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YMMV: Todd in the Shadows
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: A dude on That Guy with the Glasses sits in shadow wearing a hoodie and complaining about horrible pop songs. Despite this, Todd has become one of the more popular critics on TGWTG.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Adding Zedd's "Clarity" to his honorable mentions of 2013 after several remarks about EDM music.
  • Award Snub: Inverted; regarding Todd's list of Top 10 Worst Songs of 2013, a lot of fans felt that "Bitches Love Me" should have been higher than #5, especially since the higher choices like "Demons" and "Roar" were so much less misogynistic and disgusting. Todd himself later admitted on Twitter that he should have put it higher, but hadn't because he was in a rush to finish the video.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • During his diatribe against awful Britpop in his review of "Want U Back", he cited as examples the Romanian pop duo The Cheeky Girls, whose accents at least should have been a hint, and the Irish twin act Jedward - though the latter is more forgivable as they broke out on a UK talent show.
    • The "Worst of 2004" features him ripping Lloyd for a line about "bulldoggin' hoes like them Georgetown Hoyas." The fact that this line was bitten from OutKast's hit "Rosa Parks" goes unmentioned.
    • In his "Deuces" review, he says Ashlee Simpson was kicked out of the pop world for lip-syncing. Ashlee had three more hits from her next album after the incident.
    • In his "Black and Yellow" review, he does his Finish The Rhyme bit with Wiz Khalifa's line "And my car look unapproachable", which he ends by mocking him for not even trying to come up with a good rhyme in the next line. However, Wiz had actually rhymed it (though stretching it painfully) with the two previous lines, one of which Todd had even played beforehand: "Stay fly like I'm supposed to do".
    • Cited the "Marvin Gaye sample" in his "Blurred Lines" review. There's no sample credited in the song. Pharrell was actually able to pull off a Suspiciously Similar Song to the Gaye song in question (he and Robin Thicke are now suing Gaye's estate over it) so it's understandable that Todd and a large part of the Web were fooled.
      • He also stated that all three were happily married men when Pharrell was only engaged at the time. (It's likely Todd got confused by an interview Thicke gave where he sarcastically claimed "all three of us are happily married with children" while doing a bad Ron Burgundy impression.)
    • When talking about "Take Care", he mentions Jamie XX's version of "I'll Take Care of You" came out in 2011, but fails to mention that the song that he was talking about also came out in 2011, despite it being his #1 song of 2012, (although the single was released in 2012). He also fails to mention that XX produced the song.
    • In his "Holy Grail" review he says Justin Timberlake had never had a flop before Runner Runner. Considering Justin was in The Love Guru, Bad Teacher and In Time, Todd seems to have dropped the ball.
    • During his diatribe against Nu Metal, Todd lists Three Days Grace as one of the bands. Three Days Grace are a Post-Grunge and Alternative Metal band, not Nu Metal.
      • He also lists Crossfade and Puddle of Mudd in there; they're both also Post-Grunge bands.
    • He mentions several times that Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" chart success was attributed to Glee covering it. He fails to mention that the song's resurgence was around the time it was nominated for Record and Song of the Year at the Grammys which may have contributed more to its success.
    • As mentioned below, he calls "Demons" a sell-out despite the song coming out long before the band's success.
      • This is even Lampshaded in his worst of 2013 list where he hilariously claims it to be the result of time traveling.
    Todd: Goddamn it, quit time-traveling, Imagine Dragons! How am I supposed to like a band that breaks the laws of physics? Screw you, lawbreakers!
    • He mentions Fall Out Boy seems to always be competing with Panic! at the Disco, despite the fact both bands are signed to the same record label, and members of Panic! are actually big Fall Out Boy fans (in fact it was thanks to FOB that Panic!'s music career got kick-started).
      • He also seems to take "I Don't Care" at face value, when it's actually meant to be satire.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Manages to do a pretty good piano cover of whatever song he's about to review, whenever the episode starts.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • During his review of "Turn Up the Music", the description of Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna is used as this.
    • In his review of "Best Song Ever," he basically compares 90s boy bands to Hitler and Stalin, throughly lampshading it.
    Todd: Now I do realize that I can say controversial things sometimes, but I think we can all agree, comparing the Backstreet Boys to Hitler is entirely accurate and proportional."
  • Fridge Brilliance: Did you notice how he performed Friday in a much less mocking manner than most TGWTG cast members? Do you recall when he told his fans on Twitter that he wasn't going to make fun of the song, as "at this point, it would just be cruel"? He gave his word.
