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Funny: Dot A 2
  • One of Ogre Magi's losing quotes:
    Right Head: We won!
    Left Head: No, we're on the other side.
    Right Head: Oh.
  • Most of the heroes have quotes about each other, and there are a few gems.
    Doom: Storm Spirit, shut up.
    Lina: You were adopted! (Towards Crystal Maiden)
    Chaos Knight: Your flying horse is...quite impressive. (Towards Batrider)
    Magnus I have tartar sauce for people like you. (Towards Slark)
    Lifestealer Mmm, Viper…tastes like chicken. .
  • Getting Zeus killed will occasionally have him say: "Go easy on me, worms... I'm your God too!" Zeus. God of Worms.
  • Certain cosmetic items have amusing descriptions.
    Little Blink Dagger (Axe): Don't worry, precious Axe. Blink Dagger does not come to chop.
    Eyeball Fetish (a ward): I like to watch.
    Mighty Boar: This boar has a crazed look in his eye. Is it distrust? Madness? Or does he just want to eat your tangos?note 
  • The Juggernaut announcer pack has more than a few good lines:
    Dire's innocent courier has been butchered. Some animals were harmed in the making of this battle.
    Oh, your ancient isn't happy with you right now.
    See what's happening to your ancient? That means you're a loser.
    Dire's bottom tower is under attack. Run, little bottom tower, run!
    Your top tower has fallen. And it can't get up.
    You know that middle tower that used to be alive and defending itself? Well, that has changed.
    Dire's top tower was a liability. It had to be silenced.
  • Axe's announcer pack isn't half bad ether.
    "Axe was not involved."
    "Do not blame axe."
    "As Radiant's middle tower falls, Axe's middle finger rises!"
    "If you want peace, you must prepare for war. If you want war, you must also prepare for war. The lesson is: always prepare for war!"
    "Wicked sick!"
    "AXE is going to be sick!"
    "Radiant's structures are fortified with twelve important vitamins and minerals."
    "If war is not fair, why call it warfare?"
    "Your peacenik bottom barracks refuse to defend themselves."
    "Axe dreams about Roshan sometimes. Axe wakes sweating in the dark, clutching for his axe, a scream rising in his throat and... Never mind."
    "Axe does not pick sides. (Quietly) But Axe is on your side."
    (After Axe gets a Mega Kill) "Axe knew Axe could do it!"
  • Troll Warlord responses. Holy crap.
    (Activating Invisibility) Anonymity, the friend to every troll.
    (Respawning) Fighting a troll only makes him grow stronger.
    (Killing Pugna, Viper, Witch Doctor, Tiny, or Lich) Enjoy your ban.
  • From the Bastion announcer pack:
    (Killing an enemy at the fountain) Now that was cold.
  • Tobi Wan at his most entertaining.note 
  • Treant Protector's model, at the side:
    Riki was 'ere
  • The true name of the Invoker, a mage who has lived centuries and has mastered the use of powerful invocations: Carl.
  • Anytime a bad case of Just Trying to Help happens. Especially with any heroes that have re-positioning skills like Pudge.
    • One such hero, Puck, can get itself killed twice in quick succession by using Illusory Orb at wrong moment.
  • A highlight from one of the changelogs:
    Bots that have been hit by multiple stacks of Sticky Napalm will now contemplate their misfortune further back in the lane.
    • Other gems would be:
    Made Crystal Maiden bot even more timid.
    Fixed Kunkka being a dirty cheater when using Torrent. (The Kunkka bot could still aim and hit you with a torrent even when he couldn't see you due to invisibility.)
    Bots will no longer stare at a dropped gem, futilely trying to destroy it.
  • Lifestealer can use his ultimate Infest on his own illusion.
  • Rubick spellsteals Walrus Punch, pretty normal. Rubick uses Walrus Punch by firing a projectile that's essentially himself to uppercut the enemy? Hillarious.
    • When Tusk uses Walrus Punch normally, the text "WALRUS PUNCH" appears in red letters above the unfortunate target. What happens when Rubick uses it? "STOLEN PUNCH" (or, if you hit Tusk himself, "SUCKER PUNCH").
