Funny / Dota 2

  • Dota 2 Fails of the Weeks. Especially:
    • Whenever you see a Nature's Prophet wearing the mushroom set, you can easily expect NP to start panicking.
    • Episode 94 features a Magnus who wastes a Reverse Polarity AND a Refresher Orb in an attempt to kill Zeus but didn't succeed, which resulted in a very angry Magnus.
    • The ending of Episode 100. Saying anything else would ruin it.
    • Episode 113 featured a Doom failing his ultimate. But the funny thing is he immediate devours it to hide his shame and didn't even try to hide it, saying "No one saw it!"
    • Episode 126 includes Techies' Statis Ward stunning Huskar, Abaddon, and Witch Doctor and then Magnus uses Reverse Polarity... and misses. Then gets hooked by Pudge. Another is Clockwerk getting an illusion rune and stepping on Techies' mines and dying immediately after, then both Lina and Lion uses their ultimates on them, even though Clockwerk is already dead. And then in another clip, Techies use his remote mines to kill the Radiant team while they are at Roshan and Phantom Assassin, either out of panic or idiocy, denies the Aegis, then dies to the last remote bomb, giving Techies a rampage, and finally a Rubick charging and dying during the charge and not stopping until he reaches his target, which is so absurd.
    • In Episode 127, the Aggressive Carry of the Week and the Cowardly Carry of the Week, including a close-up.
    • Episode 139 has a Spirit Breaker chasing a Bloodseeker, right into his base without even trying to stop the charge. While within the base, Bloodseeker briefly stops to use Rupture on Spirit Breaker... only for the latter to activate Blademail mid-charge. They both die.
    • Episode 147 has a Legion Commander casting Duel on a Puck illusion created by Morphling and promptly getting annihilated. Puck and Legion Commander are on the same team.
    • Episode 156 features Enigma, Legion Commander, Lion, and Phoenix all using their ultimates on one person (Slark)... Only for Phoenix's Supernova to aggravate a nearby satyr camp, which then proceeds to steal the kill with a Satyr Tormenter's Shockwave.
    • The commentary is occasionally funnier than the clips themselves:
    "Void to the rescue!" (Faceless Void drops Chronosphere on Alchemist) "Sorry Alchemist, fuck you!"
    (on a Riki that gets 4 Backstabs and a bash on Faceless Void, who Backtracks all of them) "That Riki must have punched Jesus and Gandhi in the face in a past life..."
    (imitating a Crystal Maiden singlehandedly destroying an enemy team with Freezing Field) "I'M PRINCESS OF ICE MURDER! BLUE WAVES OF DEATH! SCEPTER OF ANGER! AND CRUSHED ICE! COOLANT... EVERYWHERE!"
  • Terrorblade using Reflection and establishing his own sense of humor:
    "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting your- Stop hitting yourself!"
  • One of Ogre Magi's losing quotes:
    Right Head: We won!
    Left Head: No, we're on the other side.
    Right Head: Oh.
  • Most of the heroes have quotes about each other, and there are a few gems.
    Doom: Storm Spirit, shut up.note 
    Lina: You were adopted! (Towards Crystal Maiden)
    Crystal Maiden: Lina, you hellfire hellbitch!
    Chaos Knight: Your flying horse is... quite impressive. (Towards Batrider)
    Magnus: I have tartar sauce for people like you. (Towards Slark)
    Lifestealer: Mmm, Viper… tastes like chicken.
  • Just what happens to Legion Commander in the past that she'd take other races bravely, but hating bears the most that she'd put extra emphasis on that?
    Legion Commander: Never trust a... BEAR!! (towards Ursa or Lone Druid)
    • And if the species gets too confusing, even Legion Commander is stumped.
    Legion Commander: Never trust a... *sigh* What are you, anyway?
  • Getting Zeus killed will occasionally have him say: "Go easy on me, worms... I'm your god too!" Zeus. God of Worms.
  • Wraith King activating Reincarnation when there's no nearby allies. At this point, one of the responses is him dropping all the regalia and sounds like a desperate goon being left behind.
  • Certain cosmetic items have amusing descriptions.
    Little Blink Dagger (Axe): Don't worry, precious Axe. Blink Dagger does not come to chop.
