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Headscratchers: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • If Professor Calamitous never finishes, how does he have a child?
    • With a lot of help.
    • Even if he pulled out half way through, pre-ejaculatory fluid can be enough impregnate a woman.
      • Ah, TV Tropes, where else can I learn about the sex lives of children's show villains?
  • Jimmy has fought Chicken egg aliens, living pants, a midget mad scientist, a robot, lots of robot, has a robot dog, breathes in space, seen aliens, saved the world with a secret agent, shrunk down to the size of a bacteria to extract mitochondria from them, went to the depths of ocean, and has done many more, but HE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Believing in Santa Claus is just silly.
    • Even more silly than his father's sexual obsession with pies? I can't understand it.
      • And ducks. Can't forget ducks.
    • For the same reason some scientists believe in aliens but not God. Jimmy is a man of science, not fairy tales. Why should he believe in Santa?
    • Aren't Aliens usually depicted in Science Fiction stories, more importantly, the aliens got unusual anatomy or are giant eggs but a fat man in a red suit is not believable to him.
    • Just because you know one implausible thing exists doesn't mean you're required to believe in all implausible things. Also, not everything that is currently only known in fiction is of equal likelihood. Suppose someone were to build a sentient robot. Would you automatically decide that unicorns existed as a result? Would you assume that we had also invented Faster-Than-Light Travel at the same time?
    • He wouldn't believe in Santa even if he saw him. Recall his experience with fairy godparents.
      • Exactly! Jimmy doesn't believe in magic, which is what Santa would most likely be. As a scientist he believes in things only if science can explain them. So it makes sense to me.
      • The issue I have with that is the fact that he doesn't believe in magic, which science can't explain—that I get—but he also doesn't believe in lake monsters...which science can (and within the episode, did) explain.
      • In one episode, this was explained. He didn't believe in Santa for a reason, and by the end of the episode, he believes again.
  • Where is Ultralord from anyways? He has Japan-only merchandise, but the trappings of a western series.
  • My sister remembers an earlier show that this was based on; Jimmy even references it in "When Pants Attack", the first episode. Can anyone offer proof?
    • She must be remembering the movie which was shown in theaters before the show began.
      • Uh,can you be more specific?
      • ... The movie? You know, the one the show was based on...? It's either that, or those little shorts that the troper below mentioned.
    • This troper remembers a couple of shorts that aired on TV either before the movie or before the show aired, and is pretty sure that one was similar to "When Pants Attack".
    • Years before the movie, there was a pilot produced for the show (which shares a similar but not exactly the same plot as the film), which is included on one of the early compilation DVDs the show had. I have heard from numerous sources that that pilot had aired on Nickelodeon (again, years before the movie) once, though I never have seen anything official stating that.
      • I thought that the entire movie was originally intended as a pilot for the TV series? Apparently the Nick execs were so impressed they funded the whole movie based on the strength of that one episode.
    • I think she may remember something called Runaway Rocketboy. It was made by the same people, featuring a similar protagonist, but got rejected by Nick.
      • No, I think that was one of the shorts they made to pitch the idea of JN to Nickelodeon. It was basically Jimmy, with crappier animation, a different outfit and a Carl with zits instead of freckles.
    • No, I remember this episode too, it was either the first episode or it was an hour long special, in the episode Jimmy makes a chip that makes pants pick up and fold themselves, they attack.
      • That's the pilot for the series, which came out after the movie. The pilot everyone else is talking about came before the movie.
  • How is it that there are no teenagers in Retroville?
    • Isn't Skeet (not sure if that's his name, the kid who manages that burger place?) a teenager? And I'm pretty sure Betty's one as well.
      • I mean, in the movie, when all the parents were gone, it was only kids, no teenagers whatsoever.
      • Maybe the teenagers were off doing non-G-rated stuff.
    • Sheen is 13 for most (if not all) of the TV series.
  • Since Shirley The Villain from Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators! was introduced in a crossover, which show has the copyright trademark to him?
    • They're both Nickelodeon programs, so I'm pretty sure copyright isn't an issue here.
    • I'd say Fairly OddParents. The crossover series slowly turned into "Fairly Odd Parents with Jimmy Neutron characters."
    • Yeah, since the 'combo' style they did for his pocket dimension was basically Oddparents style animation on CGI paper dolls. I'm not even sure they did him in Jimmy Neutron style at any point.
      • They did, but only for one short scene (or two, if you count when Jimmy and Timmy start designing him in Jimmy's lab).
  • Is Pomono Beach Debbie an actual character in Ultra Lord?
    • No.
  • If the rewinder remote device was supposed to rewind peoples' actions, like when Cindy and Libby squirted smoothie out of their noses, how did it send Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen back in time? Wouldn't they have just gone through their lives in reverse until they were unborn fetuses or something? How did it manage to send them back in time?!
    • Actually, it reversed time for everything other than the user(s).
      • But when they kept replaying the girls squirting the smoothies Jimmy's Dad walks up behind them and watches. Plus Jimmy specifically states that it only works on what you point it at.
  • Jimmy creating a girl-eating plant. Doesn't he realize being eaten would kill them?
    • He does.
    • Maybe he's a genius but horribly, horribly naive?
      • He sent a toaster into space to look for aliens without considering their potential hostility, gave the nanobots a second chance, and continues to try educating his classmates. What do you think?!
  • Bolbi comes from a country with the suffix "-istan", suggesting he's Middle Eastern. But he looks white and his accent and name seem more Eastern European.
    • Most of the -istan's are former soviet countries so he may be from the country through Russians who had moved.
    • Also not everyone of Middle Eastern or any other descent is going to look or act the way pop culture knowledge tells us they obviously should. What, me? Bitter? Where'd you get that idea?
