Funny: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

    Hugh: Hey there, Jib-Jab, I was just in the neighborhood, and I wanted to have a little chitchat with you about this, uh, "pants" business. (dramatic music swells) Y'know, son, believe it or not, there was a time when I myself used to leave my pants on the floor. And then one day, I...I picked them up! And, well, the rest is history, son! Speaking of history, just think: what if our Founding Fathers had left their pants on the floor? What if Attila the Hun hadn't picked up his pants? What about Luke Skywalker? I tell ya, the Force was with that guy's pants! (beat) I'm glad I've cleared this up for you, son. (sniffs) Goodbye. (beat) Whoopsy-daisy, barn door's open! (zips up his pants)
  • Practically everything Hugh says counts as a CMOF.
    Hugh: A chimney sweeper! Do you sing and dance?
    Hugh: Having your planet blown up could ruin your whole week!
  • "I Dream of Jimmy", full stop.
    Jimmy: Carl, can't you see this is a dream? There's llamas in the classroom, Libby came rowing into class with a plastic leg...
    Jimmy: Wow, he's dreaming of being a genius, like me!
    Cindy: Like you? Please, you can't even spell your own name!
    Jimmy: (He looks at the paper on his desk which has his name misspelled several ways such as "Jimy" and "Jimme"... And the last attempt is "Bob.")
    • Later on:
    Jimmy: I would never agree to [being Carl's assistant]!
    Sheen: You already signed your name -incorrectly, by the way- on this contract!
    Sheen: "I am the ULTRA-PRINCIPAL!"
  • When they're all at each other's throats in "Battle of the Bands", except Carl, who's just yelling "DRUM SOLOOOO" over and over again in a bad Liverpudlian accent.
  • The opening of "Lady Sings the News" has Jimmy switching the images of the local news anchor's and weather-girl's heads with those of Sheen and Carl, respectively. Carl discovers what happens on the screen when he spins around in Jimmy's room...
    Carl-head-on-weathergirl: Come on, Anchorman! Spin your head with me!
  • "Retroville 9"
    • After Jimmy admits he's been using advanced bats and mitts he gives his team a Rousing Speech saying they can win without them, and the match still ends with them having gotten 0 runs. Justified, in that they were playing against Japanese professionals.
    • At the end they go see a Godzilla expy, and when Sheen sees that it's laughably small it breathes fire in his face. He then asks Jimmy if he knows the Japanese word for "ambulance".
  • The entirety of "Grumpy Young Men", though some highlights include:
    • Sheen staring at the standee for an M-rated game in an attempt to spite the cashier after he throws the trio out, after which the cashier throws an ice cream cone at him.
    • Goddard's reaction to seeing Old!Jimmy, which is to let out a stock horror movie scream.
    • Old!Sheen complaining about how kids today wear their pants.
    • Hugh dragging Old!Jimmy across the street against his will. Cindy and Libby, who previously dragged Jimmy across the street to get a merit badge, are impressed with Hugh's determination to get him across the street.
      • When Cindy and Libby offer to assist Old Jimmy in crossing the street, he refuses twice before Cindy grabs his arm and tells him, "Listen, Pops! We can do this the easy way, or we can earn our tae kwon do badges at the same time!" which leads into them both dragging him across the street as Jimmy screams, "Help! I'm being old-napped!"
    • Old!Jimmy convincing Old!Carl and Sheen to step through the Chronotron with offers of prune whip on the other side, followed by them trying to squeeze through and Goddard pushing them through the gate with seconds to spare.
    • Carl eating Jimmy's bowl of experimental truth serum and promptly spouting out deranged secrets, including liking Jimmy's mom and not really believing in Ultra Lord.
      Sheen: (covering his ears) LALALALA LALALA!
  • "And the gold under our lawn to use in case Dad decides to give all our money to telemarketers! ...Again."
  • The Nanobot duo are very amusing. Some of their highlights in their episodes...