    Eyeball Fetish (a ward): I like to watch.
    Mighty Boar: This boar has a crazed look in his eye. Is it distrust? Madness? Or does he just want to eat your tangos?note 
    Claddish Voyager's First Chance (Kunkka): For when a sword won't do.
    Claddish Voyager's Second Chance (Kunkka): For when a sword and a pistol still won't do.
  • The Juggernaut announcer pack has more than a few good lines:
    "Dire's innocent courier has been butchered. Some animals were harmed in the making of this battle."
    "Oh, your ancient isn't happy with you right now."
    "See what's happening to your ancient? That means you're a loser."
    "Dire's bottom tower is under attack. Run, little bottom tower, run!"
    "Your top tower has fallen. And it can't get up."
    "You know that middle tower that used to be alive and defending itself? Well, that has changed."
    "Dire's top tower was a liability. It had to be silenced."
  • Axe's announcer pack isn't half bad ether.
    "Axe was not involved."
    "Do not blame axe."
    "As Radiant's middle tower falls, Axe's middle finger rises!"
    "If you want peace, you must prepare for war. If you want war, you must also prepare for war. The lesson is: always prepare for war!"
    "Wicked sick!"
    "AXE is going to be sick!"
    "Radiant's structures are fortified with twelve important vitamins and minerals."
    "If war is not fair, why call it warfare?"
    "Your bottom barracks refuse to defend themselves."
    "Axe dreams about Roshan sometimes. Axe wakes sweating in the dark, clutching for his axe, a scream rising in his throat and... Never mind."
    "Axe does not pick sides. (Quietly) But Axe is on your side."
    "Axe does not pick sides. But your enemy sucks!"
    (After Axe gets a Mega Kill) "Axe knew Axe could do it!"
  • Troll Warlord responses. Holy crap.
    (Activating Invisibility) Anonymity, the friend to every troll.
    (Respawning) Fighting a troll only makes him grow stronger.
    (Killing Pugna, Viper, Witch Doctor, Tiny, or Lich) Enjoy your ban.
  • From the Bastion announcer pack:
    (Killing an enemy at the fountain) Now that was cold.
  • Tobi Wan at his most entertaining.note 
  • Treant Protector's model, at the side:
    Riki was 'ere
  • The true name of the Invoker, a mage who has lived centuries and has mastered the use of powerful invocations: Carl.
  • Anytime Unwanted Assistance happens. Especially with any heroes that have re-positioning skills like Pudge.
    • One such hero, Puck, can get itself killed twice in quick succession by using Illusory Orb at wrong moment.
      • So can Weaver and Ember Spirit. Especially Weaver.
  • The game's official patch notes can be a source of this, usually based on how they would describe ridiculous changes with formal seriousness. Here's some highlights from the changelogs:
    Bots that have been hit by multiple stacks of Sticky Napalm will now contemplate their misfortune further back in the lane.
    Made Crystal Maiden bot even more timid.
    Fixed Kunkka being a dirty cheater when using Torrent (the Kunkka bot could still aim and hit you with a torrent even when he couldn't see you due to invisibility).
    Bots will no longer stare at a dropped gem, futilely trying to destroy it.
    • On 6.82 changelogs, Dark Seer's Vacuum cooldown rescaled from 28 seconds to 28.0 seconds. Funny enough? Not yet! Drag your cursor on the "28.0 seconds" and you can see a Vacuum animation...
    • Quoth the December 17th, 2014 changelogs: "Fixed Diabolic Edict having too few explosions." Quoth the December 19th, 2014 changelogs: "Fixed Diabolic Edict having too few explosions (again)."
    • 6.86 changelogs to Iron Branch: "Use this item to plant a Happy Little Tree." Best. Patch. Ever.
      • Then in The International 2017, you can use compendium item to made that Happy Little Tree shaped as "GG" (as in "good game", used both offensively and sarcastically). But mostly to annoy everyone in the match.
    • Someone made a fake 6.87 changelog by feeding several previous changelogs into a Markov chain text generator, the output of which was complete nonsense (and a comedic goldmine). One particular gem, however, made it into the actual 6.87 changelog: "Increased Illusory Orb speed by 1".