    • It doesn't really matter, though. Bolbi's country is fictional (seriously, who would name a country "Backhairistan"?).
  • Why doesn't Jimmy use gadgets in The N-Men ala Nite Owl or the Second Blue Beatle to make up for just smelling fruity?
    • My guess is no-one will take Jimmy seriously if he smells like an orange and looks like one.
  • If Cindy is so smart, why doesn't she make nano machines, time machines, hover cars, etc.?
    • She's just not as smart as Jimmy, clearly.
    • She's smart, not a genius.
      • Exactly. She's above-average, but not profoundly so. She'd be that kid who could feasibly have been in your class at school, who got everything right. Jimmy's just insanely gifted.
    • She did make a compact machine that turns gym socks into fashionable sweaters. That's actually pretty complex.
      • But the thing it, we don't know when she did it, or how long did it take her to make it. she might have worked on it ever since the last science fair, or months ago, but as we have seen time and time again Jimmy makes stuff like that almost overnight, even if they have some serious bugs.
      • I believe that was actually brought up in the episode itself; the machine broke down in the middle of a science fair and Cindy didn't have enough time to fix it; she had to let Jimmy fix it for her. This implies that Cindy could fix it, but it would take longer for her.
  • In "The Tomorrow Boys", when Jimmy and Cindy are married in the dictatorship future, why does Cindy still Jimmy "Nerdtron" if they're still married?
    • She's very Tsundere and its a nickname?
    • I'm not sure that 'bad future' marriage was such a happy one. I mean, he did spend all his time taking care of her mother's feet. That's not exactly conducive to cordiality between them.
  • So Jimmy is like this huge boy genius, and it seems like he knows about everything. And yet, he doesn't know that Australia is both a country and a continent? How is that possible?!?
    • Rule of Funny. Jimmy is a total know-it-all; him seeming to know everything is pretty much just the image he tries to project. He may be a genius at engineering, but that doesn't mean he's a geography buff as well.
      • Possibly he was just playing along to try to get some more alone time with Cindy.
    • Australia is not technically a continent. "Australasia" is, I think, but not the island itself.
      • The above comment is correct. Australia isn't a continent by itself. The continent is Australasia/Oceania and contains New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, etc.
  • Why do the games insist on giving Cindy her younger movie look?
    • Laziness?
  • Twonkies turn into vicious beasts when hearing good music, but go to sleep when hearing bad music. How is it that Sheen has the only bad singing voice possible to lull the Twonkies, and not Carl? His constant singing in the hour long Spy special (WE'RE SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES!) or his 'Folding and Hanging' song in When Pants Attack were pretty bad, but it was actually his Beeeendiiing and Steeeeetching that was the first example of a Twonky going berserk, meaning it was GOOD. That's confusing.
    • Different tastes?
    • Well, Sheen has been shown to be a messiah of various religions! (The monks, I think in the spinoff) Of course, he can use his cosmic and otherworldly powers to soothe the Twonkies.
    • They turn into vicious beasts upon hearing any music, not just good music. The joke is than Sheen's singing is so bad the Twonkies don't even recognize it as music. Carl's singing is bad, just not quite bad enough to count as "anti-music" according to the Twonkies.
  • I remember there was an episode where Sheen was made super-intelligent and started to go on a telekinetic rampage when he reached Brain Critical Mass. Jimmy then decides that the only way to turn his friend back to normal is to trick him into wearing a brain draining crown. That's all and well, but the writers add in a fairly damning plot point when Jimmy is explaining all of this to Carl (paraphrased):
    • "No, you don't understand Carl! If we don't get this helmet on him... His head will explode."
    • What? So why bother going through the effort to trick Sheen into donning the helmet? All Jimmy has to do is explain scientifically that Sheen will die if he doesn't put on the crown!
    • If Sheen could read their minds, then he would have caught whiff of WHY they were trying to get him to wear the helmet. Meaning he either became psychotic with his nigh-godly IQ and new-found powers, or he was Too Dumb to Live all along, sky-high IQ or not.
    • This troper simply assumed he would've built one of those brain-controlled-mech suits for himself. With his A God Am I complex, it's also possible that he believed he didn't really need his body anymore (as he really doesn't use it much for anything after a while), much like how the Brain aliens from the intergalactic game show special told him that they had evolved beyond the need for their bodies.
  • I know I'm not the only one who questions Jimmy's friendship with Carl and Sheen. Particularity in the episodes "The N Men" and "Billion Dollar Boy", they join Cindy and Libby and a few kids when it comes to picking on Jimmy and laughing at him. Sometimes, it makes fans wonder why Jimmy can't just dump Carl and Sheen as friends.
    • "I really need to expand my circle of friends." Said by Jimmy in "The Incredible Shrinking Town." Also, it's basically Kids Are Cruel and With Friends Like These..., which seems to happen in many children's cartoons.
  • How exactly could Jimmy read Egyptian Hieroglyphics with a "Sanskrit-to-English translator" if Sanskrit and Ancient Egyptian aren't even in the same language family?
    • Because "Sanskrit" sounds like "sand script". Therefore, of course, it's an ancient language from a desert-dwelling culture.
  • What's Jimmy's problem with Cindy's cropped pants?
    • He was just being a dick and wanted her to get in trouble.
  • My sister and I were confused about this one in "Win, Lose and Kaboom!"; Meldar insists during a race between Team Earth and Team Brain that there is no cheating allowed and confiscates Goddard. But then, during the race, the Brains use their Psychic Powers to lock the kids into a Lotus-Eater Machine. Doesn't that mean they cheated?

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