  • An E-sports example. In the wild card game (the winner of which would go on to play in TI 3) between Rattlesnake and Quantic, there was a moment where Sven (played by Quantic's Sockshka) ambushed Chaos Knight, Gyrocopter and Beastmaster and attempted to stun them all with storm hammer so that his teammates could catch up to them and possibly kill them with few losses. In a very unfortunate case of a misclick, Sochshka cast storm hammer not on Chaos Knight, not on Gyrocopter, not even on Beastmaster, but on... Beastmaster's Boar, stunning absolutely nobody but the boar. This ended up getting Quantic team wiped with the exception of one. This moment can be seen in its full glory in this video.
  • Another example sort of from TI3: On the first day of the competition, an "all-star match" was held between two teams voted on by the players. Given that there was nothing at stake, the players took it upon themselves to goof off in the most spectacular way they could. Highlights include the members of Alliance (Loda and Akke) and Na'Vi (Dendi and Puppey) trash-talking their teammates, who were on the opposite team for this match, a completely ridiculous draft, which was made by having the team's "Captains" picking the other team's picks using heroes that are almost never used in professional games, such as Sniper, Omniknight, Skeleton King and Axe (the Dire side actually had an all-melee team), and Dendi celebrating killing Puppey (his captain) by getting out of the booth and dancing in front of Puppey. You can watch it here, starting at 11.02.30.
  • Listen to Bane's response to buying Blink Dagger. Just listen.
  • The GLaDOS announcer pack. Dear lord.
  • One of the changes to Bloodseeker's Thirst ability in the 6.79 patch was causing it to remove the speed cap when active. This had predictable results.
  • Fountain Hookingnote  is awesome, flashy and all. And sometimes it backfires...note 
  • Wraith King's new lines. Some of them are outright references to CASPLOCK LEORIC.
  • Windranger's lines for dying, killing someone, and others are chuckle worthy
    Upon dying: Why do you hate gingers so?
    Killing someone: Pain, meet Ugly. Ugly, Pain.
    Casting Shackleshot: I now pronounce you man and tree.
  • Sven Lampshading the fact that he's using Daedalus, a crossbow, to increase his damage.
    Sven "Daedalus! This is going to be absurd."
  • This video shows what happens when someone who plays supports attempts to play a hard carry, such as Anti Mage. It ends with the Mage using Manta Style note  and going to attack Sven, who then kills Anti Mage and his illusions in just two hits, which causes the Mage's team to lose the game.
  • Phoenix's spell descriptions are normal, the sub-spells though?
    Stop Iccarus Dive "SCREE!"
    Launch Fire Spirits "PKAWW! BOOM!"
    Toggle Movement "SQUAWK!"
    Stop Sun Ray "CHIRP!"
  • In this video, Puck spends about one minute attempting to both bait and dodge Invoker's Sunstrike while trying to get back to the base. He fails miserably just as he is about to get to the fountain.
  • This video involves about why someone plays Sven and every of his awesome display of Triple/Ultra-Killing gets a replay accompanied with epic chorus. But then, for his last 'awesome' moment, after committing his Triple Kill, Sven got killed by a Tower, and the music abruptly screeched to stop at the Epic Fail.
  • The Stanley Parable announcer. There are probably too many to list, but one standout is him calling almost every purchased item the "poor man's Divine Rapier". Have a listen.
  • Some heroes have voice responses for when you buy items or use runes they don't need:
    Anti-Mage: Blink Dagger? Really?
    Viper: Orb of Venom. I need this why?
    Nyx Assassin: Blade mail?
    Nyx Assassin when using an invisibility rune: They have runes for this?
    Riki when using an invisibility rune: This is redundant.note 
    Queen of Pain: Blink dagger? That was quite unnecessary.
    Troll Warlord: Mask of Madness!? SERIOUSLY?!?
    Phantom Lancer when using an Illusion rune: Now this is just silly.
    Invoker when using an invisibility rune: I have orbs for this.
  • Warlock when his Golem gets hit by Diffusal Blade:
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