    Nanobot 01: (knocks on Jimmy's door to the lab) Telegram.
    Carl: Like I'm gonna fall for that.
    Nanobot 02: Llamagram.
    Carl: Llamagram?! Oh boy! (opens the door... gets deleted)
    • "And we want our cookie back!" (pulls out a plunger)
    • After the Nanobots first get into the saucer transport:
    Nanobot 01: (Sees Nanobot 02 glaring at him) What?
    Nanobot 02: Your chair is bigger than mine.
    • The above becomes a brick joke later on once the Nanobots enter their saucer in another episode:
    Nanobot 02: I call captain's chair!
    Nanobot 01: Over my dead relays! (Beats up 02, throws him into other chair)
  • In "Sorry, Wrong Era," Carl begins dancing calypso and Jimmy stares in shock before briefly giving an Aside Glance to the viewers.
    • "He sent us back TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS!"
    • Sheen's Logic Bomb:
    Sheen: How can I watch my eyes dissolve?
    Carl: No Sheen, you're supposed to watch your eyes before they're dissolved.
    Sheen: "Watch my eyes?" It doesn't make any sense.
    Jimmy: Guys, please!
    • When the boys encounter a T. rex and Carl is in front of it not knowing what to do, Sheen tells him to stand perfectly still so it won't see him. Jimmy points out that this theory has been discredited, so Sheen just tells Carl to run.
    • People complaining to Judy about Hugh using the time gizmo on them.
    Sam: He disgusted all my customers, yeah!
    Libby: He gave us brain freeze!
    Woman: He made me experience the miracle of birth again and again and again... (sobs)
    Sam: Yeah, birth.
  • In "The Tomorrow Boys", heavy metal rock band Graystar is about to play at Retroville. Upon the future Cop-Bot seeing them:
    Cop-Bot: Graystar! My favorite classic oldies band!
  • Doughnut Boy.
  • Bolbi's traditional dance: "Slap slap slap! clap clap clap!"
  • Macbeth in Space, all of it.
  • Hugh's imitation of Gollum from "Lights, Camera, Danger!".
    • In the same episode, when Sheen sends his script in.
    Sheen: I just taped pieces of the phone book together. I call it Attack of the People Named Frank Johnson!
    • Also, Jimmy going though a bunch of old movie clips for inspiration for his script. After we hear "Gotta blast!" in the montage, Jimmy gives a sly smile and Aside Glance to the camera.
  • Carl accidentally summoning Attila the Hun from the past, and sending him back to impress his Swedish pen-pal in Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius.
    Attila: Destroy! Attack! Kill! Maim! Conquer! Pinch!
    Carl: (Panicking) Who wants fudge brownies!?
    Attila: (Stops breaking things) Plain or with nuts?
    Carl: (Nervously bites into a brownie) N-nuts.
    Jimmy: Nuts?!
    Attila: NUTS!? AHAHAHAHAHA! (Chases brownies back into time vortex)
    • "Ah, love is strange, Jimmy. Like the Swedish poet once said: Herda gerda gaberda shamerda curla hurla herda..."
  • Sheen coming back to the electrical shock-inducing doorknob in "Krunch Time" was hilarious.
  • Party At Neutron's is full of moments like this.
    Jimmy: Right this way, ladies.
    Cindy: Ah-ah-ah, can it, Neutron. We're only here to make caddy observations and rude remarks.
    Libby: And there was nothing good on TV.
    Sheen: We could play Spin The Bottle...*spins bottle with a seductive look at Libby*
    Libby: Yeaaah, *stops bottle* or we could play, "Spin Sheen and Him With A Bottle!"
    Jimmy: Well, Mom didn't say anything about Sheen inviting anyone over, so okay! Sheen, uh, I guess it'd be OK if you invited just a few...
    Sheen: Could you keep it down, Jimmy? (Into two phones) Yeah, you heard me! Party at Neutron's! Call everyone you ever met in your entire life and tell them to get over here right now!
