Evil Counterpart: Fan Works

  • In The Lion King Adventures, the King of Dreams is this to Simba. He looks like an older version of him, using his dreams in order to psychologically torture him into turning evil.
  • In Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World, Judas Blythe, who is from an Alternate Universe, is the evil counterpart of Blythe Baxter from Littlest Pet Shop (2012).
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series:
    • Dr. Brainstorm and Calvin are both inventors, though while the former is a Stupid Evil Bungling Inventor Card-Carrying Villain, the latter's inventions actually work most of the time.
    • Likewise, Jack and the MTM are both snarky Do-Anything Robots, though the latter is more faithful than the former.
    • Brainstorm and Jack themselves have evil counterparts in the form of Thunderstorm and Shadow, who are one of the series' most competent villains.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami has Mercury and Mukrezar - both are physically weak, but possess devastating magical skill, both conquered the Avatar islands, both are resourceful and cunning and use that to win rather than brute strength.
  • Fallout: Equestria has Lilpip and Red Eye. Both are Stable Dwellers that wish to make Equestria like, or better than what it was before the Great War. They also both represent one of the Elements of Harmony when corrupted.
    • Red Eye, who gave up every comfort he had to bring some sense of order to the Wasteland, represents corrupted generosity.
    • Lilpip, who's overwhelming concern for others often leads to self-destructive and irresponsible decisions, represents corrupted kindness.
    • Lilpip herself lampshades this as she realizes that, though she despises Red Eye's system being built on slavery, it's the first real working infrastructure Equestria has had in hundreds of years. Red Eye, for his part, feels enough mutuality with Lilpip that he offers to abdicate his position to her. It doesn't help that Lilpip is your typical Fallout protagonist (albeit one with exceptionally good karma) and Red Eye is very much an anti-villain compared to other antagonists in the story.
  • To Kill A Thief has Light Yagami to Miyako Toudaiji.
  • The X-Men fic The Wraith Saga gives us The Wraith, an Eldritch Abomination that is essentially the Yang to the Phoenix Force's Yin, representing Death, darkness and oblivion. Subverted, in that the Phoenix can also be extremely destructive in its own way, but it's made clear that the Wraith potentially poses a much graver threat if it gets out of control.
  • Clash of the Elements: In part 2's finale, Chaos Alex is this to Alex Whiter. Though this is actually Inverted from Chaos Alex's point of view, for he thinks the real Alex is the evil half. Also, the Sin Samurais to the Genesis Samurais.
  • Eridan ends up becoming this to Nepeta in Herding Cats. Where Nepeta ships her fellow trolls in redrom, Eridan does so in blackrom.
  • Racer and the Geek does an interesting take on this trope. Service in the Royal Guard or the Equestrian Royal Army, is considered highly honorable by the populace. However, those who do similar work in a private outfit are considered the lowest of the low. Regardless of the actual character of those involved, their actions and motives will be interpreted very differently depending on if they are a trooper or a contractor.
  • Thanks Kyubey had Juubey as Kyubey's evil counterpart, by having Kyubey have actual emotions and being more forthcoming with information about Puella Magi, and having Juubey act like...well, the canon Kyubey. Juubey got better.
  • Turnabout Storm has Sonata, an almost complete Identical Stranger to Mia Fey if it wasn't for the whole being-a-unicorn business. While Mia was kind and motherly, Sonata is cold, ruthless, and practices Blackmail, the very practice Mia fought against and lead to her death.
  • Zany To The Max
    • The Zarner siblings, Takko, Jakko, and Zot started out as evil counterparts of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. They first appeared in a parody of The Powerpuff Girls, where they were created by Pinky and the Brain as part of a plot to Take Over the World. This was their only Season 1 appearance. Even though the Zarners started out this way, they've become less evil starting with their second appearance. They even made it into the theme song! (In Season 1, the 4th section started with "Meet ZakKo, Pakko, Makko, Jot, the Yarners, and Coach Nurse." From Season 2 onward, it went "Meet the Warner cousins, Yarner Twins, the Zarners, and Coach Nurse.") By Season 3, the Zarners have become good friends of the Warners.
