whore.
  • Pointing out that the beloved 1980's movie Dirty Dancing is about a teenage girl losing her virginity to a womanizing older man.
  • 'Little Things' is one long Take That to One Direction for writing songs that sound like they're trying to be romantic and supportive, but will in reality only make their listeners feel worse about themselves.
  • Calling out Dr. Dre for his use of a homophobic slur. Also became a Crowning Moment of Funny when he pointed out that some of the lyrics made it sound like he and Eminem were hot for each other.
    Todd: Also, you know what they say about glass houses...
  • Calling out the sexism of Beyoncé's "If I Were A Boy" in his Worst of 2009 list.
  • In his review of Feel This Moment calling out Pitbull's blatant sampling, and countering by sampling himself. The best thing? Most of his sampled insults still feel like they're relevant to the review.
  • In his "Cruise" review, he calls out Florida Georgia Line for not stopping at Stop Signs
  • EMF actually wrote to Todd saying they liked his "One Hit Wonderland" episode of their hit, "Unbelievable". Todd was admittedly confused, but even so.
  • Todd explaining why Blurred Lines is a bad song, in particular his rant about how the video is degrading.
  • Calling out Alicia Keys for stealing the phrase "Girl on Fire" from The Hunger Games
  • Considering how large a fanbase Wizards of Waverly Place has, Todd deserves props for being honest and to the point about his opinion on the show.
    • Doubly goes with his opinion on Glee.
  • Having many times expressed his utter disdain for One Direction as a group, being able to admit how much he liked 'Best Song Ever' was very big of him.
    • He later went on record to say that not only are they nice people, but he had Best Song Ever on his Top 10 List.
  • Whenever he mocked or was disappointed by a artist in an earlier video, only for them to turn around and make a song that Todd gushes over.
  • Todd actually got mentioned and quoted in a Yahoo! article! Specifically, one about the 25th anniversary of U2's Rattle & Hum.
  • Similarly, this review of Zac Brown Band's "Jump Right In" name-drops both Todd and the term "white guy with acoustic guitar". (Bonus: It was written by a troper.)
  • The Ten Worst Songs of 2013, as he declares once and for all that it was one of the worst music years ever, and even talks about how he wanted to do a full video on his #1 pick, Katy Perry's "Roar", but it doesn't even give him anything to talk about.
    • After years of being impressed and annoyed by Drake, him finally coming out and calling Drake "the most inconsistent waste of talent."
  • In 2013 Todd created a second Twitter account called "MacklePhil", which retweeted examples of people claiming that praising Macklemore for his support of gay marriage doesn't make sense because Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" was harshly criticized for saying his opinion about it. Because saying you support gay marriage and that you don't are the same thing. What makes it awesome is that Todd retweeted so many examples that, come the Grammies, the account reached its retweeting limit. Shortly afterward, "MacklePhil" was suspended for too many retweets. Todd couldn't stop laughing.
  • His review of Jason Derulo's abysmal and sexist single "Talk Dirty". Among the highlights:
    • Calling out Jason on his mentality of "seeing the world as a Baskin-Robbins menu of flavors of different girls, which is mild-to-moderately offensive".
    • And for visiting Rio de Janeiro and not noticing the anti-government riots there.
    • And for visiting Haiti, one of the most desperately needy nations in the western hemisphere, just to score chicks.
    • Calling out the racism of having an Asian sterotype- even better, Todd was ready to leave before then, and when he hears it, he dashes into the room.
  • Despite feeling 2013 was a VERY weak year for pop music, it's quite impressive that he was able to put together a best list of 10 songs he really liked with no filler picks. Other music reviewers weren't able to pull that off.
  • Calling out Iggy Azalea for appropriation of hip hop culture when she's not even American (she's Australian) and also for being repeatedly insensitive.
  • The review of Magic!'s "Rude" has a great ending: when Todd hears the line "but no still means no", he goes on a rant about how awful the narrator of the song is, and how he just can't take no for an answer. He says something akin to "who can't understand that 'no means no'", pauses, then leaves the room in disgust. It possibly implies that Todd just compared the narrator to Robin Thicke. That takes a lot of courage consider how big Rude was at the time and how it hasn't got half the controversy that Blurred Lines did.
  • In his episode of One Hit Wonderland on Snow's "Informer", even though he admits he doesn't really like the guy, thinks of the In Living Color! skit on him as way too harsh, especially in comparison to their more gentle skits on Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice.
  • Determining to review every movie Madonna has been in. To specify, this doesn't just include her numerous star vehicles, but even ones where she had a supporting role. Including her Old Shame appearance in the no budget (and no talent) film ''A Certain Sacrifice."
  • In the "Shake it Off" video, Todd calling Taylor Swift out yet again for her inability to take criticism.

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