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Drinking Game: Dota 2
Drinking game for Dota 2. Russian or otherwise Slavic-related tropes must be done with vodka if possible, otherwise, drink of your choice.

  • Take a sip for every line in Russian/Portuguese spoken.
    • Two if it's "сука" or some other recognizable swear.
  • Take a sip every time someone flames someone else for being Russian/Portuguese
  • For every carry picked beyond the second, take a sip. Two for hard carries.
  • Take a drink for every ability you miss.
    • Two for major ones you couldn't afford to miss, and three for ultimates.
  • Take a drink every time you feed Rubick a major spell.
    • Two if he kills you and/or your teammates with it shortly after.
      • Down the whole bottle for ultimates turned around this way. Make a toast afterwards if you're the Rubick.
  • Take a shot every time you see a player purposely pick Pudge, Mirana, Sniper, or Invoker.
    • Take a drink every time you see Huskar or Ursa being purposely picked.
      • Take three shots if you see Phantom Lancer or Bloodseeker being purposely picked.
      • Finish the bottle if Riki is purposely picked.
  • Whenever someone complains about not calling miss, take a sip.
    • Finish your drink if you did call miss beforehand.
      • Take another if you had a ward giving vision of the missing hero.
      • Smash the glass against your forehead afterwards if you're the one complaining.
  • Take a drink for every kill you feed to the enemy carry.
  • Take a sip for every count of any variation of "throw" or "feed" in chat.
  • Take a sip for every count of "noob team" or a premature "gg".
    • Finish your drink if it's the complainer who's failing and/or throwing the game.
  • If Mid, take a drink for every rune you lose to the enemy mid.
    • Down a bottle if you lose mid.
  • If Support, take a sip for every minute spent completely unwarded.
  • If Carry, take a sip for every three creeps you miss. Only count ones in the lane your currently in if you value your liver.
  • If Initiator, take a shot for every hero you miss.
  • If Ganker, Take a sip for every minute the enemy carry is allowed to lane unganked after you have your ultimate.
  • If Pusher, take a drink if you get killed by a tower while pushing.
  • Take a shot whenever Roshan is killed.
    • Take two if someone dies to Roshan.
      • Take three if that person was you.
    • Take four if the person was an Enemy Ursa.
      • Finish the drink if it was at the beggining of the match.
    • Take a shot with your companion if you two succesfully defeat Roshan at level 1 with the Ursa+Wraith King combo. Or with all of your team if it's a 5-stack.
  • Take a drink if someone commits suicide or denies a teammate.
  • Down the entire bottle and smash it against your forehead if you die to Rupture due to not noticing it.
    • Finish the bottle while laughing if you kill Bloodseeker while ruptured because he Bloodraged you.
  • Finish your drink if you get killed by a neutral.
    • Finish your drink and down the next if you get killed by a creep.
  • Take a sip if you get stunned while channeling a spell.
    • Take a drink if it was your ultimate.
  • Take a sip for every Pudge hook you miss.
  • Take a shot if anyone gets Aghanim's Scepter.
    • Finish your drink if someone gets Divine Rapier.
  • Take a sip whenever someone says a character specific line.
  • Take a shot glass, and pour the contents into your eye if you interrupt your own TP at the fountain.
  • Make a toast for every great ultimate you land.
  • Down the whole bottle if your team went all carries.
  • Drink yourself to death if Phantom Lancer beats a team full of aoe damage nukes and cleaves.
  • Start chugging continuously if the game turns into a base race.
  • Take a shot if you got re-positioned by your teammates' skill before you can land your nuke.
    • Down the whole bottle if it's your doing.
  • Finish a bottle if your team loses because they didn't counter Riki.
    • Hit the bottle on your head if you fed Riki way too much.
  • Take a shot if you neither win or lose a Legion Commander duel.
    • Two shots if you lost the duel.
      • Three shots if you're LC and you lost the duel.
  • Take a shot if someone randoms a hero.
    • Take two if it's a hero that cripples your strategy.
      • Drink a bottle if you randomed and it's a hero that you don't know how to play. Two if it's someone like Meepo, Earth Spirit, or Techies.
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