Heartwarming / The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

  • When Cindy admits she loves Jimmy just before she fades to a near-death point in The N-Men, or tries to as all she says is "luh...luh...luh..." and then collapses with Jimmy picking her up and asking, "Cindy what? Like? Loathe? Love?" and then setting her down on the ground as he begins to calm down. A tear-jerking moment...
  • At the end of "Time is Money," Jimmy goes back in time to make sure Hugh doesn't invest his fifty dollars with McSpanky. After he comes back, Jimmy asks Hugh what he did end up spending the money on. Hugh's response?
    Hugh: Well, son...I spent it on your mother's wedding ring.
    Judy: (shows off the ring) And it was all the money your father had in his name!
  • "Sheen's Brain"
    • Even though Sheen tried to kill Jimmy and Carl by crushing them with a giant bowling ball, Carl is still worried for Sheen, since his head is still going to explode unless them revert him to his original intelligence.
    • Carl and Jimmy disguise themselves as Ultra Lord, knowing how Sheen's still a big fan of the show despite his massive intelligence. When they try to convince him to revert to his original intelligence, he blasts the suit, breaking it apart. When he sees that it was just a costume worn by Carl and Jimmy and believes them to be dead, he realizes his intelligence-based ego has killed his best friends. Realizing what a monster he's become, he voluntarily decides to go back to his normal self. Carl and Jimmy are just fine, though.
  • Sheen admitting to his father that he loves him much more than he does Ultra Lord in "El Magnifico". Considering how rare it is to see Sheen being emotional, that's quite an achievement, especially since he just found out his father had lied to him.
  • After Jimmy had been shunned by the rest of his family, especially Aunt Amanda, throughout most of "Clash of the Cousins", hearing her call Jimmy the good nephew after Baby Eddie is outed, followed by the rest of the family cheering, is beyond satisfying.