Funny / Kimi ni Todoke

  • Maru-chan's internal monologues in the manga are always good for a laugh.
  • Whenever Yano does her villian laugh.
  • Ryuu ends up being a Mood Killer in Episode 2, in which Shota, Ayane, and Chi all try to set up their seats around Sawako. Ryuu ends of beating Chi to the punch and refuses to move since it is technically the seat he was assigned to.
  • In Pin's first appearance in Chapter 2/Episode 3, he tests out the rumour of getting cursed from staring at Sawako for more than 10 seconds, by having a staring contest with her and succeeding. Kazehaya decides to also try staring at her in the eye and does so... except he starts turning red and, after 3 seconds, he buries his head in his arms with embarrassment while commenting on the hot weather.
  • The Legend of Sadako: Underground Gang Leader.
  • Episode 7, when the group visits Ryu's house
    • Sawako asks if Chizuru and Ryu are going out. Chizuru fairly quickly denies it, while Ryu... stays silent. Upon being prompted to say something, Ryu's response is, "Chizuru and I are like brothers." This results in Chizuru debating with Ryu over who's the "older" brother (while Ayane wonders if Chizuru is okay being called a boy in the first place), and Sawako admiring their close sibling-like relationship (which Ayane notes that she's Completely Missing the Point).
    • Kazehaya overhears the group making fun of him and he responds by furiously opening the door and interrupting them with, "I'm neither perverted nor emo!"
  • In Episode 11, Sawako delivers a killer kick that sends the ball flying...and her shoe with it. Cut to a scene of Kurumi walking nearby and Sawako's shoe landing on her head. Right side up.
  • Chizu trying to help Ryu memorise Sawako's first name.
    • And then he finally gets it... but also gets her surname wrong again.
    Ryu: Kuranuma Sawako.
    Joe: No, I don't think so.
    Ryu: Oh, was it Doronuma?
    Other guy: No, dude... it's Kuronuma.
  • "I'll make you vomit all your make-up!"
  • Episode 13, when Kurumi is "refused" by Hot-Blooded Jerk with a Heart of Gold Pin in front of Kazehaya.
  • Episode 17, aka the Pin getting sick episode.
    • Sawako's dad first meeting Chizuru and Ayane and freaking out by the former's Delinquent look and the latter's multiple earrings.
    • Chizuru and Ayane finding out Sawako has framed photos of the three of them from a field trip - except they weren't friends at the time so they're really just photos of Chizuru and Ayane with Sawako lurking somewhere in the background. The two mistake them for accidental pictures with ghosts in them.
    • Ayane telling Sawako she should confess to Kazehaya, and the resulting Imagine Spot:
    Sawako: (deadpan) I love you.
    Kazehaya: (deadpan) I see.
    • Pin mistaking the illness for a curse.
    • Ayane taking the opportunity to mess with Pin's head by creeping the hell out of him with scary stories.
    • Sawako grabs Kazehaya by the shirt while walking home and he turns to see Sawako silently standing still with her eyes closed. He assumes she's asking for a kiss. However she opens her eyes just as his face is 2 inches away from hers and they both jump back in fright. It turns out Pin had told Sawako to grab him and close her eyes for 5 seconds if she ever wants to thank him.
  • Kurumi sees Sawako after she's announced she is Sawako's rival. Then gives her the Eyelid Pull Taunt. Cue Love Bubbles of happiness from Sawako.
  • Kurumi channeling Kira in Episode 00.
  • Joe and one of his friends re-enact Kazehaya's public love confession in front of everyone. The camera pans to show that Sawako and Kazehaya are watching. Their expressions are priceless.
  • Kazehaya's "marriage proposal" (courtesy of a voice-throwing Pin) followed by his massive Oh, Crap! moment when Pin points out that there's a chance Sawako might actually say yes.
  • The ending of the second special. After numerous attempts by Snow White Ume to pass out so she'd be kissed by Prince Kazehaya (to the point of landing in the hospital), Wicked Witch Sawako offers her some sliced apple, assuring her it isn't poisoned by casually munching on one. Sawako then passes out, and Kazehaya picks that exact moment to walk in.
  • Ryu's first confession to Chizu, who misunderstands his words as an expression of platonic love rather than romantic.
    Ryu: Chizuru. I like you.
    (Chizu is shocked momentarily)
    Chizu: You surprised me!
    Ryu: Just saying.
    (runs over and hits him)
  • The Christmas party (spanning from chapter 68 to 71) gives us a fair few:
    • Sawako's...interesting karaoke choice.
    • Kent delivering a 'love lesson' to an entranced Jo.
    • Chizu all but freaking out completely every time Ryu so much as looks at her.
  • In Chapter 89, Kurumi has become so obsessed with her studies that her stress-induced, exaggeratedly volatile attitude even frightens Ayane, who nervously stutters her dialogue as she and Sawako try to calm Kurumi down.
  • Chapter 91
    • While conversing with Sawako, Kurumi complains to her for having such a "misleading" email name itssawako1231, which had caused her to think it was itssawako1234 and get annoyed when emailing her didn't work.
    • Sawako catching Kazehaya's yawn, twice. And the latter teasing her about it.
    • Kazehaya ordering Sawako to laugh during their phone conversation to make him feel better.
    Sawako: (surrounded by Confused Question Mark's) Ahahahahah!
    Kazehaya: That sounded stiff! One more time!
    Sawako: Aha... hahahaha?!
    Kazehaya: Hmm... Once more!
    Sawako: (panics while surrounded by even more Confused Question Mark's) Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha!