Tear Jerker: The Kindaichi Case Files

Kindaichi cases has tons of this moments in each and every cases especially when the murderer reveals his/her true intention in the series. Warning! The list below reveal much spoilers throughout the series and will be hidden.
  • The Mummy's Curse Case:
    • The revelation of the Ryuichi Rokusei, or the fake Odagiri Susumu as the real culprit. He manage to kill every member of the Rokakku Village who tries to burn her mother even Wakaba (Except Kazamatsuri who saves her mother. However both of them actually love each other and even starts to cry when Kindaichi yell about him murdering Wakaba who has nothing to do with this. This also reveals after the case when Ryuichi murder Wakaba, she shows no restrain or struggle and lets him kill her. After that he buried her head somewhere on top of the mountain as her grave. Kindaichi realize this and cries despite knowing their love is real.
    • Everyone in the Rokakku Village members all died even after Odagiri fulfill killing Kabuto Reiji. Renjo Hisahiko dies from internal wounds when attempting to save Miyuki while Kazamtsuri kills Odagiri, even though it's his son. After he burns the marijuana field, regretting for all the things he has done in the past till now, he shoots himself in the head.
  • The Santa Slayings Case:
    • The death of Ryuta Saki after he manages to get a critical evidence in his video tape. Kindaichi had this moment crying for him as he has nothing to do with this murder but ends up dying.
  • The Gentleman Thief Case:
    • One of the saddest moment in the entire case. When Sakura was reveal to kill her step-parents, she kills herself and sadly despite Kenmochi's call for ambulance, they could only arrive in 2 hours, thus unable to save her. Her last dying words is a love confession to Kindaichi in which Kindaichi cries "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THIS?!"
    • Sakura's backstory and motive for the killings is equally tearjerking. When she was a child, she lived what she thought was a perfect life, with her parents in the mountains. One day, her father left to work as a ghost painter for a rich man. He was able to make money for his family that way, though Sakura didn't like him never coming home. Then, one day, he simply stopped calling or trying to contact his family. Sakura's mom ended up dying and she went off to live with some relatives, until she finally managed to track her father to a hospital... where she found him sick and hurt, unable to speak or remember who he was or basically how to do anything besides paint. Sakura doesn't give up on saving him though, and fixes herself so she looks just as she did when she was younger. Her father paints her picture and says her name, showing he is finally able to remember her... and then he dies. And then, Sakura is horrified to discover that the rich man her father worked for is passing her father's paintings off as his own, and that he injected her father with something to make him lose his mind, just so he couldn't tell who was really making the paintings.