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Player Characters


Played by: Lynx

A young and optimistic woman from Australia who is devoted to music. Despite being from a rich family, she decides to travel to New York, so she could bring colour to the big, grey city by playing her ukulele in the streets.

Robert Brinsen

Played by: wusch

A German Lawyer, who is about to leave Australia after he spent his vacation there.


Played by: Schattenläufer

An self-confident motor mechanic from Australia who recently got fired because he hit on his bosses daughter. Well, this doesn't keep him from planning to go on vacation for relaxing and cheap hookers.

Axel Miller

Played by: Gendrek

A suspended cop from the United States. When he was a teenager, he realized that life was not fair and the only way to reach ones goals was to have money. Neither he nor his parents had and upon understanding that he would never be able to become rich and successful, he decided to become a criminal. Everything went relatively well for a time until Axel eventually got involved in a murder and got caught by the police. However, instead off going to jail he was offered to help the police. And after some help, Axel officially joined the cops. Unfortunately for him, while chasing some drug dealers, he decided to lean out of the window of the 80km/h fast car and delivering shots in their heads. Needless to say, his boss was not happy. So, after losing his job he decided to start a new life in Australia.

Nikita Alexijewitsch

Played by: steel

A drug dealer from Russia. His girlfriend was the daughter of a mafia boss and he gained some role in their business. However, a rival gang assaulted his girlfriend's home and killed her and her family. Afterwards, they came after him, knocked him around and killed his family. Vengefully, he killed some mooks who participated in the murders. Finally, get his revenge Nikita travelled to Australia where he found out their boss was.

Andris Krievismirdēt

Played by: Karl

A 60-years old engineer from Latvia. As a child, his mother taught him to loathe communism and he developed hatred for the Russians. After being an engineer for many years and slowly growing old, Andris didn't find much work anymore. So he travelled to Australia when he got a job offer from Sydney.

Phương "Niki" Anh

Played by: Ligiiihh

A 15-years old boy from Vietnam. He moved to Australia with his parents in hopes of a better education. Unfortunately, he wasn't as good at school as his parents wanted him to be, so they went back to Vietnam, leaving him behind. Luckily, the staff of an café at the airport in Sydney took care of him and hired him as a waiter.

Ryan Farrell

Played by: R.F.

A self-proclaimed adventurer and Indiana Jones fan. He strives to be like his idol.

Alistair Mc Dougal

Played by: Streicher

A man from Ireland. His parents were killed by the Mafia in front of him. He now has an imaginary friend, "Mister Jack", who helps him coping with his life.

Riley Walker

Played by: DSA-Zocker

A homeless man who makes his living by begging at the airport and occasionally stealing from passengers.

James "Fawyer" Sord

Played by: Mivey

Growing up alone and never acquiring a real profession, Fawyer lead a rather unusual life. After a series of strange experiences on an island he got rich by selling his memoirs to a certain J. J. Abrams and started a quiet life, aside from occasional flashbacks.

Daniela "Dani" Köhler

Played by: Andromeda

An intelligent German hippie and anarchist who didn't complete her degrees, partly because of her own laziness. So after some experiences with drugs and some trouble with the police Dani decided to go to the Netherlands. There she established a coffe shop with an an acquaintance. Visiting internet friends for the first time brought her to Australia.

Teresa "Tess" Ehlinger

Played by: Viviane

An assistant doctor from Switzerland who spent two years in Australia to search for naturopathic medicine.

Kekoa "Keko" Makani

Played by: Maister-Räbbit

A surfer from Hawaii. Looking for the perfect wave he travelled the Pacific's beaches and finally came to Australia.

Cyrillus Ägidius

Played by: Jerome Denis Andre

A catholic priest of the Dominican order. The Vatican sent him to Sydney to investigate accusations of child abuse in a church and possibly downplay the results in front of the media. This failed hoever, as Cyrillus wreaked carnage among the accused priests because they proudly admitted their crimes.

Leocadia "Léo" Arellano-Felix

Played by: Mephista

The seven-year-old daughter of an Mexican drug dealer and an Australian woman. Léo grew up in Tijuana, Mexico, and often helped her father smuggling their "criminally delicious candies" across the borders. In the beginning of the first season she just visited her Australian grandparents.

Ellen Boyd

Played by: Shinshrii

Ellen originally went to Sydney to study psychology, but it turned out to be much more boring than expected. So, while doing research on the subject and observing how easy the work actually was, Ellen became a dominatrix. She appears at Sydney airport to visit her parents who think she works as a therapist.
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