Funny / Superego

  • Ava fondling the pillar. It even shows up in other adventures.
  • Sam isn't too enthused to meet Rick.
  • Juliet accidently door slamming Sam as she enters a room.
  • Sam's reaction upon seeing Quin.
    • Conversely, when Quin encounters Shadow Sam here.
  • Quin's Flat "What." when the elevator opens into nothing and the sudden use of caps lock in the next command.
  • Sam reunites with Ava and Percy... and turns out to have Interrupted Intimacy.
  • Quin's brief inner monologue regarding Ava. It is as short as it is amusing.
  • Since Shadow Louis' reference was posted so late compared to other characters, Tumblr had since updated the dashboard to display images full-width, which made the image hilariously large. Lampshaded by the tags: '#oh god tumblr's new-ish pic format makes him huge' '#large menacing man on everyone's dash' '#this picture is 3.3 years old hgfsdhgshghdgfh'. To make this all better, another tumblr user commented: 'suddenly this red man appeared and i think i heard snakes manifest in my house hes too large please help'