    • "Um, honey, how long have we had a dinosaur in the closet?"
  • In "Ultra Sheen", Jimmy tells Sheen and Carl to head over to his lab with their favorite video games. Sheen is there the very next second.
    Jimmy: Hey, how'd you get here so quick?
    Sheen: I already had a copy of, "Ultra Lord vs. Robo-Fiend: Mega Battle'' in my pocket!
    Jimmy: And you carry that around all the time...?
    Sheen: Maybe. I can quit whenever I want to. I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
    Jimmy: Not today you don't.
    • "That's going to leave an ultra-bruise!" (dies)
  • The Idea Bulb that comes from Jimmy's mind, which Doc promptly grabs because he needs to change a light bulb in the teacher's lounge.
    • From the same episode:
    Principal: "NO ONE GO NEAR JIMMY'S HEAD!! It's precious cargo."
  • "Jimmy For President" has Mrs. Fowl listing off the transgressions of the candidates as bribery, blackmail & MURDER!, causing all the students in the auditorium chairs to scream in horror. Mrs. Fowl corrects herself, stating that the last one wasn't murder, but piloting a blimp on school property without a permit.
    • Before then, after Carl reveals the dirty tactics of the candidates in question, said candidates can be seen whistling nervously.
  • Sheen's attempt to read hieroglyphics. It starts off fairly convincing, shocking the others, then quickly dissolves into hilarious nonsense.
  • Jimmy is now half hamster, half human: "It's a good thing my human half is completely in control! It's going to take every ounce of brainpower I have to-Are those nuts I smell?!"
  • Lots from "Beach Party Mummy":
    • This exchange before they watch the video on Egypt:
    Ms. Fowl: Butch, would you hit the lights, please?
    Ms. Fowl: (Pinching the bridge of her nose, understandably annoyed) Thank you.
    • Everything about the Egyptian beach party sequence. The fact that Jimmy decided to have a beach party in the middle of a huge desert, and that everyone went along with it, is funny on its own. It's even funnier when you notice that they're somehow surfing (on water) in the middle of the desert, among other things. It'd be a total Big Lipped Alligator Moment if not for the fact that their partying caused a sandstorm, which led to them discovering the tomb.
    • When Libby commands the mummies to bow to her, each of them do it in a different fashion: The first one bows gracefully, the second one does so awkwardly, the last one just falls forward.
      • Before that, we get this:
    Libby: (dressed like the queen and speaking commandingly) STOP!
    Mummies keep lurching toward her
    Libby: (uncertain) Halt?
    Mummies still keep lurching forward
    Libby: (commanding again and full of sass) YO DEAD GUYS! YOUR QUEEN ORDERS YOU TO COOL IT!
    Mummies actually stop
    • And after Libby gets the mummies to bow to her, it gets even funnier:
    Libby: Lemme hear you say yeah!
    Mummies: Yeah!
    Libby: Say, "oh yeah!"
    Mummies: Oh yeah!
    Libby: Mm hmm, mm hmm.
    Mummies: Mm hmm, mm hmm.
    Libby: Now raise the roof and shake your boo-tay!
    Mummies: Raise the roof and shake your boo-tay!
  • In "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen":
    Jimmy: It's Yoo Yee's temple, alright, and it's crawling with ninjas!
    (Cut to shot of ninjas literally crawling on the ground)
    • The monks' chant when Jimmy and company first meet them.
    • The blooper reel at the end. All five outtakes are hilarious.
  • When Flippy comes to life and starts messing things up, we have this gem from him after Jimmy subdues him:
    Flippy: ("pleading") Please Jimmy! All I want is to be real like you and your friends! Well, not your friends, they're morons!
    (Carl and Sheen look extremely offended)
  • In the episode where Jimmy creates a little brother, earlier he tries to explain with charts on how a family with more than one child is a happier family. Then Hugh starts playing with the salt and pepper. Aggravated, Jimmy gets to the point of wanting a little brother, causing a Spit Take from his parents.

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