Characters / Superego

Sam Herbert

"Look, I don't want your 'help,' okay? I was just leaving!"

A sysadmin and the first character introduced. Hates to be around others and wants to get out as soon as possible. He has number 0.

Percy O'Neil

"Surely we could compare notes! Aren't you as confused as I?"

A nonfiction-novelist-slash-newspaper-columnist. Never seen without his notebook and is trying hard to figure out the hospital's mysteries. He has number 4.

Ava von Hall

"This place is spooky! I thought I was soooooo alone here!"

A college dropout and waitress. Appears to care more about flirting and socialization than her new situation. She has number 50.

Cherry Trau

"Uh... never... nevermind... "

A college biology student. Ridiculously shy and has a stuttering problem, but tries to be helpful. She has number 82.

Red Diamond/Louis Russell Stone

"I don't take kindly to being shoved around."

A stockbroker who introduces himself with an alias. Skeptical and calm, until others get on his nerves. He has number 7.

Rick L. Worth

"You must not have run into many good people, but never fear. You've ran into the best possible option."

A football coach and PE teacher. Towers over the rest of the cast and readily talks about himself. He has number 81.

Juliet Ross

"I've been expecting you!"

A telephone psychic who has been obsessively painting pictures across the hospital. She has number 22.

Quin Orwell

"You're really great at first impressions!"

A photographer who was found on the roof. Gets irritated easily. She has number 83.

Helen Bixby

"We have to stick together, okay?"

A well-to-do homemaker who is afraid of being alone. After her number was called by Juliet through the intercom, she woke up on a bed in the middle of a forest within Room 2310. She has number 6.

Darrel Grey

A doctor who was woken up by Helen. He is currently "checking a few things", as per his words. He has number 20.

-the shadows

A group of monsters who patrol the hospital, seeming to be the embodied self-destructive impulses of the characters. They have the ability to take the form of a mass of black tentacles or a colored outline of the character they're pursuing at the time. They also seem to have some control over the hospital itself, being able to create doors to surreal Black Bug Rooms which may or may not be the Shadows themselves.

  • A Chat with Satan: Their purpose. Some of them are even quite personable to people other than "themselves".
  • Big Bads: As of yet, or at least the real one's Co-Dragons.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Percy's Shadow gets into his notes, which are also a representation of the out of character Records. He proceeded to vandalize those with nightmarish graffiti until Percy got the notes back.
  • Break Them by Talking: Their modus operandi.
  • Combat Tentacles
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Sam's Shadow turns out to be fairly nice when dealing with people not Sam, even showing Quin and Ava to where he is. He also explains that each Shadow is a representation of a person's repressed personality traits, which means they can represent positive aspects as well.
    • Shadow Ava is pretty similar, though she turns more malevolent when faced with Ava and is incredibly clingy.
  • Demonic Possession: Seem to be able to hitch a ride with their respective characters when they choose to embrace their negative qualities. They don't seem to be able to influence actions beyond needling their counterparts, but they can make hosts look really creepy.
  • Hearing Voices: They're the voices.
  • Jerkass: Shadow Percy and Shadow Cherry
  • Nothing Is Scarier: They have a tendency to stalk the characters in "black squiggle" form. They don't notice it, but the audience does.
  • Secret Test of Character: Their goal is to make their normal versions accept the personality traits they represent. This is not a bad thing.
  • Voice of the Legion: They speak with their respective character's color, in all lower case, on a black highlight.