Disabled Snarker

What it says on the tin - a character with some sort of disability and strong sarcastic tendencies. This can be portrayed in a variety of ways - maybe they use snark as a coping mechanism or way to vent, maybe their position as a social outsider has given them an irreverent view of the world, maybe the author is deliberately trying to avoid the Inspirationally Disadvantaged stereotype, or perhaps smartassitude is just endemic to the character's nature. Subtrope of Deadpan Snarker, usually overlaps with Emo Teen to some extent if the character fits that age group. Compare Disability as an Excuse for Jerkassery.

If the character is physically disabled, they may also be a Non-Action Snarker.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • Thea, in Dykes To Watch Out For (not as much a snarker as anal-retentive and unwilling to suffer fools gladly).


  • Vanellope Von Schweetz in Wreck-It Ralph, since her glitching is treated like a disability in-universe, and she is definitely snarky.
  • Lewis, the blind roommate played by Jeff Daniels in The Lookout, gets his share of snarking in. "Please tell me you're not waving your hand in front of my face."

  • The amputee joke: You can't trust doctors — you give them a foot, they take a leg.

  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf (no, not that kind).
    • Later we have to add his brother to the list. Inverted in that he was a smartass a long time before he became disabled, but the snark gets a lot more bitter afterwards.
  • There's one of these in World War Z. Though you could say he deserves it considering he lived through the zombie apocalypse WHILE being wheelchair bound.
  • Handicapped Badass Caine after Heroes Die. "It's like having a pair of dead dogs strapped to my ass. Except that I can't eat them."
  • Glokta in The First Law. Being tortured for two years does give you a new perspective.
  • The Rat in The Lost Prince by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Rides around on a wooden platform with wheels because his legs are deformed and useless, and leads a street gang with the power of snark.
  • Jayfeather of Warrior Cats: "Oh great. Let's lump all the useless cats together and hope a tree falls on them!"
  • Dean Priest from the Emily of New Moon series. Years of namecalling made him develop a sharp tongue.
  • Thorgil from The Sea of Trolls was always a snarker, but became a Disabled Snarker after losing the use of her right hand in the second book in the series.

Live-Action TV
  • Dr. Gregory House, of House. His injured leg gives him horrible pain nearly constantly, and it's sort of Disability as an Excuse for Jerkassery. However, flashbacks suggests he was snarky and a jerk even when he was completely healthy, but it made him more bitter.
  • Midshipman Archie Kennedy in the first and third Horatio Hornblower TV movies. He seems to have recovered from his seizure disorder by the fourth movie, but keeps up the snarky commentary tinged with slight self-depreciation. He is either deadpan or smirks and smiles. As a sample of his glorious snarks, here is his introducing Horatio to the ship and other midshipmen:
    Archie: His majesty's ship of the line Justinian, known elsewise among her intimates as the good ship Slough of Despond.
  • Maeby Funke pretends to be one of these in Arrested Development to try to prove that an "Inner Beauty Pageant" is only really looking for girls with pretty faces.
  • Elayne Boosler as Joy Buscaglia on Night Court is blind. At first people were forgiving of her assholery because of her disability, then found out she was like that before she became blind.
  • Supernatural:
    • Pamela Barnes, the Blind Seer sarcastic chick, though she was already sarcastic before she became blind.
  • Gaeta in Battlestar Galactica showed a growing level of snark through the series, but he became particularly more sarcastic after losing his leg.
  • In LOST, Ben is regularly a Deadpan Snarker and spends most of season 3 in a wheelchair. Of course, this being the island, the disabled part doesn't last long.
  • Jimmy Brooks in Degrassi The Next Generation. Viewers get to see him develop this trait over time as a coping mechanism.
  • Jace Newfield of the DCOM Going to the Mat. He even gets called out on his constant wisecracking.
    Mary Beth: People don't care that you're blind. They're turned off because they think you're a total snob.
  • Mr. Wrench of Fargo, a deaf hitman who engages in some serious Snark-to-Snark Combat with his partner and interpreter.
  • Agent Carter is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where snark isn't exactly thin on the ground, but Agent Daniel Sousa (who lost a leg in World War II and uses a crutch) gets more than his share of snappy lines.

  • Sergeant McGurk in Revolting People, who has less than half of his original body parts. He's written and played by Andy Hamilton and, like Satan from Old Harry's Game is therefore a particularly vicious and cynical snarker.

Role-Playing Games
  • Dino Attack RPG has Greybeard, who, despite missing a hand and being blind in one eye, remains one of Dino Attack Team's snarkiest members.

  • Richard from Richard III, portrayed as a hunchback, might be the Ur Example. (The discovery of the skeleton of the real Richard III in 2012 revealed that while he was not a hunchback as old stories had claimed, he did have a severe case of scoliosis.)

Video Games
  • Joker from Mass Effect. He's got a disease that causes his bones to be extremely brittle.
    Joker: What am I going to do, break a rib at them?
  • Portal 2 has GLaDOS when she becomes temporarily trapped in a potato.