    • 7.06's changelog has "Now requires a Mango instead of a 150 recipe" listed as the change for Soul Ring. One can just get a mental image of the Soul Ring outright devouring the mango.
    • 7.07's changelog contains some funny entries, but the winner is Techies' WTF level 25 talents: +251 damage OR +25 Mines movement speed.
      • On another note, Techies' damage talent was originally only +250 Damage, but because Tidehunter received the talent for his level 25 in the same patch, Techies was bumped to be +251 instead.
  • Lifestealer can use his ultimate Infest on his own illusion. Also, after 6.84 Aghanim's upgrade, he can devour allied hero with his ultimate and Infest other ally hero. The result? "N'aix Tactical Nuke".
  • Rubick spellsteals WALRUS Punch, pretty normal. Rubick uses WALRUS Punch by firing a projectile that's essentially himself to uppercut the enemy? Hilarious.
    • When Tusk uses Walrus Punch normally, the text "WALRUS PUNCH" appears in red letters above the unfortunate target. What happens when Rubick uses it? "STOLEN PUNCH" (or, if you hit Tusk himself, "SUCKER PUNCH").
    • Most Rubick's Spellsteal animations are pretty funny. For example, stolen Sniper's Assassination made him shoot a bullet with his staff, stolen Batrider's Firefly made him ride his staff a la a witch's broom, stolen Laguna Blade/Finger of Death made him shoot a huge ass lightning with his finger...
  • An e-sports example. In the 2013 wild card game (the winner of which would go on to play in TI 3) between Rattlesnake and Quantic, there was a moment where Sven (played by Quantic's Sockshka) ambushed Chaos Knight, Gyrocopter and Beastmaster and attempted to stun them all with storm hammer so that his teammates could catch up to them and possibly kill them with few losses. In a very unfortunate case of a misclick, Sochshka cast storm hammer not on Chaos Knight, not on Gyrocopter, not even on Beastmaster, but on... Beastmaster's Boar, stunning absolutely nobody but the boar. This ended up getting Quantic team wiped with the exception of one. This moment can be seen in its full glory in this video.
  • Another example sort of from TI3: On the first day of the competition, an "All-Star Match" was held between two teams voted on by the players. Given that there was nothing at stake, the players took it upon themselves to goof off in the most spectacular way they could. Highlights include the members of Alliance (Loda and Akke) and Na'Vi (Dendi and Puppey) trash-talking their teammates, who were on the opposite team for this match, a completely ridiculous draft, which was made by having the team's "Captains" picking the other team's picks using heroes that are almost never used in professional games, such as Sniper, Omniknight, Skeleton King and Axe (the Dire side actually had an all-melee team), and Dendi celebrating killing Puppey (his captain) by getting out of the booth and dancing in front of Puppey. You can watch it here, starting at 11.02.30.
  • This loses something in writing, but Bane has arguably the best response to buying Blink Dagger in the game.
  • The GLaDOS announcer pack. Given that it's GLaDOS, you probably already know what to expect.
    "Welcome to Dota. It's like chess with one piece and a forest."
    "Roshan - best-selling novelist, avid fly fisherman, proud father of three - has just been murdered by the Dire. I hope they're proud of themselves."
    (on team wipe) "Everybody seems to be missing. I didn't do it."
    (on respawn) "I thought you were dead. I'll let everyone who was worried about you kno-okay I'm done."
    "Here, let me engrave a trophy for you: Nobody. Cares."
  • One of the changes to Bloodseeker's Thirst ability in the 6.79 patch was allowing him to go over the speed cap when active. This had predictable results.
  • Fountain Hookingnote  is awesome, flashy and all. And sometimes it backfires...note 
  • Wraith King's new lines. Some of them are outright references to CASPLOCK LEORIC. Best one has got to be when he buys the Armlet of Mordiggian: "I NOW HAVE ALL THE SEXY."
  • Windranger's lines for dying, killing someone, and others are chuckle worthy:
    Upon dying: Why do you hate gingers so?
    Killing someone: Pain, meet Ugly. Ugly, Pain.
    Casting Shackleshot: I now pronounce you man and tree/creep.
  • Sven Lampshading the fact that he's using Daedalus, a crossbow, to increase his damage.
    Sven "Daedalus! This is going to be absurd."
