Funny / The Kindaichi Case Files

Basically most of the Kindaichi's manga series (due to the anime) has many scenes that were never shown in the anime. (e.g. Kindaichi cheats on a test and gets a score of 90 on the exam in the Wax Museum case of the manga. The scene was not added in the anime due to the change of timeline of both manga and anime). Also the case in both manga and anime are not the same so we only go based on the manga itself.
  • The Opera House Murders Case
    • To escape from being late, Kindaichi decides to climb into the class OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM. He was asking his childhood friend to open the window but the teacher caught him in the act. Unfortunately, he step on the weak pipe and almost falls down from the building if both Miyuki and his teacher helps him.
    • The flashback of Kindaichi's failure in school.
  • Treasure Isle Case
    • Kindaichi's thinking of his dad being a pauper when his mother tells him a fake story of his dad losing his job in order to get to Treasure Isle.
  • Kindaichi the Killer!? Case
    • Kindaichi & Miyuki's reaction after seeing Ryuta Saki's 'ghost', whom is later revealed to be his younger brother, Ryuji Saki.
    • Nonaka Tomomi, one of the participant tried to seduce Tachibana Goryu to get his manuscript. She went so far as... doing indecent thing in public albeit hidden by da round table. After both of them went away, Saki suddenly went out from under the table where Nonaka and Tachibana did that indecent thing and happily said "Yay! I recorded some hot stuff!". Cue Face Fault from Kindaichi and Miyuki.
  • The Gentleman Thief Case
    • Kindaichi saves Sakura Izumi from being bullied and kept her panties as souvenir. One of his friends notices it after congratulating him and suspect it. He was later caught again by Miyuki when both her and Izumi thank him.
    • Sakura Izumi was giving Kindaichi a kiss as she really loves him. However Kindaichi somehow was too paranoid about it due to the list below:
      1. Kiss her.
      2. Get caught by Miyuki and make her cry.
      3. This gets leaked out at school and everybody hates him.
      4. His reputation is ruined and he gets kicked out of school.
      5. Banned from society.
      6. Unwilling to live and is driven to suicide.
      • Without thinking too much, he makes an excuse that he saw something to make her to look the other way... UNTIL Miyuki DID show up behind him also curious about it (she came out looking for him wondering why he didn't return after going out for so long). Lucky bastard.
    • The Gentleman Thief's way of saying thanks to Kindaichi for saving her reputation.
      Actually it's more like a 'payback' for revealing her identity, her gender & giving her the fake painting.
  • The Magical Express Case
    • The ENTIRE first chapter of The Magical Express case. Poor Kindaichi running into bad luck one after another.
      • Due to the number of cases solved by him, Police Department decides to award money him for it. However Kindaichi doesn't want to pay his late rental porn videos so he decides to take it along with him, thinking he'll do it after getting it. However, Akechi somehow finds out and decide to make a fool out of him in front of the director by tripping him, causing him to place the porn video into the VCR. Kenmochi looks shocked, the director looks very suspicious while Akechi is laughing too hard in the background, thus ruining Kindaichi's chances of getting the award.
      • To cheer Kindaichi up for the mishap, Kenmochi decides to take him to the pub where he invites all the beautiful cop ladies to entertain him. They both get drunk and Kindaichi was playing the blind-folded guessing game. Kindaichi manage to guess who every girl was... UNTIL he realized that the last girl turned out to be Miyuki. It also turned out that Kenmochi's wife also there, and knowing his intentions, both girls beat Kindaichi and Kenmochi up.
    • "Noble" Yurama was not too happy about giving free magic show but then reluctantly goes along with it. He takes out his anger by magically stealing Miyuki's (who was selected) bra. Not too happy about it, Kindaichi manages to distract him and swap the bra with the rose while making a fool out of Yurama.
    • The deduction made by Kenmochi after "Noble" Yurama was murdered. You can tell both Kindaichi and Akechi were not amused.
      • The best part is Sakonji who was suspected as the murderer has the "WTF" face while dropping off his cigarette.
  • The Undying Butterflies Case
    • Kindaichi's scheme of a double date with Reika and Miyuki.
    • For Kindaichi, the morbid display of butterflies was supposedly enough to lose one's appetite, even though he's holding a tray stacked with food.
  • The Devil's Artifacts Case
    • "Why can't I hug him like this? Isn't this a bit better?"
    • Kindaichi accidentally turns on the huge fan during their break, flipping the girls' skirt up. However, the power was too high that it moves away and hitting on someone's car. Worse comes to worst, that car happens to be Akechi's.
    • "Female classmate attempt to suicide to please the deity in front of Kindaichi, NUDE" + "Kindaichi stopping her in a very peculiar position" + "Miyuki rushing into the room seeing them" = Hilarity Ensues.
      • Luckily this has settle thanks to Saki #2's video which later leads to this conversation:
        Kindaichi: "Saki, why are you actually here recording this video? Why I didn't know about this?"
        Saki: "Ha Ha! I am your assistant, remember?"
        (Cue to next panel Kindaichi angrily walking away while holding a video tape while Saki has a bandage on his head)
        Kindaichi: (angry) "But I'm confiscating this video!!"
        Saki: "Wahh... Senior, I'm sorry."
  • Circus du Murder Case
    • Because he's a perv, Kindaichi was hoping to spy on the female child acrobat, Noeru Ogura. He was trying to figure out what to do until the her brother, Kento unexpectedly finds him. Kindaichi then makes the lamest excuse that he needs to find his contact lenses and points below (knowing his true intentions) as he sees a small ledge. He then spies on her undress unaware that Miyuki caught him and burn his ass using a nearby torch, literally quoting this line:
      "Is Kindaichi doing a fire show?!"
    • During Fumi's rehearsal with Kento doing Snow White, Kento has a suggestion.
      Kento: "What if Snow White is actually pretending to be asleep, tie a rope around Prince Charming's neck and drag him to the marriage registration office?"
      Fumi: "Won't that turn into Rom-com? And why are you using me for the image of the princess? Way to go ruining the romantic moment."
      • Bonus points if you figure out that Kento knows her true attitude and behavior.
  • The Challenge from Mysterious Gentlemen Thief
    • Gentlemen Thief's revenge on Kindaichi? Steal Kindaichi's paycheck!
  • In the "Twin Murder Incident" short story, Kaya requested Kindaichi's help to solve the murder, promising that she'll let him see the inside of her mysterious box if he concede. Kindaichi agrees, only to find at the end of the chapter that inside Kaya's box is... another box.