    • In his One Hit Wonder review of Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting", his suggestion that the song's lyrics sound like the excited babble of a young fanboy who's just come out of a kung fu film set to music. And also his reasoning to support his theory that black Americans in the seventies loved kung fu films.
    • Todd gets roped into reviewing Crossroads with the Nostalgia Chick after she tries her hand at playing "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman". While she wasn't doing it well, there may be another underlying reason for him to intervene, given a musical taste he established in his later Worst Songs of 2011 review. He prevented the Chick, who is definitely white, from playing the piano.
    • At the end of the "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" review, he plays Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"... in particular, the part that was sampled in Kanye West's "Stronger", which similarly referenced Nietzsche's famous quote.
  • Fridge Logic: He accuses Imagine Dragons of selling out with "Demons". The song is on the same album as "It's Time", which Todd loves, and he never explains how you can sell out on a song that you wrote before you had any success. He acknowledged it during his "Worst of 2013" list, and could only come up with two answers: a) Time Travel, and b) admitting that he had seriously misjudged Imagine Dragons as a band.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: His Best of 2013 video begins with him absolutely miserable over the selection of pop songs in 2013. It was supposed to be humorous, but the suicide of Justin Carmical later that week resulting from overwhelming depression cast a disturbing light over the scene.
    • On the same note, Todd's running gag of committing suicide for his first few episodes
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks: He briefly came under fire for his attitude towards the adult alternative genre after he explained it at length in "The Lazy Song" review.
    • Todd has also received several accusations of being homophobic for his negative reviews of "Alejandro" and "Born This Way".
    • He's been getting torn apart on Tumblr after he stated on Twitter how much he hates Wreck-It Ralph, Divergent, and American Hustle. He didn't like Man of Steel, but respects it and its fanbase. Also, while he disliked The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug because of its lack of focus on Bilbo, he praised the acting from Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Armitage.
    • He's also gotten some backlash from frustrated EDM fans after he called the genre "boring" and "having no personality to it" during the "Wrecking Ball" review. Not helping this is that Todd's alluded in the past to possibly not liking well respected electronic music artists like Deadmau5 and Daft Punk (at least until Daft Punk went with a more disco/pop approach with Random Access Memories, which Todd did admit to liking a lot in his "Blurred Lines" review), and in his "Worst Songs of 2013" list, he had Zedd's "Stay The Night," a song that got a lot of critical acclaim from both EDM fans and music critics, as a "dishonorable mention" for being bad due to the repetitive lyrics (even though this is a commonplace thing in vocal EDM in general). He also made a potshot against Swedish House Mafia, which didn't exactly help his case.
    • He's been getting backlash from Fall Out Boy fans after putting "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'Em Up)" on his "Worst Songs of 2013" list, despite saying that he likes Fall Out Boy and many of their songs, such as "Dance Dance". To be fair, he stated in the video that he was expecting backlash, and what most people took issue with was that Todd called them assholes when they're actually nice and adorkable guys.
    • Todd's "Worst of 2013" list has received a fair bit of scrutiny, notably mostly because Todd listed other songs but didn't bring up any of Miley Cyrus' music, even though he'd given a scathing review of two of her singles, and "Blurred Lines", which Todd gave a scathing review, only had a passing mention.
    • Averted with the film of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which he expected this to happen prior to seeing it. Averted because after seeing it, he declared it the best film of 2013. Ditto with The LEGO Movie.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In his countdown of the top 10 worst pop songs of 2009, he describes "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus as the kind of song they get American Idol winners to sing. Later, the winner of The X Factor (the UK equivalent to Idol), released a cover of "The Climb" as his debut single.
    • In his review of "Imma Be", he made a joke about Fergie's dubious authenticity by playing an acoustic version of "My Humps". Guess who's planning an acoustic album? No, not Fergie. Worse.
    • Todd's review of the Britney Spears song "3" from 2009. In the TGWTG fandom, Todd is often part of a popular OT3 series, where he's paired with Pushing Up Roses and Paw.
      • In the same review, he expresses disbelief that women find two men together hot. Suffice to say, the fandom has proved him wrong on that one.
    • At one point in "Club Can't Handle Me," he sings a few lines from Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" before realizing he's got the wrong song. Then a bootlegger came up with just the same idea...
    • In his Q&A thread in the That Guy with the Glasses forums, we have this wonderful gem from June 2010.
    What, you mean like the admins? I've talked to Bhargav, he walked me through the process of uploading my videos to TGWTG and he also politely informed that no, he didn't think I had a chance of dating The Nostalgia Chick. Does that count?
    • He once (reviewing "Like A G6") used the term "Oriental" to describe East Asians, unaware it could be taken as a slur. He eventually reviewed "Born This Way" which got Lady Gaga in trouble for exactly the same thing.