  • This video shows what happens when someone who plays supports attempts to play a hard carry, such as Anti Mage. It ends with the Mage using Manta Style note  and going to attack Sven, who then kills Anti Mage and his illusions in just two hits, which causes the Mage's team to lose the game.
  • Phoenix's spell descriptions are normal, the sub-spells though? They sound like as if Phoenix itself is saying them.
    Stop Iccarus Dive "SCREE!"
    Launch Fire Spirits "PKAWW! BOOM!"
    Toggle Movement "SQUAWK!"
    Stop Sun Ray "CHIRP!"
  • In this video, Puck spends about one minute attempting to both bait and dodge Invoker's Sunstrike while trying to get back to the base. He fails miserably just as he is about to get to the fountain.
  • This video involves about why someone plays Sven and every of his awesome display of Triple/Ultra-Killing gets a replay accompanied with epic chorus. But then, for his last 'awesome' moment, after committing his Triple Kill, Sven got killed by a Tower, and the music abruptly screeched to stop at the Epic Fail.
  • The Stanley Parable announcer. There are probably too many to list, but one standout is him calling almost every purchased item the "poor man's Divine Rapier". Have a listen.
  • Some heroes have voice responses for when you buy items or use runes they don't need:
    Anti-Mage: Blink Dagger? Really?
    Faceless Void: Blink Dagger, what need have I for this?note 
    Viper: Orb of Venom. I need this why?
    Nyx Assassin: Blade Mail?
    Nyx Assassin when using an Invisibility rune: They have runes for this?
    Dark Seer when using Haste rune: What surge is this?
    Riki when using an Invisibility rune: This is redundant.note 
    Queen of Pain: Blink dagger? That was quite unnecessary.
    Troll Warlord: Mask of Madness!? SERIOUSLY?!?
    Phantom Lancer when using an Illusion rune: Now this is just silly.
    Phantom Lancer when using an Illusion rune (again): Because at this point, why not?
    Invoker when using an invisibility rune: I have orbs for this.
    Wraith King picking up the Aegis of Immortality: As if I needed any more of this. But I'll take it.
    Lifestealer: ((Vladimir's Offering) You had to buy lifesteal?
    Slardar: (Skull Basher) This would seem redundant.
    Monkey King: Hurricane Pike. Where am I going with this?
    Bloodseeker (buying Bloodstone): I'm only buying this because it has "blood" in it.
    Pangolier: Hurricane Pike... For some reason...
  • Warlock when his Golem gets hit by Diffusal Blade:
  • Monkey King buying his own weapon (Monkey King Bar) sometimes makes him complain:
    Monkey King: I have to pay for this!?
  • Stupid voice series in general.
  • Dota 2 has a customizable chat wheel that you can use to send commonly used messages into chat on the fly (">We need wards.", ">Missing middle!" etc.). You can pick and add phrases to the wheel from a large, preset pool. One such phrase is "> I immediately regret my decision".
    • In general, while chat phrases may be annoying at times, at others they can end up lightening the sour mood of your teammates, and enhance funny moments.
    • Valve add Dota 2 community's meme phrases to chat wheel. For example:
    "Nothing of value was lost that day."
    "Space created."
    "New meta."
    "Game was hard."
    "Can anyone upgrade the courier?"
    • Valve later expanded upon these with voice lines from casters for the annual International Battle Pass along with character-exclusive voice lines for Dota Plus.
  • Any time Techies is present in a game. It's rather funny to see some heroes stepping into the mines at the start of the game. Even funnier if you placed the said mines in a very obvious place. Although, it may not be that funny if you were the butt of the joke.
    • Goblin Techies, being the soft and slow hero that he is, will be picked on pretty bad, at least when it's the first time fighting against them. Then the opponents realize that he is an Action Bomb. Much rage (and humor) will ensue when the attacker(s) gets killed in the explosion, especially when Techies' health is very low.
  • In the New Bloom 2015 comic that features the Winter Wyvern's debut, apparently Crystal Maiden has a 'To Do List', which is filled with various 'helping people in Icewrack' tasks, followed by 'Fight the Battle of the Ancients' and ended with... 'Send a death threat to Lina.'