  • Deconstructed in White Devil of the Moon. Luna sees Fate in her Barrier Jacket and automatically assumes that she's evil. Unfortunately, she finds out that Dark Is Not Evil, but she isn't going to take being attacked lying down.
  • The A Certain Magical Index fic Twist Of Fate features a villain called Kurosawa, the Nightmare Witch, who has I Know What You Fear powers and enjoys Mind Raping people until they die or go into comas. After Kurosawa is defeated, Misaki Shokuhou, a powerful telepath who could Mind Rape someone if she wanted to, points out that Kurosawa is basically a darker version of her.
  • In Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Gentaro and Ryusei obtain dark States changes. Gentaro obtains Void States for the defunct Cosmic States, and Ryusei now has the Meteor Impact States for Meteor Storm.
  • For His Own Sake has Chisato and Kagura, who serve as Eviler Than Thou counterparts to the Spoiled Brats Naru and Mokoto:
    • Like Naru, Chisato wants to get into Tokyo University. However, while Naru works hard to achieve her goals, Chisato is willing to do anything, including lying, cheating and stealing. She also blames Keitaro cousin, Yoshinari for how she got caught stealing the answers to a test, even though she is the one at fault here. In other words, just like Naru, it's Never HER Fault that she does terrible things and she blames those hurt by her actions.
    • Kagura, meanwhile, hates men just for being male and loves uses false accusations as 'justification' for viciously attacking them. In the past, this has led to her flat-out murdering at least one innocent victim. Not only does she show absolutely no remorse for this, she continues to insist she was the one in the right — and her father's lawyers kept her from dealing with the consequences. In a dark mirror of how Naru and Mokoto get others to go along with their punishing Mokoto, Kagura has even remained friends with the victim's sister, convincing her that it was just a 'tragic accident'.
  • Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune has Big Bad Argath Iruvedla being one to Knight Commander Valkron. Both are (or were, in Argath's case) in positions of authority, overseers appointed by their superiors. However, Valkron exploits his rank to save the lives of others and help people while Argath exploited his for his own dark motive of gaining as much power as he possibly could.
  • Mass Effect Human Revolution:
    • Jules Leng is this to Adam. Both are Badass Longcoat-wearing augmented Number Twos to ambitious transhumanist executives, but while Adam always strives to do the right thing even at cost to himself, Jules has few qualms. Possibly none.
    • Johnathan (sic) Scholar is this to David Sarif. Both are the aforementioned ambitious, jet-setting, smooth transhumanists, but Scholar is an utterly amoral monster, whereas Sarif had the best intentions for Adam and the world. Scholar makes an In-Universe Counterpart Comparison in chapter 41.
  • Hidekaz Himaruya once created Darker and Edgier alternative concept art for several Axis Powers Hetalia characters. The fans have built on these drawings to create the immensely popular 2p!Hetalia characters, all of whom have personalities directly opposite to their canon counterparts. For instance, 2p!Britain is depicted as being good at cooking and either always upbeat, but seriously unhinged as well. Save for the aforementioned official artwork, the 2p!Hetalia characters are completely fanon.
  • The Bridge:
    • Xenilla aka Spacegodzilla is one to Godzilla Jr. They are both sons to Godzilla Sr. and have mostly the same powers, but while Junior wants to protect the innocent, Xenilla wants to take over.
    • Monster X is one to King Caesar. They are both brave and noble men who volunteered to be transformed into Kaiju to protect and serve their people, and when they are not needed, they hibernate in a special chamber. King Caesar is beloved by his people as a friend and guardian, and his chamber is a peaceful sanctuary. Monster X gained a Super-Powered Evil Side, Kaizer Ghidorah, is hated and feared by his people who only see him a dangerous but necessary weapon, and his chamber is a prison.