Visual Novels
  • Shizune also falls here. Hisao wonders whether she had difficulty learning the concept of sarcasm without the ability to sense tone, but it's clear she eventually mastered it.

  • Davan's sister Dahlia in Something Positive, although her snark is pretty much a family trait, only amplified by the people who confuse "disabled" with "retarded".
  • Reggie in PvP, who's had to point out more than once that being blind doesn't make him Daredevil.
  • Nathan in The Scumthorpe Files.
    Trent: You're going to question the magic mirror?
    Nathan: No, Trent, I'm going to moonwalk off into space.

  • This community at LiveJournal. They are called dot_gimp_snark and the description says the following: "Disabled people snark about life as a gimp. We're disabled, not dead. Cattiness is extremely important - if you just want to bitch without style, there are other places to do it. Whining is not snarking."

Web Video
  • The Archivist of "End Times" becomes this by the second season: "And now I'm the fence lub with the computer who can't leave because she's on wheels!"

Western Animation
  • Toph Beifong of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Since she's a Little Miss Badass with a Disability Superpower, being blind doesn't cause her that many problems, but she's always got a sharp crack on hand for when it does. She likes to roundaboutly call attention to the fact by commenting on appearances. She gets Sokka with that one a lot.
    Sokka: Toph, I was going through town and I saw this. (Shows a Wanted poster of Toph)
    Toph: Well, it sounds like a sheet of paper, but I guess you're referring to what's on the sheet of paper.
    • Not helped by the fact that the Gaang tend to often forget Toph is blind.
    Katara: (holding up the same Wanted poster of Toph) Well then, what's this?!
    Toph: I don't know! I mean, seriously, what is wrong with you people?! I'M BLIND!
    • The best instance is when they're flying through the desert trying to find a tower.
    Toph: THERE IT IS!
    [The Crew run over only to realize she is pointing at absolutely nothing.]
    Toph: ...Is what it'll sound like when one of YOU spots it!
    She waves her hand in front of her unfocused eyes to remind everyone that she's blind.
    • Sokka has made another of his aweful drawings.
    Toph: [regarding a drawing] It looks just like [Appa] to me.
    Sokka: Thank you. I worked really... [beat]... Why do you feel the need to do that?
  • Futurama: Leela's blind nemesis from the orphanarium, Kirk. What a jerk! He makes fun of Leela for being one-eyed while he cannot see at all. Seriously, he deserves to have his ass kicked.
  • Alistair Smythe in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. After the initial Spider-Slayer arc, he spends most of his time in Crime Central bantering with the Kingpin.
  • The wheelchair-bound protagonist of Pelswick is snarky about everyone and everything, including himself. He uses it as both a way of making light of situations and as a way of deflecting attacks from bullies.
    • A Phony Psychic once tried to prove his abilities by asking Pelswick if he had ever been in a major accident. "No, this thing is just an elaborate belt buckle."
  • Garrett from Quest for Camelot
    Kayley: Oh, I didn't realize you were...
    Garrett: Tall? Handsome? Rugged?
    Kayley: Blind.
    Garrett: You know, I always forget that one.
  • Discussed by Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson Mysteries in "The End", when Mike is running outside in the dark and he can't see and starts to panic, he worries if he goes blind:
    Mike: Oh, no. What if I went blind? I can't face life if I'm blind! Oh, yeah! I'll rely on my other senses! I'll rely on my sense of humor! I'll say shit like, "So what if I'm blind? At least I don't have to look at your ugly face!" (laughs)

Real Life
  • Stephen Hawking, in Real Life. In one of his books, he remarks that before Cambridge offered him the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics (some prestigious professorship), said chair wasn't motorized.
  • Alexander Pope, the eighteenth century poet. He was an Ill Guy for much of his life due to a form of tuberculosis, and wrote several famous satires of the follies of his contemporaries.
  • John Callahan, the quadriplegic cartoonist known for offending just about everybody.
  • Louis Braille (the guy who invented Braille). If biographies written about him are of any merit, he tended to be an arrogant jerkass, believing all of France was against his idea and generally acted like a martyr because he was blind. In one of the biographies about him, this drove a big wedge between him and his girlfriend who soon left him for another man.
  • British Paralympic cyclist Jon-Allen Butterworth apparently finds it amusing when people ask "Do you need a hand?"
  • David Sedaris, American humorist who suffered from OCD and Tourette's Syndrome as a boy.
  • A lot of handicapped people are this way in real life due to the subtle ways they're discriminated against, dehumanized, condescended to and degraded by the non-disabled population, often through no fault of the able, whose slights are committed out of ignorance, with no conscious awareness that they're offending/insulting the handicapped, who resort to snark as a coping technique/defense mechanism. This can sometimes lead to Disability as an Excuse for Jerkassery, but everyone has bad days.
    • Or, heck, maybe they're snarky people who just happen to be disabled on the side.
  • In a Super Bowl advert for Duracell, Seattle Seahawks player Derrick Coleman says the following of those who told him his dream of playing in the NFL were over when he wasn't drafted: "I've been deaf since I was three, so I didn't listen".