    • There's also the cheerful way she says "Let's go look at some dead animals!" It's oddly reminiscent of the Team Fortress 2 video "Expiration Date", where Medic says "Tumors!" in an incredibly upbeat voice (unsurprisingly, Jay Pinkerton, one of the Team Fortress comic writers, worked on this one as well).
    • According to Heather "Makani" Campbell, the comic's artist, the original storyboard for the comic had the wizard literally telling Rylai to fuck off.
  • The entirety of this blog post which talks about Faceless Void's remodel.
    • And the Faceless Rex courier, inspired from that blog post... which became a VERY RARE courier that boost TI 2015 Compendium sales. Well played, Valve.
  • A competitive match between SFZ and Cloud9 lasted over three hoursnote , making it the longest competitive match in the game's history. Gets especially funny really late when graphical glitches start coming out and the commentators start getting hilariously bored. ODpixel in particular puts on dramatic music whenever it looks like there might be a fight that tips the balance, only to cut it off when it doesn't. This happens no fewer than five times during the match.
  • The Flavor Text for Platemail:
    Thick metal plates that protect the entire upper body. Avoid dropping on feet.
  • Sometimes, both teams get wiped. None left standing.
  • In this video, the Techies player fail at basic map awareness.
  • This entry of The International 2015 Short Film Contest starts with an amazing cinematic of Enigma capable of tearing galaxy asunder then became this when he enters a game and find himself in a team full of incompetent players, he rage quits.
    Enigma: I may be a god, but screw this!
    • The winning entries, including the entry above, have some funny moments. Like this and this.
  • Anytime you whiffed a game-breaking ultimate either by not catching everyone or fail to accomplish anything, the hero will often lampshade this fact and either get embarrassed or frustrated that they couldn't even score a kill. Such as:
    Alchemist (Unstable Concoction explodes on the hero): Didn't you hear me telling you to throw it?
    Axe (Culling Blade doesn't kill enemy hero): Axe misjudged?
    Earthshaker (Hitting no heroes with Echo Slam): Echo Slam…?
    Faceless Void (Catching nobody in the Chronosphere): An eternity of embarrassment!
    Juggernaut (Failing to kill anyone with Omnislash): Argh, I had such plans...
    Kunkka (Not hitting anyone with Ghost Ship): Now that was a fail-boat!
    Legion Commander (Duel does not end in death): We weren't finished!
    Lich (Chain Frost doesn't kill anyone): Not my best work.
    Oracle (Dying after False Promise Ends): That went well! For our enemies.
    Sniper (Assasinate doesn't kill anyone): Oh, I thought I had that for sure!
  • From TI5 we have the "All-Star Match" with Team N0tail and Team Chuan playing a game of Dota 2, with the twist that it's a 10 vs 10 match played on a special client. However, there's only five professional players on each team, so where do they get the 10 missing players? Simple enough, they recruit them from the audience, with the captains selecting random players they see (For example, danish player N0tail picked a guy because he had a danish flag. Another guy was picked because he had a sign with the infamous Kappa emoticon) including a guy in a Pudge costume. The random players are briefly interviewed one by one (one of which has the name 420 booty wizard) and ending with the player in the Pudge costume. His true identity? DENDI. Once that was all over, the 20 players picked their heroes and played the most chaotic match to ever be shown in competitive gaming.
  • Although the comic featuring Enigma's new Immortal item is otherwise cover-to-cover Nightmare Fuel, at one point Enigma muses about whether the alchemist that summoned him desires power and women... which gives him a mental image of the guy in a crown, sitting in a throne, surrounded by scantily clad women. It really must be seen.
  • Naturally, the Rick and Morty announcer pack could only be this. Lines include:
    • Morty revealing his fear of sand
    • Morty completely losing his shit every time someone goes on a Rampage
    • Rick's plan when you lose: Go over to a universe where they didn't get their asses handed to them
    • Snarking on how a job position just opened up when someone's courier dies
  • The Last Castle comic is just filled with funny moments, thanks to being written by the same writers of the Team Fortress 2 comics. Most of it stems from Axe's interactions with his bard, but a lot of the things Axe says in general are pretty funny too.
    • The accompanying blog post is sure to get a good chuckle or two as well.