    • When reviewing "Empire State Of Mind" for the list of his favorite songs of 2010, he pointed out the tendency for the people he's met from New York (the one time he's been there) to claim to be superior over the slightest things, and eventually finds he identifies with the idea. Guess which state's residents he's been spending a lot of time with lately? And where he eventually moved?
    • In his "Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 1976," he mentions a few soft rock singers that he likes, but stops just short of Michael Bolton, saying that he would still pick him over Peter Cetera. About a month later, Michael Bolton's guest spot on Jack Sparrow made him more popular than any of the other singers mentioned.
      • To prove the point further, Todd mentioned in the "Give Me Everything" review that the song needed someone to liven it up, using Bolton on that very song as his final example.
    • In his "Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 1987" list, he says that he likes "Tonight" and "Tonight, Tonight", but "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" is too many tonights for him. He probably wasn't expecting Hot Chelle Rae to put his theory to the test before even a year had passed. (Not to mention "Tonight..." (I'm Fucking You) in the same year.)
      • To prove the point further, he ends the review of HCR's song with "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"!
      • And if that wasn't enough, "Tonight..." and "Tonight, Tonight" were his two least favorite songs of 2011.
      • In the same episode, he even cites this trope by name when he mentioned Lionel Ritchie's song to his daughter, "Ballerina Girl."
    • Speaking of "Tonight...", back in his review of "We Are the World 25" Todd claimed that Enrique's Latin Lover shtick was beginning to wear thin. 1 year later...
    • Back in his review of 'Grenade', Todd used a joke where he accidentally shows a picture of Brüno instead of Bruno Mars in the opening bit. Royce Da 5'9" made a similar reference at the end of his verse in 'Lighters' (which had Mars on the chorus), reviewed by Todd nearly a year later.
    • In his review of Timbaland and Justin Timberlake's "Carryout," Todd says that if James Cameron spent millions on CGI for a film with nothing but a guy getting hit in the nuts, it still would have been better than Avatar. Todd would later make a video about the Top Ten Groin Shots in Movies.
    • In his "Replay" review, Todd complains about the "Vaguely foreign, reedy-voiced R&B singers" and asks for the Boy Bands to make a return. Two years later, guess what group is topping the album and singles charts worldwide? Not to mention, other groups are having similar but significantly less success.
    • In his Top 10 of 2010, he declared Neon Trees weren't going to get another hit after "Animal", two years later, they returned to the Top 40 with "Everybody Talks".
    • When reviewing Bruno Mars's "The Lazy Song", he derided it as a typical "white guy on acoustic guitar" song, despite how Bruno is not white and possibly not a guy. In a later review, he pointed out that his Distaff Counterpart to the genre is "white chick on piano". Is it any wonder that when Bruno later released a piano ballad note , he firmly established himself as a man in the title?
    • During his "Firework"/"Born This Way" review, he begins thinking of a parody of the former and tells "Weird Al" Yankovic to watch out. Al ended up parodying the latter instead.
    • Declaring he would never review another Kesha song becomes funny after "Die Young" made his list of best songs of 2012.
    • In his "Worst of 2004" list, when Lloyd makes a reference to Georgetown in "Southside", Todd says "Georgetown Hoyas. Big East Conference" In 2013, Georgetown left the Big East to join the new Catholic 7.
    • In his review of "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner, his lists a number of things cooler than Mike Posner. One being the Bill Engvall Show. Now it's safe to say that someone from that show is indeed cooler than Posner. Made even more hilarious by the fact that Engvall's show has become a footnote remembered almost solely for launching Lawrence's career.
    • In his Top 10 of 2012, he declared Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's kid was going to be seriously screwed and it looks like he's on his way to being right considering reports that they named their daughter North West.
    • Similar to the "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" example above, Todd used the song "Time of My Life" for the credits to the "Worst Hit Songs of 1987" video. He probably didn't expect the Black Eyed Peas to sample that song and run with it in "The Time (Dirty Bit)" half a year later.
    • For yet another credits example (and possible Foreshadowing), Todd ended the "Want U Back" review with a heavily censored version of Eamon's "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)". Just a few months later, it's on his "Worst Hit Songs of 2004" list.
    • In his "Blurred Lines" review, he says if Robin Thicke wants to be Justin Timberlake "He should start hosting Saturday Night Live and stop talking to other members of *NSYNC". This becomes funny when it was revealed Timberlake initiated the *NSYNC reunion at the 2013 VMAs.