    "He’s big. He’s red. He’s got an Axe. Also his name’s Axe. His hobbies? Most of them involve axes and the act of axing things with an axe. Plus he’s now in his very own sixty-page comic. Is an axe involved somehow? Will Axe use it? Is Luke Skywalker a villain now? Is that why he’s not in the trailers? Get the answers to all but those last two questions in The Last Castle Axe Comic."
  • When Omniknight uses Purification, he might say "Patch up!" But with how he said it, it's just as easy to mishear him as saying or ordering some "Ketchup!" As exemplified here.
  • While the game doesn't have as many funny Stop Poking Me! quotes as the game it came from, some heroes still have their moments:
    Sven: "It's Rogue Knight, not Rouge Knight, dammit!"
    Venomancer: "Yes, ah ha ha ha ha ha... *cough*"
    Juggernaut: "Screw it, I'm going to five blades!"
    Mirana: "Here, kitty-kitty-kitty..."
    Beastmaster: "It's not the size of the beast in the fight, but... Well, actually, size kind of helps."
    Sniper: "Killing is the last resort, true. But the other resorts don't even have a pool."
    • Also for Techies, which refer to their humorous backstory and how they can't remember that one of their allies is right behind them.
    Squee: Spoon was in the workshop when it exploded, right?
    Spleen: I think so...
    Spoon: (Right in the barrel) No. I wasn't.
    Spleen: You know, sometimes I can still hear his voice...
  • Bristleback's announcer pack has a few choice lines, especially when you're picking certain heroes:
    (picking Invoker) "Invoker? Are you sure about that?"
    (picking Sniper) "Who brings a gun to a sword fight? I mean, that-that's a bit like cheating. I approve!"
    (picking anyone but Bristleback) "Oh, mate, you've just made a grave error. A grave error not picking me! Yeah mate, you're having a laugh. A giraffe. A bubble bath. A wizard's... staff!"
  • Earthshaker's reworked Aghanim's Scepter upgrade allows him to jump to a targeted spot with Enchant Totem. And it's gut-bustingly hilarious to watch for the sheer WTF factor. The jump also makes for a reasonably effective escape mechanism, meaning that you can have this bulky bull-man with a giant totem on his shoulders hopping away to safety, which is just as absurd as it sounds.
  • 6.87's update splash artwork depicts Batrider watching Rubick fly past him on his staff using Firefly (three guesses what happened beforehand) with a hilariously bemused expression. Especially since Rubick's cape appears to be on fire.
  • When the 2016 Compendium was announced, it was shown that it would give those who buy it a Trust of the Benefactor treasure chest, which has a chance of dropping some of the rarest items in Dota 2, including a mystery prize which was the source of much speculation among players. Come the release of the chest, and what does the secret item turn out to be? A sparkly golden version of BZZ's infamous "Nether Lord's Regalia" set for Pugna. Wow.
  • The LB Final of the Chinese Summit 6 qualifiers pits LGD against LGD.FY. It's cool and all, but the game was created with cheats enabled, making the game goes bananas. Literally. Explanation 
    • Highlight is the players' in-game chat, accusing each other of eating dropped bananas and dying because they slipped on banana peels.
    LGDY.Super: "You ate a banana."
    LGDY.Yao: "Don't eat bananasssss."
    LGD.Maybe: "He slipped on the banana."
    LGDY.Yao: "I slipped too, they're all over the floor."
    LGDY.Yao: "Referee. This Morphling slipped on the banana and died."
    LGDY.Xiao8: "Forget about the ones already eaten, just don't eat anymore! Start!"
    LGD.Maybe: "Did you eat one secretly?"
    LGDY.Xiao8: "Come on we're professionals! (jokingly)"
    LGD.Maybe: "I won't eat anymore okay?"
    LGDY.Super: "Wow, I'm such a hero, I'm king of the bananas."
  • The International 2017 opening ceremony. Here we have Kacy and Slacks went into the world of Dota 2 by malfunctioning VR gears. Kacy became Omniknight and Slacks became Crystal Maiden. After debating with the shopkeeper, they bought a courier to bring them back into the real world. Fade to black, Kacy and Slacks appear in front of the audience... bringing a real donkey outfitted as a courier. Also, there is a random Gaben cameo...
  • Moonduck's production quality over Midas Mode, to say the least is filled with all sorts of meme-fueled galore.