      • Also hilarious: in spite of said reunion, it was Thicke's performance with Miley Cyrus that made more headlines following the show (albeit, negative ones).
    • In the beginning of his Hannah Montana: The Movie review, Todd mentioned that, because "Can't Be Tamed" wasn't a hit (despite fan requests for him to review it), he wasn't sure if Miley Cyrus would ever have a career again. Well, fast-forward to 2013, and after both "We Can't Stop" and her VMAs performance, it's safe to say that Miley Cyrus certain has made an infamous return.
    • When he reviews fun.'s "We Are Young", he commented that they were trying to emulate Queen. It's been announced that Nate Ruess will be performing with Queen at the iHeartRadio festival. Too bad Freddie Mercury cannot perform with them to drive in the Freddie/Nate comparison...
    • In his "Back in Time" review, he says that there are soundtrack hits that make you think of the movie anymore. A year later that changed when Anna Kendrick's "Cups" became a huge hit that firmly makes people think of Pitch Perfect. Made even more hilarious with the success of "Let It Go" and "Happy".
    • All the way back in his third video, he mocks the idea that a celebrity like Miley Cyrus could be as unused to L.A. life as she claims to be in "Party in the USA", speculating that she was probably snorting cocaine with the Jonas Brothers before recording the song. Four years later, when reviewing "We Can't Stop", he is actually surprised when she puts a cocaine reference in the lyrics.
    • In his Worst of 2012 video when discussing "The Motto", he says "If You Only Live Once is your motto, try to sound more enthused about it". Not long after did The Lonely Island and Adam Levine release their version of the song, the Hamtastic "YOLO"
    • In his Worst of 1976 list, Todd is upset that two novelty songs ("Disco Duck" and "Convoy") hit #1. His Worst of 2012 list has him upset that a novelty song ("Gangnam Style") did not hit #1
    • In his review of "Titanium", Todd says that David Guetta was leading us all into our "bland, boring, robot future. I approve!" A year later, he's lamenting how pop music in 2013 was just boring EDM.
    • In the "Top Ten Songs About Mediocre Romance", Nostalgia Chick tells Obscurus Lupa to back off from Todd by quoting "Super Bass" ("You'll get slapped if you' lookin', ho!"). A year later, in the "Want U Back" review, when Todd goes on a "date" with Lupa and asks her about Nicki Minaj, Lupa says she thinks she knows who she is.
    • In his Best of 2012 video, he notes that in comparison to the iconic sounding 2012, 2013 "just sounds lame." As it turns out, he would find the entire year to be just that when it came to pop music.
    • The description for the "Party Rock Anthem" review says that LMFAO want to "Party all the time". Half a year later, Todd covered "Party All the Time" on One Hit Wonderland.
    • When listing "Meet Me Halfway" as one of his Top Eleven Best Hit Songs of 2009, he says "Yes! That's right! Two Black Eyed Peas songs on the list! And you know what you can do about it? NOTHING!" Well, aside from inform him that "Meet Me Halfway" didn't meet the list's criteria until 2010, which he later admitted.
      • However, starting with the "Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2012", Todd had expanded the eligibility criteria for his Best and Worst lists to include any single that peaks within the Top 20 during the year in question.
    • In the Worst of 2013 Video, he claims that Justin Bieber isn't worth talking about anymore unless he does something really bad. Barely a week after the video came out, Justin Bieber was arrested for drunk driving in Florida, and needless to say, there was another media circus.
    • He says Fergie sounds like she's doing a Cartman impression on "Boom Boom Pow." In a South Park episode two years later, Butters does a brief karaoke version of Fergie's verse on said song.
    • In his One Hit Wonderland on "Baby Got Back," he says that Sir-Mix-A-Lot was, as of April 2012, the only rap star to break out of Seattle. Within a year, Macklemore would burst onto the music scene and become more successful than Sir-Mix-A-Lot ever was.
    • On Twitter, Todd compared Pharrell's "Happy" to Cee-Lo's "Fuck You". One can only imagine how he felt when Gwyneth Paltrow also covered "Happy" on Glee, and even more so when Pharrell replaced Cee-Lo on The Voice.
    • In his "Worst of 2013", Todd's apology to Ed Sheeran becomes funnier after he said on Twitter that he really enjoys "Sing"
  • Hype Backlash: His reaction to "Call Me Maybe" and is the major reason he dislikes it.
  • Like You Would Really Stab Yourself In The Hand With Your Own Machete During Your Review Of Grenade
  • Misaimed Fandom: The Shipteasing between Todd and Obscurus Lupa was played for laughs, yet the shipping is occasionally taken at face value by fans.
  • Nightmare Fuel: See here.
  • One True Threesome: As mentioned, a large percentage of TGWTG fanfic that involves Todd is him in an OT 3 with frequent collaborators, Paw and Roses.
  • Ship Sinking: The Nostalgia Chick/Todd/Obscurus Lupa triangle is completely sunk during and after To Boldly Flee.
  • Squick: Judging by the comments on his old YouTube page, quite a few people were grossed out by him Erotically Eating fast food. So was he apparently, that shit got everywhere according to the outtakes.
    • The numerous clips of gorillas mating in the "Gorilla" review. Justified in that that was the point (to show how unattractive the metaphor proposed in the song is), but that doesn't make it any less difficult to watch.
  • The Team Normal: Todd's show has minimal production values, no special effects, only one storyline involving a Love Triangle, and the only character is Todd himself, who is just a pretty depressed guy in his bedroom talking about music without the elaborate technology or magical powers of his fellows, in stark contrast to the increasingly elaborate reviewers such as Linkara, Diamanda Hagan and The Nostalgia Critic. In many ways it's the second most straightforward review show on the site (first being the Rap Critic).
  • Tear Jerker: In the "Mr. Awesome Goes to Washington" video, Todd's voice breaks slightly as he explains what the That Guy with the Glasses site means to him, and how SOPA could severely damage it.
    • His drunken breakdown at the start of the Best of 2013 vid. He starts playing The Monster on his piano, but it degenerates until he starts smashing random keys and eventually headdesks on his keyboard. When Kyle and Paw try and cheer him up, he takes out a huge bottle and starts drinking. The Reality Subtext of Justin Carmical's death really doesn't help.note 
  • Unacceptable Targets: Any beloved cult band that Todd hates, such as Depeche Mode. He tells fans to save their hate mail, citing it as the reason he usually goes after teeny-bopper pop.
  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • He described an outfit worn by Justin Bieber as the "least heterosexual" he has ever seen.
    • One of the reasons he dislikes "I Like It" is because Enrique Iglesias sounds "really gay" on it.
    • Americans disliked his multiple references to East Asian people as "Orientals" on "Like A G6". Apparently, he didn't realize the connotations it has in most of America.
    • His over-the-top dissertations on shock value in pop music (such as "3," the Ke$ha reviews, and Lady Gaga's works) made him look like a Heteronormative Crusader.
    • Declaring the girl from Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise" is a ho, despite the fact that she's only described as wearing a bikini and having long tan legs (although to be fair, given that his point was less that the girl in question was a ho and more that women in such songs are hardly ever thought of as equals and more as sex objects/hos, the point still stands).
    • In the "Gorilla" review, he said that most people don't find gorillas to be attractive, with the exception of Noodle. While he's right, more than one fan thought that calling her a 'hot little number' while playing the 'Dare' video (where Noodle was fifteen at the most) was kind of... off.
  • The Woobie:
    • Has made multiple references to being dumped, and something about him is so... Adorkable. On top of that, some of the songs he reviews push him to the edge of his sanity, to the point of tears, as demonstrated by Hannah Montana: The Movie. It makes you wanna hug him.
    • Also in his Hannah Montana review his last birthday was rather... depressing.
    • In his review of 'Fifteen', he bitches about how the song doesn't apply to anyone who wasn't an attractive blonde girl at fifteen (or basically, anyone who wasn't Taylor Swift) and then says that since he's not a girl, or fifteen, or attractive, none of it applies to him- especially not the bits about dating or having friends. Aw.
      • He also admits that despite it being Played for Laughs, the Bait and Switch story about a girl breaking up with him (only for it to turn out to be from an episode of Saved by the Bell) was actually not too far off from something that really did happen to him, so the emotion in his voice there is genuine.
    • And in his "Worst of 2010" review he talked about how the period between his videos was longer because he wanted to relax over Christmas and also he got MRSA.
    • In his Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2010, Todd remarks after hearing Nothin' On You by B.O.B saying "what girl could possibly listen to something so lovestruck, so happy, and not be swept off her feet?" On this realization, Todd excitedly goes to talk to Lupa... but then quotes "Carryout". Cue disappointed slump. Aaawwww.
    • As if that wasn't bad enough, later on after listening to "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum causes him to get drunk, Todd calls Lupa and pours his heart out to her. Except it wasn't Lupa he called, it was Lordkat.
    • Reading on Twitter about Todd's struggle to get internet after he moved also warrants this. (along with laughs, of course)
    • He got MRSA again. And worse, from what he and Krin said on Twitter, he's probably going to keep getting it over and over again for the rest of his life.

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